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Three essential oils to reduce high blood pressure

Here is a good source reference for an essay.  Lavender, sweet marjoram and ylang ylang essential oils alleviate high blood pressure. Learn about their properties and how to apply them.
Read the article by Stephanie Holland

Aldehydes generally (ending in al like citral) lower blood pressure.  It follows that when blending these oils may best be avoided by clients with low blood pressure as is rosemary for clients with high blood pressure.  This emphasises the importance of filling in a client record card to pick up points like this.


Shirley Price people - the factory

The Shirley price staff make some 8000 handmade aroma products month at the factory in Hinckley LE100PRPictured is operations manager Kelly in Despatch

As the goods are made by hand they are individually checked by Sue and Chloe (this was the lab's last years Yin and Yang t-shirt design).  This year the girls have gone 'red'.
George and Gill in the general office.  In the spring staff numbers rise and our part timers come in according to distributors orders.

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Shirley Price people, meet the tutors - Jan's Benham's early case histories in 1983

From Shirley Price, Practical Aromatherapy 1983  
 "13.  Case Histories
It is always exciting and stimulating to read about successful case histories, but at the same time it must be remembered that for every ten spectacular case histories there are ten with only mediocre results and possibly one or two where very little change is noticed.  These are the people who need some other form of natural treatment as backup such as acupuncture, reflexology, diet or naturopathy.  Also if only the symptoms are being treated or if it is not clear what is causing the symptoms and the wrong choice of oil is made then the results cannot be expected to be miraculous.  Don’t give up try a different mix of essential oils
From Jan Bentham a mobile aromatherapist in Nottinghamshire:
Debbie, 18 Years old.  Backache that had lasted two months had started through heavy lifting as this is part of her job.  The doctor could not help her except to give her painkillers and the suggestion to take things easy.  She came to me and I examined her thoroughly and found no vertebrae out of place.  I then proceeded to do reflexology rather than back massage.  The most tender spots were the lower back on both feet and the sciatic nerve affecting the hip.  These areas were massaged on the feet for about 15 minutes until they were hardly painful. I gave her a special oil to put into the bath mixed mainly with juniper and rosemary.  Another appointment was made for the following week.  The next day Debbie was in a lot more pain from her neck; the day after that the back was completely free of pain and stayed like that.  When she came to me the following week she was completely clear of pain whereas before she had to miss work and was in tears because of the pain.  I saw her recently six weeks after her last treatment and she was still pain free and had been able to go about her normal duties of work unhindered.
Clive Rice the Captain of Nottinghamshire Cricket Club could not bowl since the beginning of February and it was now nearing the end of may……………………..
One elderly woman came in with osteoarthritis……………..
One of my clients an elderly man……………
Another client of mine came to me very nervous………………..
One client regular comes for aromatherapy treatments……………………
There is a women who I see once every so often………………

Jan Bentham is principal of the Shirley Price College of Aromatherapy and tutors the Shirley Price aromatherapy diploma and teacher training which is IFPA accredited. Canadian accreditations are also available.  Jan has aptitude and interest in teaching a number of natural therapies and the making of cosmetics.  Jan divides her teaching schedule between the UK and Canada. Sara Gelzer is Switzerland based and is principal of the International College.  Sara tutors the Shirley Price distance learning diploma.

Practical Aromatherapy by Shirley Price is an extraordinary and groundbreaking book.  The therapeutic cross reference in chapter 12 to top middle and base notes remains one of the most useful charts in aromatherapy.  Given the 6000 students who have passed through the Shirley Price college it seems poor scholarship to me not to refer to the contribution she and her family has made not just as authors and teachers but also to putting the marketing of essential oils and practice of aromatherapy on a professional footing worldwide with trade journals and associations of practicing professionals.


For fun

Kaoma lambada

The final countdown - europe

Tom and Jerry

ah the arts of peace.  we have had our religious fundamentalism in the UK. Not just centuries ago and I like to think of the best kind as well too like John Wesley who preached in Hinckley and carried plant oils with him for natural healing.

I must admit to being a fan of all things latin.  This year I have been very busy as a client, some old friends of my father's in Hinckley, needed a lot of attention but most years I travel to Argentina for 6 weeks in November to write and catch up and see the horses.

STRESS  This does not apply to everyone I agree but can you watch and listen to the nice video clips above without smiling?


either you are some way down life's spiritual path or maybe you should visit your doctor

No, ok you still have some stress but the good news is its treatable!

Argentina was where I first came acoss Shirley Price, today we import a number of oils from Argentina including the excellent Jojoba from Eco-oils.  Not everyone gets on with jojoba for the treatment of psoriasis but usually this is jojoba which is over 18 months old and has lost its vitamins and an element of its 'life force'.  Usually aromatherapists prefer evening primrose oil or if the budget will stretch fresh season argan oil from morocco.  Still this is indirect sunshine and psoriasis responds well to sunshine of a direct kind.


Food for thought- Dr Chris Steele's Fat Farewell Plan, diet and exercise

In fact very few of us face life threatening physically stressful situations for which our bodies are designed (fight or flight) but our body's systems can fall into a habit of chronic stress due to afflictive emotions.

Excessive weight gain and stress is one of the most common reasons for which aromatherapists are consulted.  One warning sign of excessive stress is weight gain.

This is because when you are in a stressful situation, your body will release the hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. If this persists this excessive hormone production may undermine your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness, as well as lead your body to release fat and sugar into your blood stream ready for physical action which doesnt come, which may lead you to gain weight.

In the long term stress can undermine your immune system and make you prone to illness.  Diet and exercise are factors but a warning sign of stress is the inability to cope with negative emotions and communicate. 

The mental symptoms may involve you being:
Always hungry, or having no appetite
Crying often
Have trouble sleeping and feel tired
Have trouble concentrating

When you look back at times when you felt stressed have you often wondered 'what was that about?'.  The words Shakespeare put into the mouth of his characters are always a treasure house.  Here we could quote the line 'nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so'.  Of course there is a difference between good and evil but what Shakespeare meant here is that faced with a stressful situation and the need to win it is easy to lose perspective and only afterwards can things be seen in a proper perspective.

It takes only a few essential oil molecules to stimulate the limbic brain and this can work wonders in gaining time and perspective to see things in a correct light.

buy online, xmas gifts from the Shirley Price factory aromashop

Tip! shop bought doughballs with essential oils soon dry out.  Keep the doughball in the bag and tin provided.  Revitalise the dough with a little grapeseed oil.

Besides aromatherapy if you are still stressed you should address the issue as it may lead to physical symptoms and illness.

A simple coping strategy involves the word STRESS:  For brevity I have changed Dr Chris Steele's words a bit.

1.  Socialise.  Stop stressing alone and share your worries. A problem shared is a problem halved!
2.  Take stock.  Change what you can change.  Accept what you cant change.
3.  Read. Ensure you have a relaxing and absorbing hobby.  For example reading.
4.  Exercise. You should walk at least 30 minutes each day for example take a walk at lunchtime.
5.  Say no! Try to work ever more effectively with colleagues to ensure you dont end up doing it all!
6.  Share your life with a pet or volunteer to walk someone elses pet.

"Dr Steele writes if you feel that you are suffering from stress, see you GP, but do not accept long term tranquilliser prescriptions."

Dr Steele has excellent advice to give on dieting and has helped people to spectacular results.  Find out more
Dr Chris Steele's fat farewell plan

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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Blind massage in Beijing

Find out more

did you know we send a 5p/10p donation to the RNIB's talking books program for every Shirley Price chamomile eyedrop sold?

How do plant oils help us? - The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Everyday Guide


Welcome to 

Shirley Price 


in 2011

How do plant oils help us? Shirley Price Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Colleges, students and practicioners, Pharmacy and Cosmetics are on Amazon with free next day delivery to 10 EU Countries. 


Uplifting, protective, calming, and regenerating, essential oils are a unique gift 
from the natural world. Often referred to as “liquid sunshine” or the very essence 
of a plant, essential oils are aromatic liquids derived from tree leaves, branches 
and wood, flowers, roots, bushes, fruit parts and seeds. They are a mixture of 
upto 200 compounds and this mixture gives the oils derived useful properties 
which with diligent study and careful use have proved effective in many settings 
home, office, salon, hospice and hospital.  Essential oils not only determine 
the plant’s aroma, but are vital for plants to grow, live, evolve, and adapt.

The use of plant oils for beauty and health and massage for men and women 
is recorded in classicial wriings and the bible and supported by archeological 
finds dating back thousands of years.  The greeks called massage 'rubbing' 
and it was used to keep musculature in peak condition just as racehorses 
today are 'strapped'.  Massage has proved an excellent therapy in itself for 
health and wellbeing.  Essential oils also help defend plants from insects, 
environmental conditions, and disease. Today, research shows that when 
used aromatically, applied topically, essential oils can calm, energize, balance, 
purify, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

From perfumes and aromatherapy to cooking and medicinal purposes, essential 
oils have been a vital part of everyday life and remain popular today for the 
treatment of common ailments, lacking the side effects of synthetic aroma products 
to which the body is unadapted.  Shirley and Len Price, Founders of 
Shirley Price   Aromatherapy published books which long after retirement remain 
bestsellers, supplied 150 colleges and academic institutions with oils of the highest 
quality and travelled the world learning and teaching the ancient healing art of 
aromatherapy. They played a direct part in the foundation of the leading 
international professional bodies IFPA (ISPA), and the IFA.  The result? A college 
though which has passed over 6000 students creating the most knowledgeable
and demanding aroma community in the world, a line of pure, therapeutic-grade 
essential oils of the highest quality, including over 150 single essential oils and 
unique essential oil blends, vegetable oils, and natural skincare.

Shirley Price oils are stocked by award winning retailers, by 5 star spas worldwide 
and available from stockists many of whom trained with the Shirley Price 
International College of Aromatherapy, satellite colleges and correspondent colleges 
all over the world.

Essential oils distilled from plant matter, expressed from Citrus rinds or collected as a resin have an important role to play in the home, in industry and in preventative medicine.  Western clinical practice has evolved efficiently to treat the symptoms of illness.  There is growing realisation that equal attention should be paid, as it traditionally has been all over the world, to recognising and treating the predisposing factors which make an individual susceptible to illness and maintaining emotional and bodily health.  Prevention is as they say better than a cure!


Shirley Price Care For

We hope you will enjoy our Shirley Price Everyday Aromatherapy Guide.  Let us introduce ourselves.  This little guide is edited by Mr Ian Brealey BSc (Econ) FCA,, Director of Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd.  Ian has qualifications in science and business.   The Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy (SPICA pronounced Spaika) is under the supervision of Dr Manjit Jaspal MB BS, who is Director Training.  Dr Jaspal also hosts training at his Oasis Healthcare centre in Coventry, UK. The college principal and training manager is 'Essentia'. Essentia is a trademark of Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd and the tradename under which our natural skincare is made. Our college is accredited by IFPA inspection.  IFPA includes members of ISPA the international society founded by Shirley and Len Price.  Other accreditations are available to College students. Our college is dedicated to training aromatherapy tutors and we are proud that our 'academic oils' and blended products have been supplied to over 150 training colleges and academic institutions around the world.

Jan Benham
Ian Brealey
Let me introduce the Shirley Price international training department tutors.

