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Shirley Price people, meet the tutors - Jan's Benham's early case histories in 1983

From Shirley Price, Practical Aromatherapy 1983  
 "13.  Case Histories
It is always exciting and stimulating to read about successful case histories, but at the same time it must be remembered that for every ten spectacular case histories there are ten with only mediocre results and possibly one or two where very little change is noticed.  These are the people who need some other form of natural treatment as backup such as acupuncture, reflexology, diet or naturopathy.  Also if only the symptoms are being treated or if it is not clear what is causing the symptoms and the wrong choice of oil is made then the results cannot be expected to be miraculous.  Don’t give up try a different mix of essential oils
From Jan Bentham a mobile aromatherapist in Nottinghamshire:
Debbie, 18 Years old.  Backache that had lasted two months had started through heavy lifting as this is part of her job.  The doctor could not help her except to give her painkillers and the suggestion to take things easy.  She came to me and I examined her thoroughly and found no vertebrae out of place.  I then proceeded to do reflexology rather than back massage.  The most tender spots were the lower back on both feet and the sciatic nerve affecting the hip.  These areas were massaged on the feet for about 15 minutes until they were hardly painful. I gave her a special oil to put into the bath mixed mainly with juniper and rosemary.  Another appointment was made for the following week.  The next day Debbie was in a lot more pain from her neck; the day after that the back was completely free of pain and stayed like that.  When she came to me the following week she was completely clear of pain whereas before she had to miss work and was in tears because of the pain.  I saw her recently six weeks after her last treatment and she was still pain free and had been able to go about her normal duties of work unhindered.
Clive Rice the Captain of Nottinghamshire Cricket Club could not bowl since the beginning of February and it was now nearing the end of may……………………..
One elderly woman came in with osteoarthritis……………..
One of my clients an elderly man……………
Another client of mine came to me very nervous………………..
One client regular comes for aromatherapy treatments……………………
There is a women who I see once every so often………………

Jan Bentham is principal of the Shirley Price College of Aromatherapy and tutors the Shirley Price aromatherapy diploma and teacher training which is IFPA accredited. Canadian accreditations are also available.  Jan has aptitude and interest in teaching a number of natural therapies and the making of cosmetics.  Jan divides her teaching schedule between the UK and Canada. Sara Gelzer is Switzerland based and is principal of the International College.  Sara tutors the Shirley Price distance learning diploma.

Practical Aromatherapy by Shirley Price is an extraordinary and groundbreaking book.  The therapeutic cross reference in chapter 12 to top middle and base notes remains one of the most useful charts in aromatherapy.  Given the 6000 students who have passed through the Shirley Price college it seems poor scholarship to me not to refer to the contribution she and her family has made not just as authors and teachers but also to putting the marketing of essential oils and practice of aromatherapy on a professional footing worldwide with trade journals and associations of practicing professionals.


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