Friday, 8 October 2010

Treating the respiratory system - sinusitis

Infection travels easily from the mouth, nose and throat to the sinuses, the resulting inflamation is called sinusitis and those who suffer from it can find it extremely debilitating with associated headaches, ear ache and discharge of mucous.  If the mucous is clear that tends to indicate an allergy.  If greenish or yellowish then an infection.  A steam inhalation using anti microbial and anti inflamatory oils is indicated and will promote drainage (decongestant) and ease pain (analgesic).  Facial massage once the steam inhalation has reduced the congestion will assist drainage.  Oils with relevant properties are cajuput, eucalyptus, spike lavender, lavender, lemon, myrtle, ravensara, peppermint, pine, thyme, tea tree).


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