  Jan Benham is the UK college principal, the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma tutor and divides her time between Canada and the UK. Sara Gelzer is International principal and the Shirley Price distance learning tutor based in Switzerland.  Elaine Zimmerman is based in Eire.   Madelaine Knapp Hayes is based in Holland.  Emi Tokai MIFPA who trained with us in 2009 has kindly translated this guide into Japanese. We refer to publications by Shirley Price and other authors and online resources supplied by the leading therapist organisations IFPA, IFA and NAHA and the leading aromatherapists of the day.
私達は、シャーリー・プライスの毎日のアロマセラピーガイド(Shirley Price EverydayAromatherapyGuide)を楽しんでもらえたらと思っています。まずは、私たちの自己紹介をさせて下さい。この小冊子は,経済科学学士号を持ち、かつ英国の会計士でもある我が社シャーリー・プライスアロマセラピー有限会社のの取締役であるMrIanBrealeyにより編集されました。また、シャーリー・プライス・インターナショナル・アロマセラピー・カレッジShirley Price International College of Aromatherapy,SPICA,スパイカ)は、医学学士号を持つ医師であり、我が社のトレイニングの取締役であるDr Manjit  Jaspalの監督の下で運営されています。大学校長および研修部長は、’Essentia’です。 私達は一流のセラピストの組織IFPAIFAおよびNAHAおよび現在の一流のアロマセラピストによって供給されるオンライン資源、また他の著者、及びシャーリー・プライスによって出版物を参照しています。

Shirley Price 8 Hawley Road, Hinckley

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd produces over 300 aromatherapy and skincare products from its factory in Hinckley England which are exported to 40 countries around the world to aromatherapists, distributors and stockists.  SPICA in the UK and through satellite colleges in Norway, Malta, Cyprus, Taiwan and Beijing has trained over 6000 students in Holistic Aromatherapy.
シャーリー・プライスアロマセラピー株式会社は、イギリスにあるHinckleyの工場から、アロマセラピスト、卸売り業者、仕入業者を通し、世界中の40ヶ国に、300種を越えるアロマセラピーおよびスキンケア商品を輸出しています。イギリスのSPICA は、 姉妹校のあるノルウェー、マルタ、キプロス、台湾および北京で、5000人と越える学生に、ホリスティックなアロマセラピーを 指導してきました。
Shirley Price Essential Oils
In the past Century great cities have sprung up all over the world with a stressful and unnatural lifestyle for the people living and working within them. Of course there are many advantages to urban living as well.  It concerns us that so many people are cut off from the important messages of nature in their enviroment.  However help is at hand for individual care and vitality in the convenient form of Essential oils which can be used in the bath, diffused in the air, in a steam inhalation or in massage.
世紀に渡り大都市は、そこで住み働く人々にとって、ストレスに満ちた不自然な生活様式を、世界中に生み出しました。 当然都市生活は、多くの利点も兼ね備えています。多くの人々がその環境の中で、自然の重要なメッセージから断ち切られている事を、私達は考えさせられます。しかしながら、個人のケアと、便利で活力に満ちた精油を、お風呂、室内芳香、蒸気吸入またはマッサージをして使うことで、状況を改善できます。
Essential Training Solutions Online A&P
We should say is that less is more where essential oils are concerned.  We believe essential oils to be of great value but an abundance of caution must be exercised in their use.   In this little guide you will find, I hope, the answer to many of your questions regarding essential oils, how they are produced, some of the science behind their use and how to use them with success in the home for pleasure and to prevent ill health, maintain emotional equilibrium or in therapy.
精油が関わることで、ほんの少しの物が、多きな意味を持つと私達はは言いたいのです。 私達は、精油には大きな価値があると信じていますが、より大きな注意が、使用する上で必要となります。 この小さなガイドが、あなたの多くの質問に答えることを、私達は望んでいます。例えば、精油について、またそれらがどのように生産されるか、使用方法の背景にある科学、家庭での正しい利用方法、思わしくない健康を防ぐ方法、感情の平衡の維持、また療法について等について、知ることができます。

We first examine the nature of aromatherapy with details about the production, composition and value of essential oils.  Then onto the carriers used to dilute the oils, hydrolats and blending the oils.  Next we examine the important areas of skin care, mums, babies and children and sports and male use.  We then move into the use of aromatherapy for the treatment of common ailments.
私達は最初に精油の生産、構成および性質の細部に渡るaromatherapyの性質を検査します。 それから精油を希釈する為のキャリアオイル、及び蒸留水とブレンドします 次に私達は、スキンケアの重要な分野を、母親と赤ん坊、および子供とスポーツ、また男性の使用において検査します。そして 私達は共通の疾患の処置のためのaromatherapyの使用を試みます。

The techniques ideas and suggestions in this guide are not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice.  Any application of the techniques ideas and suggestions in this guide is at the readers sole discretion and risk.  If you have symptoms of illness you should see a doctor.
このガイドにおける技術と提案は、適切な医師の忠告の代理として意図されてはいません。 このガイドの技術の考えと提案は、どの適用におけるリスクも、読者の方の責任が必要とされます。 もしあなたが病気の徴候を有するとすれば、医者に行くべきです。

At our training centre in Hinckley UK and in venues worldwide we provide training courses in the appropriate use of essential oils and training makes all the difference.  If you want to achieve the results in the Shirley Price textbooks it is necessary to use true whole oils grown for aromatherapy and put the time into training in their use.  Our courses range from a long weekend introductory course to a four module diploma course which prepares you for the final examination and IFPA membership.  Taking the first module of this course entitles you to student membership of IFPA and access to professional indemnity insurance.
私達は精油の適切な使用の訓練課程を提供し、訓練は成果を生み出します。 もしシャーリー・プライスの教科書を用いて、結果を達成したいと思えば、アロマセラピーの為に育てられた本当のオイルを使用し、その使用の訓練に時間を割く事が必要です。 私達のコースは、長い週末のコースから、最終試験およびIFPA会員になる為の4つのモジュールのコースまであます。 このコースの最初のモジュールを受講することで、IFPAの学生会員および専門の損害保障保険の加入資格が与えられます。
Finally we describe what to expect from a session with an aromatherapist.  This can be likened to the regular check up. Many care for their car better than their health and the same principles apply to keep the body in good shape and repair as a car or animal.  Aromatherapists use the oils but they have other skills in their toolchest too like massage and reflexology and will advise on nutrition exercise and lifestyle.  Do check the qualifications of the local aromatherapists as they range from a short course to a full diploma in aromatherapy.

最後に私達は、アロマセラピストの会議から期待できることを記述します。 これは規則的に確認することができます。 多数の人は、彼らの健康より彼らの車を良い状態に保ち、それと同じ原則が、車や動物を気遣うのと同じように、健康の維持にも対応できます。アロマセラピストは、精油を使用し、その他の技術として、マッサージおよびリフレクソロジー、更に栄養の摂取の仕方から、生活様式の助言までする事が可能です。地域のアロマセラピストの資格を確認することを進めます。それは、 短期講習からaromatherapyの完全なディプロマの取得まで、幅広いからです。


What is Aromatherapy?  About Essential Oils
The Essential Oils, Resins and Absolutes, Oil Quality
About Carriers, The Carriers
Skin Care
Mums to be, babies and children
Sports and male use
How does Aromatherapy Work
Helping Health Problems, An Aromatherapy Treatment
健康問題の援助 アロマセラピー・トリートメント
The IFPA diploma and final examination.
Useful sources & Information
有効な資料と情Text Box: The Top Ten Essential Oils and their uses
The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists list them as follows 
Peppermint, Mentha piperita: Useful in treating headaches, muscle aches, digestive disorders such as 
slow digestion, indigestion, and flatulence.
Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus globulus or Eucalyptus radiata : Helpful in treating respiratory problems, such 
as coughs, colds, and asthma. Also helps to boost the immune system, and relieve muscle tension.
Ylang Ylang, Cananga odorata : Helps one to relax, and can reduce muscle tension. Good 
Geranium Pelargonium graveolens : Helps to balance hormones in women, good for balancing the 
skin. Can be both relaxing and uplifting, as well as antidepressant. 
Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia: Relaxing, and also useful in treating wounds, burns, and skin care.
Lemon, Citrus limon : Very uplifting, yet relaxing. Helpful in treating wounds, infections, and house 
cleaning and deodorizing.
Clary Sage, Salvia sclarea: Natural pain killer, helpful s in treating muscular aches and pains. Very 
relaxing, and can help with insomnia. Also very helpful in balancing hormones. 
Tea Tree, Melaleuca alternifolia : A natural anti fungal oil, good for treating all sorts of fungal infections 
including vaginal yeast infections, athletes foot, and ringworm. Also helps to boost the immune system. 
Roman Chamomile, Anthemus nobilis : Very relaxing, and can help with sleeplessness and anxiety. 
Also good for muscle aches and tension. Useful in treating wounds and infection. 
Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis: Very stimulating and uplifting, good to help mental stimulation as 
well as to stimulate the immune system. Very good for muscle aches and tension. Stimulating to the digestive system.

What is Aromatherapy?アロマセラピーとは?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from plants to promote Good Health and Vitality in mind and body.  Good Health, an introductory DVD with Victoria Sprigg featuring the Products and Training of Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd is available from WH Smith.
Aromatherapyは心身の健康そして活力を促進するために、植物から得られる精油を使用することである。 シャーリー・プライスの株式会社の製品と訓練が特色の、Victoria Sprigg 著作のイントロダクションDVD,Good Health」は、WHスミスという本屋さんで購入する事ができます。
Aromatherapy is practised in the home and by professional aromatherapists in clinics, hosopices and hospitals. Aromatherapists are holistic therapists trained in aromatherapy, reflexology and massage therapy.  Before practising as professional aromatherapists students of the art and science of aromatherapy complete rigourous courses of study and pass the examinations of the accredited colleges of the International Federation of Professional Arometherapists and the International Federation of Aromatherapists and other organisations worldwide.
アロマセラピーは家で、そしてクリニック、ホスピス、病院で、専門のアロマセラピストにより実践されています。 アロマセラピストは、アロマセラピー、リフレクソロジー、およびマッサージ療法において訓練されたホリスティックな療法士です。厳密な教科課程のもと、アロマセラピーの芸術と科学を、専門のアロマセラピスト学生として学び、プロフェッショナルアロマセラピストの国際的な連合であるIFPA IFA,及び世界中にある他の組織の国際的な連合に認定された試験に合格することを目指して下さい。
The Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy has trained over 5000 students in Aromatherapy, Anatomy and Physiology and Massage therapy.
Shirley Price and other practicing aromatherapists have found  the properties of 46 essential oils and resinoids described in this Guide can be used in many ways without harm subject to the cautions which we include.
You could say no home should be without at least 10 of the oils to cleanse the air of microbes and use day to day.  The oils should stored in a fabric case or box safely out of reach of young children.
家庭が、空気中の微生物の空気を清潔にする上で、少なくとも10種の精油が日常的に必要であるということが言えます。 それらの精油は、幼児の手の届かない場所で、箱の中で安全に管理される必要があります。

The 44 essential oils that aromatherapists commonly use and which are examined along the way to IFPA membership are called Aniseed, Basil, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cajuput, Chamomile. Caraway, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Clove, Coriander, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Geranium, Ginger, Grapefruit, Hyssop, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Melissa, Myrrh, Neroli, Niaouli, Nutmeg, Orange, Origanum, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pettigrain, Pine Needle, Rose Otto, Rosemary, Sage, Sandalwood, Savory, Tea Tree, Thyme, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang together and the resinoids of Benzoin, Frankincense and Jasmine Absolute.
IFPA会員に考察され、アロマセラピストが一般的に使用する44種の精油は、アニシード、バジル、ベルガモット、ブラックペッパー、カジュプット、カモマイル、キャラウェイ、シダーウッド、クラリセージ、クローブ、コリアンダー、サイプレス、ユーカリ、フェネル、ゼラニウム、ジンジャー、グレープフルーツ、ヒソップ、ジャスミン、ジュニパー、レモン、レモングラス、マージョラム、メリッサ、ミルラ ネロリ、ニアオウリ、ナツメグ、オレンジ、オリガナム、パチュリ、ペパーミント、ペチグレイン、松葉、ローズオットー、ローズマリー、セイジ、サンダルウッド、セイボリー、ティートゥリー、タイム、ベチバー、およびイランイラン、そしてベンゾインの樹脂、フランキンセンス、とジャスミンアブソリュートです。
Aromatherapists have other essential oils and resinoids in their toolchest of use in particular circumstances.  Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd stocks over 150 essential oils and resinoids of use to professional aromatherapists.  Research of particular oils is ongoing.
アロマセラピストは、その他の精油と樹脂を、特別な状況で使用する為に道具箱に備えています シャーリープライスアロマセラピーは、プロフェッショナルなアロマセラピストの使用する80以上の精油と樹脂を保管しています。また、特別な精油の調査は、現在も進行中です。

The particular properties of extracts of parts of many of the plants named above and many other plants have been used to promote health and well-being since records in China, India and the Mediterranean. The father of modern medicine Hippocrates considered a massage with aromatic oils essential for maintaining good health.  Egypt is ideally suited to the production of aromatic plants with reliable water from the Nile River used for irrigation and abundant sunshine.  The process of steam distillation of plant matter to produce essential oils used as flavourings, perfumes and therapeutically was perfected a thousand years ago causing use of plant oils to become more widespread.
中国、インド、地中海で記録されて以来、上記された多くの植物が特定の抽出方法により摘出され、その他多くの植物が健康と福利を促進する為に使用されてきました。 現代医学の祖ヒポクラテスは、健康を維持するために、芳香オイルを用いたマッサージが必要不可欠だと説きました。 エジプトでは、は潅漑に必要な豊富な日光にとナイル川の水が、芳香の植物の生産に理想的に環境を生み出しました。植物から精油を抽出する水蒸気蒸留法は、香り付け、香水、医療への利用として千年前に確立し、精油の利用法は現在に渡り幅広く受け継がれてきました。

In the 20th Century Gattefosse coined the term Aromatherapy to describe the use of essential oils for their therapeutic value and his book is still in print.  Gattefosse, upon burning his hand in a laboratory accident, rolled around on the ground outside to extinguish the flames.  Doing this he contracted gangrene and he found that using Lavender oil resulted in the hand healing very rapidly with surprisingly few scars. Gangrene leads to death in many cases and Gattefosse realised he had discovered something of importance.

20世紀、ガットホセは治療上に役立つ精油の使用法を記述する為、アロマセラピーという言葉を生み出し、彼の本は今でも印刷され続けています。 実験室で事故により彼は手に火傷を負い、火を消すために外へ移動しました。 彼はこの事がきっかけで、ラベンダーの精油を使用すると、意外にも少数の傷だけを残し、非常に早く火傷を治療できることを発見しました。壊疽は多くの場合死をもたらしますが、彼は重要な何かを発見したことを悟りました。

It led him to begin investigating scientifically the therapeutic value and uses of lavender and many other essential oils.  At the same time Miller in England was doing extensive work on the medicinal properties of plants, part of  a long tradition of English herbalism.  Culpeppers famous ‘Herbal’ of 1692 documents the many uses of plants and plant oils grown in English gardens.  By the 1930s Lavender grown in England on chalk was considered the finest in the world.

これは彼を、ラベンダーおよびその他の多くの精油の治療上の価値とその使用法を、医学的に調査し始める事に導きました。同時にイギリスのミラーは植物の薬効成分の広範な役割を研究し、英国のハーバリズムの長い伝統の一部分を担いました。 カルペッパーは、英国の庭で育つ1692のハーブの利用法とその精油の文書を残した事で有名です。イングランドのチョークで育った1930年代のラベンダーは、世界で最も良いものと考慮されました。
As the science of chemistry advances the civilised world learns how to synthesise medicines whichagain allow more widespread use of the chemicals contained in plants and synthesis of those chemicals which are not found in nature but have therapeutic effect.  When the lights of civilisation burned low in the second world war and medicine was hard to come by a French doctor Valnet with other french doctors turned again to the qualities of traditional herbal medicine to treat the wounded and infirm.


One thing you learn about essential oils is how much has been forgotten!  For example extensive trials of the anti microbial properties of essential oils were made in France in the 1960s leading to their routine vaporisation in hospitals and the home.  The work of Jane Buckle in the USA has seen over 40 hospitals take advantage of the antimicrobial properties of the essential oils while RJ Buckle Associates has trained over 2000 nurses in their use.  Nowadays we read of successful trials of essential in hospitals in the UK in combating MRSA and other microbes increasingly resistant to synthetic medicines.  The work of Bob Harris of Essential Oil Consultants in preserving a database of clinical trials and research using essential oils should ensure much less is forgotten and is an invaluable resource for our College students.
あなたが精油について学ぶ1つの事は、精油がどの程度忘れられてきたかということでもあります。例えば、 精油の反微生物の特性の広範囲な試験は、1960年代に行われ、病院および家で定期的に蒸発する習慣をもたらしました。 米国のジェーン・バックルは、30の病院における精油の抗菌特性の利用を調査しました。 近代私達は、抗生物質が効かないMRSAおよび他の微生物から身体を守るため、精油の利用の試験の実績をイギリスの病院で導きました。精油コンサルタントであるボブ・ハリスの、精油の利用法の調査と、医療的利用法の研究結果は、 多くが忘れ去られてきましたが、我々の学生にとって非常に価値ある資源だと言うことができます。
Since the 1960’s, we have learned that synthesised drugs and antiseptics are not all conquering and that nature provides a solution that is often more suited to the task even if we do not as yet appreciate the science by which all essenti al oils work.

Work has continued and has been led by Keller in Germany, Marguerite Maury and her husband in London, Paris and Switzerland.  Two leading students of Marguerite Maury’s were Eve Taylor and Shirley Price.  With Tisserand, the companies of Eve Taylor and Shirley Price are the leading aromatherapy laboratories and colleges in England today. ドイツではケラーが、ロンドン・パリ・スイスではマーガレット・モーリーと彼女の夫が、更なる研究を進めて来ました。マーガレット・モーリーの2人の優秀な学生は、イブ・タイラーとシャーリー・プライスでしたティスランドと共に、イブ・タイラーとシャーリー・プライスは、アロマセラピーの工場と学校をイギリスに設立しました。
The science of essential oils has been considerably advanced by the painstaking work of Dr Katja Savboda and colleagues have thrown much light on the anti microbial and preservative qualities of essential oils..
精油の科学は、努力を惜しまないKatja Savboda博士と彼の同僚により進められ、精油の抗真菌な特性と保存力にの多くのライトを投げかけました。

The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd factory and office training premises are located in Hinckley, England opposite the railway station.  From here essential oils are sourced from around the world, they and aromatherapy skincare products are handmade in the factory and exported to more than 40 countries worldwide to professional aromatherapists, distributors and stockists.
シャーリー・プライス・アロマセラピーの会社は、イギリスのHinckley駅の反対側にあります。 ここから精油は世界中に供給されます。精油とその他のスキンケア製品はこの工場でハンド・メイドされ、40ヶ国以上におけるプロフェッショナル・アロマセラピスト、卸売り業者および仕入業者に輸出されています。

About Essential Oils and Resinoids

Plant families.  There are hundreds of plant families.  All plants utilise the constituents of what is distilled from them as essential oil to maintain health and combat in particular infection from fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Essential oil can be seen as the constituents of the plants immune systems.
植物系統。 何百もの植物系統が存在します。 すべての植物は蒸溜により精油となり、健康を維持し、菌類、細菌およびウイルスからの伝染と戦うために、その精油の要素を利用することができます。 精油は、植物の免疫組織の要素として見なすことができます。
The safe six.  Not all essential oils however can be used safely in aromatherapy.  The most useful essential oils and those to which the human body is most adapted belong to six plant families in particular: Pinaceae , Umbelliferae Lauraceae ,  Lamiaceae,  Mytaceae, Rutaceae (PULLMR).
安全な6つの精油。全ての精油が安全ということではないが、アロマセラピーとして安全に使用することができます。最も有用価値が高く、身体に適合する6つの植物系統は、松科、セリ科、クスノキ科、シソ科、フトモモ科、ミカン科 (PULLMR・・・英語表示の頭文字の総合)
Research.  Ever since the potential of the most highly evolved aromatic plants was first realised not just for home use but for medical use the challenge to researchers has been to better understand how to utilise essential oils safely which are derived beyond this narrow group. Every year the research boundaries advance.
研究。 最も潜在性の高い芳香植物を、家庭のみでなく医療分野において、上記の限られた精油にかぎらず多くの精油を安全に使用するために、研究者は挑戦を重ねてきました。以来研究者への挑戦はよりよく理解することである。 毎年、その研究は続けれらています。 1996/2006

Essential oils are extracted from plants by various processes; normally by steam distilling the plant matter extracting all the volatile constituents.  Some plants generate more essential oils than others.  Eucalyptus leaves contain 10% by weight of essential oils while 10,000 kg of Rose petals are required to generate just kg of Bulgarian Rose Otto.
精油はさまざまなプロセスによって植物から抽出されます。通常、蒸気蒸留法により、植物から揮発性成分が 抽出されます。特定の植物は、他の植物より多くの精油を含んでいます。 ユーカリの葉は、重量の10パーセントの精油を含みますが、ブルガリアン・ローズオットーは、10,000kgの花びらから1kgの精油しか抽出することができません。
Essential oils can be extracted from many types of plants and from different parts of the plant. One oil may come from the leaves, for example eucalyptus, and another from the roots, for example ginger, another from the flowers, the rose. Each has unique properties which can be utilised very effectively by the human body to aid health and prevent disease.
精油は多くの種類の植物の、異なった部分から抽出することができます。 例えばユーカリの精油は葉から抽出でき、ショウガの精油は根から抽出することができます。またローズは花から抽出することができます。それぞれの特徴ある特性が、とても効果的に、病気を予防し健康を促進させます。

An early illustration 1881 (Koch) of the antibacterial effectiveness of aromatic compounds
Most Essential oils have important antiseptic properties; many also fight fungal infections such as athlete's foot or candida, and others even combat viruses such as warts or colds. Plants which contain essential oils are among the most long lived on the planet.  Rootstock of Eucalyptus has been found to be 10,000 years old.  The properties of essential oils are many and varied; they can help many skin conditions and aid the renewal of cells, which is one of the ways in which frankincense helps to prevent scarring; they can be anti-spasmodic, which means they will help to prevent the spasms that cause sickness and vomiting. Some essential oils are known for their menstruation-regulating properties, others for detoxifying the system, thus being helpful in treating cellulite and other toxic conditions.  Other oils are renowned for expressing emotions and assisting mental and spiritual clarity.
Of particular importance in this list of useful properties is the fact that all essential oils are normalising. An essential oil takes the body back to it’s ‘normal’ state; it never takes it past this point to cause an opposite condition.
True essential oils are complete in themselves - no part of them has been extracted and nothing has been added. Aromatherapists believe that this untouched wholeness is of paramount importance and that even elements present in tiny proportions play a crucial role. It is the ‘wholeness’ of the oil which gives it its normalising properties
Essential oil used in the food and perfume industries are usually ‘standardised’ by removing some parts of the oil and sometimes adding other ingredients (even synthetics) in order to achieve a uniform standard.
Such oils should never be used in aromatherapy since only the COMPLETE, TRUE oil, taken straight from the still, has full therapeutic value.  It may be that the properties of the oils depend on constituents which are present in minute quantities rather than the principal constituents of the oils (Valnet).

The Essential Oils

Some oils need care in use and should never be sold over the counter except by an aromatherapist or trained pharmacist who can advise on their use. The therapeutic effect of these and other oils is explained in The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Workbook and in greater depth in Shirley Price’s Aromatherapy for Health Professionals both international bestsellers.
Most of the oils listed below are harmless in normal aromatherapy use.  The general effect and perfumery classification is given below.  Higher notes are more volatile and shortlived.  They are generally more energetic as research in the USA shows. More detailed oil monographs can be found in textbooks and on our website
以下に記された主な精油は、標準的なアロマセラピーの利用にておいて有害ではありません 一般的な効果および香料の分類は下記に記されています。 高いノートは、より揮発性が高く短命です。 それらの精油は米国の研究によると、一般的により効果的です。 より詳しい精油研究論文は、教科書と我々のウェブサイトに記載されています。

Lavandin ready for harvest at Banon 2010


Keep on learning is the motto of the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy, we recommend this professionally written training guide which can be downloaded online to students and practicioners alike (see also reflexology and anatomy and physiology)
INFORMATION  44 oils for 46 conditions  For students and practicioners alike we recommend this online training manual

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Index of Essential Oils – Information on the following 44 oils is included:

Conditions and Treatments – This section provides an excellent reference for the qualified practitioner. It contains information on the following 46 conditions and treatments:

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How to use essential oils safety leaflet and guide           

ANISEED, warming and stimulating,  middle not
アニシード 暖める作用・刺激作用 ミドル・ノート
BASIL, (Octimum basilicum)/Lamiatae, uplifting and refreshing, top note,
バジル(Octimum basilicum 、ラテン名)シソ科、高揚作用・生気回復作用、トップ・ノート
Basil is found in many of the warm, temperate climates of the world. This annual herb grows up to 60cm in height, has dark leaves and whorls of pink flowers which give off a powerful aroma. The European sweet basil is produced mainly in France and Italy. Egypt is an important source of Basil.

The essential oil, which is distilled from the whole plant, is virtually colourless and has a refreshing aroma reminiscent of aniseed.
Used in inhalation, baths and massage, basil is particularly effective for depression, nervous insomnia and mental strain. In baths and massage, basil can relieve cramps and digestive disorders emanating from nervous tension; it can also be helpful in regulating scanty periods.
Inhalation of basil essential oil stimulates the brain and is most beneficial during long periods of study. Helpful in emotions such as fear, despair and lethargy.

CAUTION: Care should be taken during early pregnancy as basil can be a powerful oil depending in variety of plant.
注意: 妊娠初期には注意が必要です。種類によりことなりますが、バジルはとても強力な作用があるからです。

BENZOIN, warming and relaxing, base note
ベンゾイン 暖める作用・リラクゼーション

Our benzoin resinoid comes from Laos.  The resin is derived from the bark of the tree which grows to 20 metres high.  Vanillin gives this oil a pleasant aroma similar to vanilla.  Harvested also in Sumatra the aroma of Sumatran Benzoin is not as refined.
我々のベンゾインの樹脂は、ラオスから輸入されます。その樹脂はバークの木から取れ、その木は20メートルにまで成長します。バニリンは、この製油にバニラと似た心地良い香りを与えます。 スマトラ諸島で収穫されるベンゾインの香りは、そのように洗練された香りではありません。
BERGAMOT (Citrus bergamia - per)/Rutaceae, uplifting and refreshing, also relaxing, top note
ベルガモット(Citrus bergamia - per ラテン名)ミカン科、高揚作用・生気回復作用・リラクゼーション トップ・ノート
Bergamots are bitter citrus fruits. The trees were first discovered on the Canary Islands by Christopher Columbus, who introduced them to Italy, which is still the chief area of production. The oil, obtained by expressing the fruit rinds, is a yellow-green colour and has a refreshing aroma.  Bergamot from the Ivory Coast has a higher percentage of  limonene.
ベルガモットは、苦味のある柑橘系果物です。その木は、クリストファー・コロンブスによってカナリア諸島で最初に発見されました。その後彼は、現在でも生産地として知られるイタリアにベルガモットを紹介しました。 果皮圧縮法により抽出された黄緑色の精油は、生気を回復させるようなさわやかな香りを持ちます。アイボリー海岸で生産される精油は、リモネンのパーセンテージがより高いとされています。

Bergamot oil is extremely useful in the treatment of digestive problems such as colic, gastric spasms and sluggish digestion. Emotionally, bergamot calms agitation, lifts despondency and balances mood swings.
CAUTION: Because bergamot is a photosensitiser it should never be used on the skin before going into strong sunlight, since pigmentation can occur.

LACK PEPPER (Piper nigrum)/Piperaceae, simulating, middle note
ブラック・ペッパー (Piper nigrum ラテン名)コショウ科 刺激作用 ミドルノート

The pepper plant is a creeping vine which is found mainly in Indonesia, south east Asia, India and Brazil. The essential oil is distilled from unripe berries which have been picked and left to dry in the sun (where they turn black). It has a warm, spicy odour with a characteristic undertone.

 コショウ科の植物は、インドネシア、東南アジア、インドおよびブラジルで生息し、そのツルは這うように成長します。 精油は、未熟な果実から蒸留されます。その果実は収穫され、太陽の下で乾燥されます。(そして黒い色に変色します。)それは、独特の低調の暖かい、ピリッとした匂いを有します。

A very important stimulant in the treatment of certain digestive disorders, such as painful dafaecation, constipation, loss of appetite, black pepper essential oil is also effective against colic, food poisoning and indigestion. Its analgesic qualities make is effective against toothache, and muscular complaints. It helps colds
苦痛を伴う排泄、便秘、食欲の損失といった消化不良には、刺激剤が重要りますが、ブラック・ペッパーの精油は、疝痛、食中毒、不消化に有効です。その鎮痛性の特質は、歯痛および筋肉の不調に対して有効です。 それは風邪にも抵抗力があり、性欲剤としても使用することができます。

CAJUPUT, antiseptic and warming, top note
カジュプット 殺菌作用・暖める作用 トップ・ノート

CEDARWOOD (Cedrus atlantica)/Pinacceae, sedative, base note
シダー・ウッド(Cedrus atlantica ラテン名)松科 沈静作用、ベース・ノート
The trees from which cederwood essential oil is extracted are found across the globe - depending on which particular species is used. Cedrus atlantica grows abundantly in Northern Africa and particularly in Morocca. The oil, which has a sweet, woody odour is obtained by steam distillation.
シダー・ウッドの精油が得られる木は地球上に広く分布しています。それはどの特定の種類の木が利用されるかによります。Cedrus atlantica(ラテン名)は、北アフリカと特にモロッコで豊富に育ちます。 甘い香りが特徴の精油は、水蒸気蒸留法によって得られます。

It has a variety of uses, especially in the treatment of skin-related complaints such as acne, dandruff, alopecia and over-production of oil from sebaceous glands. Respiratory problems like bronchitis, catarrh and coughs can all be helped by the used of cederwood essential oil in preparations. It is said to help prevent nightmares.
Caution: Although Cedrus atlantica contains a ketone, research does not show it to be toxic (as is cedar LEAF oil, derived from Thuja occidentalis). Nevertheless, it may be prudent to use it with care.
注意: Cedrus atlantica(ラテン名)は、ケトンを含んでいますが、研究によるとThuja occidentalisから得られるシダーの葉からどれる精油は、有毒ではないとされています。しかしながら、注意して使用することをお勧めします。
CHAMOMILEGERMAN (Chamomilla recutita)/Asteraceae, refreshing and relaxing, middle note
カモミール ジャーマン(Chamomilla recutita) キク科 生気回復作用・リラクゼーション ミドル・ノート
True chamomile, is a hardy, self-seeding annual herb indigenous to Europe and Western Asia. The plant more commonly referred to by the name ‘chamomile’ is Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile).
カモミールは、丈夫な、自生する一年草のハーブで、ヨーロッパと西アジアに見られます。 一般に参照されるカモミールは、ローマン・カモミール(nobile Chamaemelum)です。
The flower heads of Chamomilla recutita render a dark blue essential oil under steam distillation. It has a fatty, sweet smell and contains, among other things, an important component known as azulene.
Chamomilla recutita(カモミール・ジャーマン)の花の頭部から、水蒸気蒸留法により、濃紺の精油が抽出されます。 脂質、甘い臭いを含み、多くの成分の中で、azuleneとして知られている重要な成分を含んでいます。
German chamomile is principally anti-inflammatory. It is helpful in the treatment of digestive ailments such as indigestion and gastric ulcers, as well as being indicated for premenstrual syndrome on account of its hormonal properties. Acne, broken veins, inflammation and wounds can all be helped be the careful use of this oil and a compress will work wonders on irritated or broken skin.
ジャーマン・カモミールは主に炎症を抑制します。 それは消化不良、胃潰瘍といった消化器官系の疾患、ホルモンが原因の月経前症候群といった症状にも有効です。 ニキビ、破壊された動脈、炎症と傷に、注意をもって利用することがででます。また、がさついたり破壊された皮膚に、湿布として利用することもできます。
CHAMOMILE ROMAN (Chamaemelum nobile)/Asteraceae, refreshing and relaxing, middle note
Distilled from double headed flowers it has a light, refreshing aroma. Roman chamomile is both soothing and calming and, with its low toxicity, is very suitable to use on children and babies.
カモミール・ローマン(nobile Chamaemelum) /キク科 生気回復 ミドルノート

Good for sensitive, dry skin, its anti-inflammatory action soothes irritated skin, eczema, acne, nappy rash and burns. In compresses, baths, application or massage, it helps stomach disorders and restores appetites. Also beneficial for muscular cramps and the inflammation in rheumatism and arthritis. It helps relieve menstrual problems, premenstrual stress and  menopausal symptoms.
Roman chamomile is beneficial to frustration, panic, grief and forgetfulness.
敏感で、乾燥肌に良く、炎症抑制作用があり、がさついた肌を滑らかにします。また、湿疹、ニキビ、おむつかぶれ、火傷にも有効です。更に、筋肉の痙攣、リウマチの炎症、関節炎にも効きます。月経に関する問題やストレス、 閉経後の症状も緩和します


CLARY SAGE (Salvia sclarea)/Labiatae, warming and relaxing, top to middle note
Salvia means health. Schlarea means clear. Clary is short for clear eye. This beautiful plant is to be found growing high up in the Alps. The oil, which has a strong, distinct aroma, is distilled from the whole of the impressive flowering stem which grows up to 1.5 metres in height. It is an excellent nerve tonic and powerful re laxant.
クラリ・セージ(Salvia sclarea/ シソ科 暖める作用、リラクゼーション作用、ミドル~トップノート

Salviaは、健康を意味します。Schlareaは透明を意味します。クラリーは、クリア・アイ(透明な目)の略です。 この美しい植物は、アルプスの高地で育ちます。その精油は、 強く、明瞭な香りがあり、最高1.5メートルまで成長する印象的な花と葉や茎の全体から、水蒸気蒸留法により生産されます。それは素晴らしい神経強壮作用を持ち、リラクゼーションを導きます。

Clary is helpful for haemorrhoids and varicose veins when used in a carrier. Soothing and regenerative for the skin, it helps to combat cellular ageing and preserve moisture in dry, mature skin by compresses or application.
When used in inhalations, vaporisers, compresses, baths or massage clary sage essential oil has a calming effect, and can help reduce high blood pressure.
Uplifting for depression and excellent for regulating hormones it is consequently most useful for women’s problems such as premenstrual syndrome, irregular periods, infertility and associated irregularities.
Emotionally, clary sage soothes excitability, fear and grief. It lifts despair and helps to prevent nightmares.
Essential oil of Clary Sage has over 250 individual chemicals within it.  Some very tiny indeed.




CAUTION: Continuous inhalation may cause sleepiness and its use is recommended at the end of the day. Do not take alcohol after a treatment as the effects of the alcohol will be enhanced. NB This plant should never be confused with sage (Salvia officinalis) which has different properties.

CLOVE antiseptic and warming, base to middle note
注意: 連続的な吸入は、睡眠作用を引き起こす可能性があり、一日の終わりに使用することを推薦します。 アルコールの効果を高めるので、使用後のアルコールの摂取は避けて下さい。として処置が高められた後アルコールを取ってはいけない。 この植物を、セージ(Salvia officinalis)と混同しないで下さい。セージは異な特徴を持っています。

クローブ 防腐作用と温める作用 ベース~ミドルノート

Harvested high in the trees

CYPRESS (Cupressus sempervirens)/Cupressaceae, relaxing and refreshing, middle to base
サイプレス (Cupressus sempervirens) /ヒノキ科 リラクゼーション 生気回復、ミドル~ベースノート
Cypress oil is distilled from the leaves, twigs and cones of the Cyprus tree and has a woody, clear and dry fragrance.
In application to the skin, it is astringent and soothing, helping to regulate production of sebum and reduce perspiration, including the feet. Effective in the treatment of varicose veins and haemorrhoids, it can help relieve menopausal spotting and can help staunch excessive blood losses, especially after childbirth.

Cypress essential oil is calming as well as being helpful to nervous debility, soothing attacks of diarrhoea when used in baths or application. Its antispasmodic properties are helpful against cramp.
Cypress is helpful against frustration, irritability and indecision. It is reputed to clear the mind of grief and it certainly induces sleep.

サイプレスは、欲求不満、過敏症、及び優柔不断に対して有用です。 それは悲しみを心から取り除く上で評価されており、確かな睡眠作用を持っています。

EUCALYPTUS - Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus)/Myrtaceae, head clearing, top note
ユーカリ- ユーカリノキ属 (Eucalyptus globulus)/フトモモ科 頭脳明晰作用、トップノート
Extracted from the blue gum tree, originally a native of Australia and Tasmania, it is now grown in many sub-tropical climates including Spain, Portugal and China. Although occurring throughout the whole tree, the essential oil is mainly distilled from the leaves.
にオーストラリア及びタスマニアに原生し、ユーカリノキ属の木から抽出されます。それは、スペイン、ポルトガルおよび中国を含む多くの亜熱帯気候の多くの地でも現在は見られます。 その木全体を利用することができますが、精油は主に葉から蒸溜されます。

E.globus is a strong, natural antiseptic and is effective against a wide range of bacterial infections. Its decongestant qualities make it ideal for relieving congestive headaches. Excellent for clearing the head, it is universally used for colds, sinusitis and bronchial problems in gargles, inhalations, vaporisers, baths and massage.
E.globusは強く、自然な防腐性を持ち、広い範囲の細菌感染の抵抗に有効です。 その鬱血除去作用の質は、鬱血性の頭痛を取り除くために理想的です。 頭脳明晰作用があり、一般的に、風邪、副鼻膣炎、気管支炎の為に、うがい、吸入法、芳香、入浴、マッサージに応用することができます。

In baths, application or massage, relief can also be obtained in many circulatory disorders by cleansing, stimulating and strengthening the kidneys and it is warming to arthritic pain, for which relief can also be achieved by the use of a compress. It is a good insect repellent.
CAUTION: Due to the strength of its cineole content it should not be inhaled on its own by small children.

注意: シネオールの含有量の強さが原因で、それは小さい子供が監視無しで吸入法を行うのに適していません。

EUCALYPTUS - Gully Gum (Eucalyptus smithii)/Myrtaceae, head clearing, top note
ユーカリ ユーカリノキ属(Eucalyptus smithii)/フトモモ科、頭脳明晰作用、トップノート
Also a native of Australia, this variety of eucalyptus is much gentler than E.globulus, yet most beneficial in action. Some of its effects are similar to those of E.globulus, being analgesic to muscular pain and effective against coughs, colds, asthma and bronchitis because of its decongestant qualities. Unlike E.globulus, it can be used very safely on children.
Students also study the properties of Eucalyptus citriodora Hook and Eucalyptus dives Schauer.
またこれもオーストラリアに原生し、この種のユーカリのはE.globulusよりとても穏やかに作用しますが、とても効果的に作用します。 効果の一部としてE.globulusに共通する鎮痛作用を持ち、筋肉痛に有効です。また、鬱血除去作用の質により、咳、風邪、気管支炎にも応用できます。また E.globulusとは異なり、それは非常に安全に子供に使用することができます。

学生はまたEucalyptus citriodora Hook と、 Eucalyptus dives Schauer についても学習します。
FENNEL (Foeniculum vulgare)/Umbelliferae, carminative (eases wind and stomach pains), middle note
フェネル (Foeniculumvulgare) /セリ科 駆風作用(ガス及び腹痛の緩和)、ミドルノート

FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia thurifera, B. carteri)/Burseraceae, relaxing and rejuvenating, base note
フランキンセンス (Boswellia thuriferaB. carteri) /カンラン科 リラクゼーションと元気回復 ベースノート
This small tree has grown wild in the red sea area and north east Africa since Biblical times. The essential oil, which is sometimes called olibanum, is obtained by the distillation of the resin; its sweet, slightly spicy aroma has a calming effect conducive to concentration and meditation.
の小さい木は紅海区域そして北東のアフリカ地域に、聖書の時代から野生的に生息してきました。 時々オリバナムと呼ばれるこの精油は、樹脂から蒸留され得られます。その甘く、わずかにぴりっとする香りは、鎮静作用と、集中力、瞑想を促進する効果を持っています。
When used in baths or massage it helps dry skin and mature complexions and is extremely effective in the treatment of wounds and subsequent scars. It is helpful against coughs, laryngitis, asthma and bronchitis and is an immunostimulant, also relieving depression. A most useful oil emotionally, frankincense soothes anger, irritability and frustration, and relieves grief and confusion.
浴室で。またはマッサージとして使用された場合、それは乾燥肌及び年齢肌に有効で、傷や傷跡の処理にも非常に効果があります。 咳、喉頭炎、喘息および気管支炎に対して有効で、免疫組織を刺激し、鬱病の症状を改善します。 感情的に最も有効な精油で、怒り、過敏症および欲求不満をなだめ、悲しみおよび混乱を取り除くことができます。

GERANIUM (Pelargonium graveolens)Geranaceae, relaxing and refreshing, base note
ゼラニウム (Pelargonium graveolens)フウロソウ科 リラクゼーション 生気回復 ベースノート
Geraniums are grown commercially in France, Egypt, Morocco, China and the Reunion Islands - the latter being known as geranium Bourbon. Distilled from the leaves the oil has a rich, sweet fragrance.
Geranium oil reduces inflammation in arthritis and is an excellent antiseptic for acne and dry eczema. Its astringent properties are effective in the control of herpes, mouth ulcers, diarrhoea and gastroenteritis, as well as varicose veins and haemorrhoids.
ゼラニウムは商業的に、フランス、エジプト、モロッコ、中国およびリユニオン・アイランドで育ち、後者はゼラニウム・ブルボンとして知られています。 葉から蒸溜されて、豊富な甘い香りを持っています。

ゼラニウムの精油は、関節の炎症を削減し、にきびおよび乾燥した湿疹に防腐・殺菌作用が非常に有効です。 その収斂の性質は、痔や浮き出た動脈のみでなく、疱疹、口内炎、下痢および胃腸炎の緩和にも有効です。

Circulation of the lymph is improved by the use of geranium oil, assisting in the elimination of waste products, therefore it also helps in the relief of fluid retention and cellulite.
Its antispasmodic action is helpful for cramp and its healing action on burns and wounds is well known.
It has been found to be of use in calming overaggressive sporting teenagers.
Used in inhalations, vaporisers, baths, application and massage it alleviates stress and anxiety, and emotionally, it lifts the spirits from despair and lethargy.




GINGER (Zingiber officinale)/Zingiberaceae, warming and digestive, base note
ショウガ(Zingiber officinale) /ショウガ科 暖める作用と消化促進作用ベースノート

The ginger plant is indigenous to the West Indies and the essential oil is won by steam distilling the dried and crushed rhizomes. It has a clear, neutral colour and an aroma similar to that of the spice but without the ‘hotness’.

The main therapeutic use of ginger essential oil is with respect to the digestive tract and its attendant problems and conditions. It is stomachic, carminative, antiseptic and stimulating, and acts as a tonic in the treatment of fatigue and impotence.
Its analgesic and warming properties are also effective in cases of muscular pain, sciatica and rheumatism.
ショウガの植物は西インド諸島に固有であり、精油は、乾燥され、押しつぶされた根茎を蒸溜し得られます。 それは透明な中立色で、およびショウガのスパイスと類似した香りをもっていますが、辛味はありません。

ショウガの精油の主な治療上の使用は、消化器官に関する症状に対してです。 それは腹痛に効き、駆風作用、防腐・殺菌作用および刺激性を持ち、強壮剤としても利用され、疲労および無気力の処置に有効です。


GRAPEFRUIT (Citrus paradise –per)/Rutaceae,
グレープフルーツ(Citrus paradise –per) /ミカン科
Originating in tropical Asia and the West Indies, the grapefruit tree is now cultivated mainly in Northern and South America. The yellow oil is obtained by cold expression of the peel and has a sweet, citrus aroma.
Grapefruit is a perfectly safe oil due to its non-toxic and non-irritating properties. It is effective in caring for oily skin and acne and helpful in the relief of anxiety, stress, tension and associated headaches, due to its uplifting properties. Circulatory problems such as muscle fatigue, obesity, cellulite and water retention can be helped by regular use of this oil in baths or massages.
Gapefruit oils can be contaminated with pesticides and it is best to use organic oils.

グレープフルーツは完全に無毒で、非刺激性の特性のある精油です。それは脂性肌、およびにきびに有効で、精神高揚の作用により、心配、ストレス、緊張、頭痛、および頭痛を緩和するの有効です。 筋肉疲労、肥満、セルライトおよび体液の停留といった循環に関する問題は、規則的な浴室での利用またはマッサージによる利用で改善する事ができます。


JASMINE is one of our special oils. Only a few drops will relax an agitated client.  The indian Jasmine is sweeter than the Egyptian and arrives in November

JUNIPERBERRY (Juniperis communis)/Cupressaceae
ジュニパーベリー(Juniperis communis)/ヒノキ科
The juniper is an evergreen tree grown throughout the Mediterranean. The oil is distilled from the ripe berries which are dried immediately after picking (juniperberry oil). Lesser quality oil is produced by adding berries used during the making of gin or by adding the twigs or leaves (juniper oil). The essential oil has a sweet fresh aroma, similar to cypress but sharper.
ジュニパーは、地中海で育つ常緑の木です。juniperberryの精油は、収穫の直後に乾燥された熟した果実から蒸溜されます。質の低いオイルは、ジンの作成に使用された果実を加えたり、または小枝か葉(ジュニパー精油)を加えて生産されます。 甘く爽やかな香りで、サイプレスと似ていますが、それよりも鋭い香りが特徴です。

Juniper oil is neurotonic, helpful in overcoming debility and mental fatigue. It is a very beneficial oil for the urinary system, being a stimulant to the kidneys and therefore an excellent diuretic, helping the excretion of uric acid in gout and rheumatism. High blood pressure problems can also be alleviated, due in part to diuretic properties or the oil and in part its calming effect. Juniperberry oil is helpful for period pains and invaluable when breasts are swollen during menstruation.
Emotionally, it helps to reduce frustration, guilt and jealousy.
CAUTION: Infrequent use at low concentration (2 drops in 20ml) is advised during the first five months of pregnancy and in cases of sever kidney disease, to ensure that the kidneys do not become over stimulated.
ジュニパーオイルは肉体的衰弱および精神疲労を緩和し、精神強壮剤として有効です。それは泌尿器に非常有効な精油で、肝臓を刺激し、 従ってそれは利尿作用、通風およびリウマチの尿酸の排出に有効です。 また、利尿作用や沈静作用の特性により、高血圧問題を緩和することもできます ジュニパーのオイルは、月経痛や月経時の胸の晴れにも非常に有効です。


注意: 時々の、低濃度の利用(20mlに2滴)は、妊娠初期の5ヶ月間に渡りアドバイスと共に可能です。深刻な肝臓病のケースにおいては、肝臓が刺激されすぎないよう注意することが必要です。

New for 2011 Lavender from Maremma, Tuscany

LAVANDER (Lavandula officinalis)/Labiatae, refreshing and relaxing, middle note
ラベンダー(Lavandula officinalis)シソ科、生気回復、リラクゼーション、ミドルノート


Above is a lavender crop pictured in Oxfordshire, England.  England gets plent of rain!!  Farmers in Southern france complain of drought and the availability of Lavender Fine is often poor later in the season.  See the Shirley Price handout 'getting to know Lavender.  This plant is a native of southern Europe and the Mediterranean countries, though it’s a hybrid relation, lavandin, is more extensively grown, yielding more oil per acre and being cheaper to produce. Much lavender available on the market is in fact adulterated lavandin, which has slightly different therapeutic properties.
True lavender oil, which is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops of the plant, is non-toxic and has a full flowery aroma. The aroma or lavandin is usually more camphoraceous more akin to Spike Lavender.
上の写真は、イギリスのオックスフォード州のラベンダー農園です。この植物は南ヨーロッパ、地中海の国に原生し、雑種であるラベンディンは広く分布し、 1エーカーからより多くの精油を安く生産します。 実際、市場で利用される多くのラベンダーはlavandinの混合物で、わずかに異なる治療の特性を持ちます。


Known for its soothing and uplifting properties, lavender alleviates stress and depression and is helpful for easing headaches and insomnia as well as lowering blood pressure. As an antiseptic, it is effective in the treatment of colds, flu, sinusitis and respiratory problems in general.
沈静作用と、高揚作用の特性で知られているラベンダーは、ストレスおよび鬱病を軽減し、低血圧のみでなく、頭痛および不眠症を楽にするためにも有効です。 防腐作用及び殺菌作用として、風邪やインフルエンザ、副鼻腔炎および呼吸器系の問題の処にも、一般的に有効です。

Used in masks, compresses, baths or application, lavender promotes healthy skin, heals wounds and is effective in the treatment of acne, eczema, dandruff, nappy rash and athlete’s foot. It soothes burns and insect bits and helps prevent scarring. Can be used safely on young children.

マスク、湿布、入浴、その他の利用法で使用され、ラベンダーは健康な皮膚を促進し、傷を直し、そしてニキビ、湿疹ふけ症、おむつかぶれ、および水虫の処置で有効です。 それは火傷跡をなだめ、虫刺され、および傷跡を作るのを防ぎます。 幼児でにも安全に使用することができます。

Used in baths, application or massage it gives relief from muscular aches and pains and rheumatism.
Essential oil of lavender has a calming and balancing effect, promotes menstrual regularity, helps pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms and alleviates thrush.

Students also study of  the properties  of  the more camphorous Lavandin   (Lavandula x intermedia Emeric ex Loisel) and Lavender Spike (Lavandula latifolia Medik).



学生はまたラベンディン (Lavandula X intermedia Emeric exLoisel)およびラベンダーパイク(Lavandula latifolia Medik)の特性を調査する。

LEMON (Citrus limon L. Burm)/Rutacae, refreshing and stimulating, top note
レモン(Citrus limon L. Burm)ミカン科 生気回復と刺激作用 トップノート
The lemon tree is a native of the East but is now cultivated extensively in Mediterranean countries and the Americas. The essential oil, extracted by cold expression of the peel, is pale yellow in colour.

One of the most useful essential oils, it is most effective in the treatment of digestive disorders as it regulates stomach acidity. Regular use of lemon in baths or massage helps to control acne, greasy skin and herpes. It is also effective in the treatment of verrucas, corns and warts.
レモンの木は東の地域が原生地であるが、現在は地中海の国およびアメリカ大陸で広く栽培されています。 冷却圧搾法によって得られる精油は、浅い黄色の色をしています。
最も有効な精油の1つは、胃酸を調整するので、消化器官の不調の治療に最も有効的です。入浴法またはマッサージによるレモンの精油の規則的な使用は、ニキビ、姿勢肌、および疱疹の抑制を助けます。 それは、疣、魚の目、およびこぶの処置にもまた有効です。

Lemon oil is a strong, non-toxic antiseptic for colds, coughs, flu and sore throats when used in baths, gargles or massage. It can bring relief to those suffering with arthritis or rheumatism on account of its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to lower high blood pressure and stimulate poor circulation.
Emotionally, lemon oil relieves guilt and resentment.
CAUTION: May cause dermal irritation on very sensitive skins, especially if exposed to sunlight, as it is a weak photosensitiser.

LEMONGRASS (Cymbopogon citrates)/Poaceae, toning and refreshing, top note
レモングラス(Cymbopogon citrates) /イネ科 強壮作用 生気回復作用 トップノート
MANDARIN (citrates reticulate)/Rutaceae,
マンダリン(citrates reticulateミカン科
Originating in China, this evergreen tree grows up to six metres high, bearing shiny, waxy leaves, fragrant flowers and fleshy fruit. Mandarin oil is obtained by cold expression of the peel; it is pale orange in colour with a very sweet, citrus aroma.
中国に原生し、この常緑の木は6メートルまで高く育ち、光沢があり、ワックスがかった葉、香りが良い花、および肉付きの良いフルーツが特徴です。 マンダリンの精油は冷却圧搾法により得られます。 それは非常に淡いオレンジ色で、とても甘い柑橘類の香りです。

Mandarin has excellent calming properties, being particularly good for insomnia and excitability, when used in application, baths or massage. It is also a good digestive oil for stomach pains, indigestion and constipation and has a stimulating effect on the stomach and liver.
Due to its gentle action it is ideal for use on children and pregnant women. Fluid retention, obesity and fatigue can all benefit from the use of mandarin oil, and like lemon oil can relieve guilt and resentment.
マンダリンは素晴らしい沈静効果があり、浴室、マッサージ、その他の利用法で、不眠症および興奮に有効です。 それはまた、腹痛、消化不良および便秘に効く消化器官の精油で、胃および肝臓に刺激的な作用をもたらします。


MARJORAM, SWEET (Origanum majorana)/Labiatae, warming and fortifying, middle note
A native of Europe and central Asia, this plant yields a sweet smelling essential oil under distillation of the leaves and flowering heads. The oil’s warm and soothing properties were well known to the ancient Egyptians, who used it for healing and overcoming grief.
スイート・マージョラム(Origanum majorana)/MARJORAMシソ科 暖化作用 強化作用 トップノート


Sweet marjoram is calming and comforting to the mind, helpful in the treatment of tension, anxiety, irritability and hysteria. It is effective in alleviating headaches, reducing insomnia and lowering blood pressure.
The warming, analgesic and antispasmodic properties of sweet marjoram are effective in reducing menstrual pains, and alleviating arthritis and rheumatism. It also regularises thyroid activity.
CAUTION: Origanum majorana contains different chemical components from Thymus mastichina and if the Latin name is not given when purchasing, it will almost certainly be Spanish marjoram (see above), whose effects are not the same as those of sweet marjoram.
注意;Origanum majorana は、Thymus mastichina とは異なる化学成分を含み、購入時にラテン名が記載されていない場合は、ほとんどが確実的に、スイート・マージョラムとは効果の異なるスパニッシュ・マージョラムだと言えます。

MELISSA (Melissa officinal MARJORAM, is)/Labiatae, uplifting and refreshing, middle note
メリッサ(Melissa officinal MARJORAM)シソ科、精神高揚、生気回復、ミドルノート

Originating in southern Europe, but quite common in Britain and easily grown, Melissa is a small perennial herb. The oil is distilled from the leaves before the plant flowers and has a fresh, sweet, lemon fragrance. Pure Melissa oil is rare and costly, consequently it is most frequently available in a mix, giving the effects attributed to the lemon-smelling oils from which the mix is made, not of true Melissa.
南ヨーロッパが原産国ではありますが、イギリスでも良く見られ容易に育つ植物です。メリッサは小さい多年草のハーブです。 精油は、花が咲く前の葉から蒸留され、爽やかで甘いレモンのような香りを持っています。純粋なメリッサの精油はとても珍しく高価で、結果的に他の精油とのブレンドとして販売され、それらはミックスと呼ばれます。それらはレモンのような芳香をもち、純粋なメリッサとは異なります。

True Melissa eases digestive disorders such as indigestion and nausea, it is used is compresses or inhalation. It helps relieve anxiety, headaches, tension and insomnia; it also lowers high blood pressure and relieves palpitations.
An excellent oil for women, baths, application and massage will ease painful periods and PMS and by its hormonal action it regulates the menstrual cycle, which can assist conception. True Melissa can also relieve eczema and other skin problems by its anti-inflammatory action.
It is soothing and uplifting to the mind, only low concentrations being needed to reduce irritability or lift despair and lethargy.

女性に有効的な精油で、浴室、その他の適用、マッサージとして利用できます。生理痛、PMSを緩和し、ホルモンに作用し月経周期を調整します。そして妊娠を助長する作用も持ちます。 純粋のメリッサはまた、炎症抑制の効果により、湿疹やその他の皮膚の問題を和らげます。


Englands oldest man swore attributed his longevity to a daily cup of tea made from fresh Melissa leaves from his garden.  I follow his example.  I hope to be around to bring you the best of essential oils for many years to come! Rosemary is also easy to grow, and the flowers are as tasty as the leaves while Basil can be grown on the kitchen window shelf and fresh leaves added to cooking aids digestion. Katja Svoboda has worked on aromatic and medicinal plants with the Scottish Agricultural College (where they hold a world database of herbs and provide GC MS testing). She says that both rosemary and sage have antioxidant, neurological and anti-ageing properties. She recommends regular consumption of fresh leaves, in salads ideally. This way you are unlikely to consume too much of their potent chemicals.

イギリスの最長寿の老人は、庭からとれる新鮮なメリッサの葉から成るお茶を毎日飲むことが、彼の長寿の秘訣だと宣言しました。私は彼の例に続きます。私は、何年にも渡りあなたに最高の精油を届けるためにここにいることを願います。ローズマリーは育てるのが容易で、その花は葉と同様に風味が良いです。Katja Svobodaは、スコットランドの農業大学で芳香はまたは医療的な植物学を研究しました。(この大学は、ハーブの世界のデーベースを持ち、GC MS テストを提供するところです。)彼女は、ローズマリーとセイジの両者は、酸化防止作用、神経作用、アンチ・エイジングの特徴を持つと述べました。彼女は、新鮮は葉をサラダとして規則的に消費することを推薦しています。こうする事で、含まれる化学物質を消費しすぎるということを避けることができます。
Essential oils are highly concentrated and should never be taken internally except with qualified advice.  Besides anything else many oils irritate the mucous membranes of the throat.
MYRRH (Commiphora myrrha)/Burseraeae, cooling and toning, base note
ミルラ(Commiphora myrrha)/カンラン科 冷却作用 強壮作用 ベースノート
Myrrh essential oil, obtained by steam distillation of the crude resin, is pale yellow and has a warm, musky balsamic aroma. Soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory, it helps mature complexions and numerous skin problems such as athlete’s foot, eczema, ringworm and nappy rash, to name but a few.
When used in inhalation, baths or massage, myrrh is effective for respiratory disorders, giving relief to asthma, bronchitis and colds. In gargles it soothes mouth ulcers and sore throats.


NEROLI (Citrus aurantium amara – flos)/Rutaeae, ultra relaxing, base to middle note
ネロリ(Citrus aurantium amara – flos)/ミカン科 超リラックス作用 ベース~ミドルノート
The bitter orange tree is grown mainly in Northern Africa and Spain. It bears small, white, star-shaped flowers at the leaf axils. Neroli is the name given to the essential oil of the bitter orange flowers, which are hand picked just as they are beginning to open. It is obtained by steam distillation and has a unique bitter/sweet odour with a spicy undertone (‘Orange blossom’ oil is an absolute, obtained in the same way as rose absolute).

Neroli is extremely helpful in the treatment of many types of skin problems such as varicose veins, broken capillaries and irritated patches. The essential oil has particular therapeutic benefit in nerve related disorders such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia and excitability.
Outside aromatherapy, neroli is used extensively in the manufacture of colognes and toilet waters.

NIAOULI (Melaleuca virdiflora)/Myrtaceae, antiseptic and analgesic, top note
ニアオウリ(Melaleuca virdiflora)/フトモモ科、防腐・殺菌作用 鎮痛作用 トップノート
The trees from which niaouli essential oil is won are to be found growing in profusion throughout New Caledonia and Madagascar. The oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and is a clear liquid with a sharp, eucalyptus-like aroma.
Because it is a strong antiseptic the essential oil is particularly effective against infections of the respiratory tract, including sore throats, sinusitis and bronchitis. It is also beneficial in the treatment of irregular menstruation.

Insect bites and minor flesh wounds can be helped by applying a compress directly to the affected area or by rubbing on niaouli in a carrier oil.


Ripe fruit –the dark brown nutmeg seed

ORANGE SWEET (Citrus sinensis)/Rutaceae
スイート・オレンジ(Citrus sinensis)/ミカン科

ORANGE BITTER (Citrus aurantium – per)/Rutaceae, refreshing and relaxing, top note
ビター・オレンジ(Citrus aurantium – per)/ミカン科 生気回復 リラックス効果 トップノート
Both the sweet orange tree and the taller, bitter orange tree originate in China. The former is grown extensively in America and also many Mediterranean countries.

The essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the ripe outer peel. The sweet oil has a fresh, fruity aroma while the bitter oil has a more delicate, dry and floral characteristics. Both oils are non-toxic.
Used in gargles, mouthwashes, compresses and massage, these oils are excellent digestive stimulants, improving the appetite, helping constipation, dyspepsia, flatulence and mouth ulcers.
Bronchitis, asthma and hay fever can be helped by inhalation, baths or application, as can dull and oily skins. Both are good oils to combat insomnia and relieve nervous tension be regular use in inhalations and baths and by massage on tense muscles.
Bitter orange oil is useful in relieving frustration, irritability and nightmares.
CAUTION: Neither orange oil should be used on very sensitive skins immediately before being exposed to strong sunlight, as they are weak photosensitisers.

PATCHOULI (Pogostemon patchouli)/Labiatae, relaxing, base note
Patchouli is a small, leafy shrub which grows mainly in the Far East – Indonesia, China – and on the island of Madagascar. The essential oil is obtained be steam distillation of the young leaves, which are first dried. It is a dark, viscous oil with a strong balsamic odour and spicy undertones.
パチュリは極東-インドネシア、中国、そしてマダガスカルの島で主に育ち、小さく、葉が多い低木である。 精油は、水蒸気蒸留法で得られ、乾燥された若葉が用いられます。 それは暗い色の粘着性のある精油で、強い芳香性を持ち、ぴりっとした低調の香りがします。
Patchouli oil is particularly helpful as an immunostimulant, when it is a valuable tonic used in massage, inhalation and baths. It is also effective in the treatment of damaged skin, especially cracks, sores, wounds and scars.
It is also helpful against haemorrhoids and varicose veins and its anti-inflammatory action calms inflamed skin and eczema.
Emotionally, patchouli balances mood swings, reduces irritability and lifts despair and despondency.
A ‘base note’ in perfumes, mixed with Almond oil it makes an attractive perfume.

 感情的に、パチュリは気分変動のバランスをとり、神経過敏症を減らし、そして絶望、落胆した気持ちを持ち上げます。芳香剤としてはベースノートで、 アーモンドオイルと混合すると、魅力的な香水になります。

PEPPERMINT (Mentha piperita)/Labiatae, cooling and refreshing, middle to top note
ペパーミント(Mentha piperita)シソ科 冷却効果 生気回復 ミドルからトップノート
A product of northern temperate climates, the best peppermint plants grown elsewhere in the world originated in Mitcham, England, and are known as Mitcham peppermint. The essential oil is distilled from the whole plant and its sharp, refreshing aroma is easily recognised.
Used in gargles, compresses or application, it is highly effective for treating sickness and nausea; it also relieves acidity, heartburn, diarrhoea, indigestion and flatulence. Respiratory problems such as coughs and colds, sinusitis, throat infection, asthma and bronchitis can be relieved effectively by the use of peppermint in inhalations, baths or application as can congestive headaches.
うがい、湿布そのたの応用に適用され、病気と吐き気を治療するのに非常に高い効果を持ちます; それはまた胃酸過多、胸焼け、下痢、消化不良および腸内ガスを和らげます。 咳、風邪、副鼻腔炎、喉の感染、喘息および気管支炎等の呼吸器の問題またうっ血性の頭痛は、吸入法、浴室またその他の応用により 効果的に緩和することができます。
Its cooling and cleansing properties help soothe itchy skin and inflammation when well diluted, which makes it helpful in the treatment of varicose veins and haemorrhoids. Essential oil of peppermint used in baths, application or massage, encourages menstrual regularity; and during the menopause, relief can be obtained from hot flushes.
その冷却とクレンジングの特性は、よく希釈することにより、肌のかゆみや炎症を抑えるのを助け、それはまた拡張した血管や痔の治療にも役立ちます。ペパーミントの精油は浴室、その他の利用やマッサージにより、月経周期の規制を促し、厚いフラッシュにより 月経閉期にも役立ちます。

CAUTION: Because of its powerful aroma and effects, the recommended dilution must be kept to, especially during pregnancy (see paragraph 5, page 39). Keep eyes closed when inhaling (not recommended for small children). De-terpenated oil is often sold as whole peppermint oil; this is not suitable for aromatherapy.
注意: 強力な香りおよび効果のために、推薦された希薄濃度は、特に妊娠中の間にわたり、厳守しなければなりません。(パラグラフ539ページの5章を参照して下さい。) 吸入法を行うときは、目を閉じて下さい。(これは小さい子供には勧めていません。)テルペンの抜かれた精油は、よく完全なペパーミントの精油として販売されていますが、それはアロマセラピーの利用には適していません

PETITGRAIN (Citrus auantium amara – fol)/Rutaceae, refreshing and relaxing, top note
プチットグレイン(Citrus auantium amara – fol)/ミカン科 生気回復 リラックス作用 トップノート

Petitgrain is the name given to the essential oil won by steam distillation of the leaves of the bitter orange tree. Such trees are cultivated on a large scale in Italy, Paraguay, Brazil and Northern Africa. When the leaves are distilled with flowers, the oil is named ‘Petitgrain over flowers’, whose wonderful aroma can approach that of neroli oil. The benefits of this special oil are two-fold – see neroli.
プチットグレインは、ビター・オレンジ木の葉から、水蒸気蒸留法によって得られた精油に与えらた名前です。この木は、イタリア、パラグアイ、ブラジルおよび北アフリカの広大な地で耕作されます。葉が花と共に蒸溜されるとき、その精油は「プチットグレイン・オーバー・フラワー」と言われ、その素晴らしい香りはネロリの精油と似ています。 この特別なオイルの利点は二通りであります。ネロリを参照して下さい。
Therapeutically, petitgrain is a particularly good relaxant, being calming to the nervous system. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful against acne and oedema and it is also antispasmodic.
Emotionally, it is indicated for panic, irritability and resentment and is helpful against forgetfulness.

 PINE NEEDLE (Pinus sylvestris)/Pinaceae, refreshing and antiseptic, middle to base note
パイン・ニードル((Pinus sylvestris)/松科 生気回復、防腐及び殺菌作用、ベースからミドルノート
Also known as Scots Pine, this hardy tree can be found growing all over Europe and Russia, especially in the colder upland regions such as Scandinavia and the Baltic States. The essential oil is distilled from the needles, twigs and cones. It has a fresh, resin-like odour and is pale yellow in colour.
別名 スコットパイン(ヨーロッパアカマツ)のこの丈夫な木は、ロシアとヨーロッパ全土で見られ、特にスカンジナビアおよびバルト諸国のようなより冷たい高台の地域で育ちます。 精油は針状葉、小枝およびコーンからから蒸溜されます。 それは新鮮で、樹脂のような香りを持ち、淡い黄色をしています。
Because of its inherent antiseptic qualities, pine needle essential oil is an excellent air antiseptic and can be used with good effect in cases of infection, particularly those of the respiratory tract such as bronchitis, asthma and sinusitis. It is also helpful against influenza.
Urinary tract infections like cystitis and renal infections can be relieved by the used of pine needle oil and it is also indicated for general debility and fatigue. Its anti-inflammatory action makes it a useful oil for arthritis, gout and rheumatism.
膀胱炎のような尿道伝染および腎臓の伝染は、パインニードルの精油の使用により取り除くことができます。それはまた、一般的な衰弱および疲労にも適用されます。 その抗炎作用の特性は、関節炎、痛風およびリウマチにも有効です。

ROSE OTTO (Rosa damescena)/Rosaceae, relaxing and soothing, base to middle note
ローズオットー(Rosa damescena)バラ科、リラックス 鎮静作用、ベースからミドルノート

Rose otto is obtained from the petals of the rose by steam distillation, requiring several kilos of petals to yield a few ml of oil. It is the essential oil of rose, also known as ‘attar of roses’, which should be used in aromatherapy, rather then the absolute, which is not true a true essential oil.

ローズオットーは水蒸気蒸留法により花弁から得られ、数ミリリットルの精油を生産するのに、6、7キログラムの花弁が必要となります。これはバラの精油で、 「バラの花の精」として知られ、本当の精油ではないアブソリュートよりもアロマセラピー上で使用されるべきとされています。
Therapeutically, rose otto is a safe all-rounder. Because of its antiseptic properties, it is effective in healing skin disorders such as cuts, wounds and other skin problems.
Rose otto is valuable against debility and depression. It is especially indicated in woman’s problems, including irregular periods, PMS, womb impurities and sterility.
Emotionally, rose otto is helpful against where anger, jealousy or guilt are affecting the health.
Because of its low toxicity and strong antiseptic qualities, rose otto is ideal to use on children. (see also rose absolute)
その低毒性と防腐性の特質により、ローズオットーは子供への利用が理想的です。 (ローズ・アブソリュートを参照して下さい)

ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis)/Labiatae, invigorating and refreshing, middle note
ローズマリー(Rosmarinus officinalis)シソ科 強壮作用 生気回復 ミドルノート
A native of the Mediterranean region, this romantic herb yields its oil from the flowering tops under steam distillation.
Stimulating and decongesting, rosemary oil promotes blood circulation, particularly to the brain, so clearing the mind, relieving tension and giving a feeling of well being. Its antiseptic properties relieve coughs, colds and flu. These qualities make it beneficial to the skin and help to prevent dandruff and hair loss.
刺激性と鬱血緩和の特性により、ローズマリーの精油は特に脳への血液循環を促進させ、心をきれいにし、緊張を取り除き、そして幸福感を与えます。 この防腐性の特性は、咳、風邪およびインフルエンザを緩和します。 これらの特質は肌に有利に働き、ふけとおよび髪の脱毛を防ぐのを助けます。
Its use in compresses, application or massage is particularly effective for indigestion, flatulence and constipation.
Rosemary can be effective in regulating the menstrual cycle; its hormonal effects are conducive to conception and helpful before the menopause. Its gentle analgesic properties relieve general aches and pains, sprains and arthritis when used in baths, application or massage.
ローズマリーは、月経周期の調整にも有効です そのホルモン性の効果は妊娠を促し、月経閉止期の前に有効である。その穏やかな鎮痛性の特性は、浴室、その他の応用またはマッサージで使用された時に、一般的な痛みおよび苦痛、捻挫および関節炎の緩和にも効果的です。
CAUTION: Rosemary oils with a high camphor content are best not used regularly or at concentrations exceeding 2 drops in 20ml during the first five months of pregnancy or by people who suffer from high blood pressure.
注意:ローズマリーの精油は、 カンファーの含有率が高く、定期的に利用したり、妊娠5か月の人や高血圧に苦しむ人々に対して、20ml2滴を超過する濃度で使用さるべきではありません。

SAGE decongestant (circulatory), top note
セージ 鬱血除去剤(循環) トップノート

SANDALWOOD (Santalum album)/Santalaceae, relaxing, base note
サンダルウッド((Santalum album)ビャクダン科 リラックス ベースノート
The sandalwood tree is a native of India; the name Santalum is of Latin origin and later used in Sanskrit, the ancient Hindu language which flourished in India well into the 19th century.

サンダル・ウッドの木は、インドに自然生息しています; Santalumの名前はラテンにの起源を持ち、そのごサンスクリットとして用いられ、19世紀にインドで繁栄した古代ヒンズー教の言語として用いられらました。
Sandalwood essential oil is distilled from the wood, mainly from the heartwood and roots but also from off cuts and chips, after the best wood is used for furniture making. Its sweet, woody aroma is most pleasant and therapeutic.
Being antiseptic, calming and soothing, it relieves sore throats, dry coughs and chronic bronchitis.
Used in compresses, application or massage, sandalwood is beneficial for dry, mature or wrinkled skin. It therefore helps in the treatment of dandruff and eczema, relieving many allergenic skin conditions.
Important in the treatment of genitor-urinary systems, essential oil of sandalwood helps in the treatment of infections, including cystitis.
Sandalwood is effective for digestive disorders such as heartburn and nausea, especially morning sickness. It is cardiotonic, assisting in circulatory problems such as haemorrhoids and varicose veins, which are soothed by compresses or application in a carrier (see page 35). It is also a sexual tonic.
An emotionally balancing oil, sandalwood calms agitation and panic, lifts despair and controls mood swings.
サンダルウッドは、胸焼けおよび吐き気、特に早朝嘔吐といった消化器系の不調に効果的です 。この精油は強心性を持ち、痔や拡張した血管といった循環器系の問題を改善します。これらの症状は、キャリアを用いた(35ページ参照)湿布やその他の応用でなだめることができます。また性的興奮剤にもなります。

SAVORY, stimulating and warming, middle note
セイバリ、 刺激作用、暖化作用、ミドルノート
Savory is one of the most effective antibacterial oils, along with thyme.

TEA TREE (Melaleuca alternifolia)/Myrtaceae, excellent antiseptic, top note
ティートリー(Melaleuca alternifolia)/フトモモ科 高い防腐作用、トップノート
Originating in Australia, the tea tree has been used for its oil for centuries by the aborigines – the early settlers are reputed to have used he leaves to make ‘tea’. The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation.
The Tree is a powerful antiseptic, with the advantage of being non-toxic, and its aroma is an effective insect repellent.
When used in gargles, mouthwashes, inhalations or vaporisers, it is a most effective bactericide, alleviating intestinal infections and bronchitis. Tea tree also gives relief to mouth ulcers, calms diarrhoea and relieves gastroenteritis.
うがい薬、口内洗浄、吸入または蒸発器として使用された際、それは最も有効的に殺菌効果を発揮し、腸の感染症および気管支炎を軽減します。 ティートリーはまた口内炎を癒し、下痢を静め、そして胃腸炎を改善します。
It is cooling and antifungal properties are effective against athlete’s foot and nail bed infections. Relieves boils and rashes, soothes sunburn and encourages healing of open wounds. Used in sitz baths, douches, baths or application, essential oil of tea tree helps to clear vaginal thrush.


THYME, SWEET (Thymus vulgaris)/Labiatae, antiseptic, top to middle note
スイートタイム(Thymus vulgaris)シソ科、防腐または殺菌作用、トップノート
This herb, cultivated throughout Europe, is a small, creeping plant with delicate flowers and leaves which yield essential oil under steam distillation. Unlike red thyme, sweet thyme essential oil contains a high percentage of alcohols and is very pale in colour with a sweet aroma.
Sweet thyme is a good general stimulant, lifting depression, and is a powerful antiseptic with a long list of indications, among them asthma, rheumatism, insomnia, flatulence, hypotension, colds and flu and hair loss.
It is gentle in action, making it safe to use on children.
Sweet thyme is of great importance in balancing emotions, from anger to grief and jealousy; very powerful for coping with mood swings.
スイートいタイムは、怒り、悲しみ、嫉妬といった感情のバランスをとるのに非常に重要な精油で、 気分変動に対処するのに非常に強力な効果を持ちます。

VETIVER (Vetiveria zizanioides)/Poaceae
べチバー(Vetiveria zizanioides)イネ科
This perennial grass is native to tropical Asia. It is now cultivated in Indonesia, Brazil, Angola and the Far East. The clear, yellow essential oil is extracted from the dried root by steam distillation.
Vetiver has excellent antiseptic and tonic properties, being useful as an immunostimulant and in the treatment of acne and other skin infections. It is also helpful for irregular periods and is a tonic to both the liver and pancreas.
この多年草の植物は、は熱帯アジアに起源を持ちます。 それはインドネシア、ブラジル、アンゴラおよび極東で現在耕作されています。 明確な黄色をしたこの精油は、水蒸気蒸留法により、乾燥された根から得られます。
 べチバーに優秀な防腐性および強壮性の特性があり、免疫刺激作用、またにきびおよび他の皮膚の感染症の処置に有効です。 それは不規則な月経、肝臓及び膵臓の強壮にも有効です。

YLANG YLANG (Cananga odorata)/Annonaceae, relaxing, base note
イランイラン(Cananga odorata)バンレイシ科 リラックス効果 ベースノート
Ylang ylang trees are natives of the Far East, Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. The essential oil, won by steam distillation of the yellow flowers, is a pale, watery colour with an aroma which is a perfume in itself. It is divided into several qualities for perfumery purposes; the best for aromatherapy is the complete oil, when available.
イランイランの木は極東、マダガスカルおよびコモロ島に起源を持ちます。 この精油は水蒸気蒸留法によって得られ、それ自体香水ともいえる香りを持った淡く水のような色をしています。 それは香水生産の為に複数の質に分けられます。アロマセラピーに最も適した精油は、可能な限り完全は精油です。
Ylang ylang essential oil is an effective sedative, indicated for high blood pressure, restoring equilibrium to hyperpnoea and tranquilizing to tachycardia. Because it is antiseptic, ylang ylang essential oil is helpful against intestinal infections, and also acne.
辞書イランイランの精油は、鎮静剤、高血圧、過度の呼吸の示される有効な鎮静剤であり平衡を過呼吸に元通りにし、頻脈に落ち着く。 その防腐作用の効果によりイランイランの精油は、腸の感染症及びにきびに対して有効です。
Interestingly, ylang ylang has been cited as an aphrodisiac capable of countering impotence and frigidity.
Emotionally, ylang ylang is helpful against irritability, despair and forgetfulness.




Resins and Absolutes

BENZOIN (Styrax benzoin or S. tonkinensis)/Styraceae
ベンゾイン(安息香)(Styrax benzoin or S. tonkinensis)
Benzoin resinoid is produced form a thick, red-brown resin which exudes from the wounded bark of trees native to Thailand (formerly Siam) and Sumatra; the best qualities have a soft, vanilla-like aroma.
 ベンゾイン(安息香)は、タイ(以前のシャム)およびスマトラ島に原生する木の裂けた樹皮から染み出る厚い、赤茶色の樹脂です。 最もよい品質のものは、柔らかく、バニラのような香りがします。

Benzoin is primarily an antiseptic and a stimulant, but is also used as an expectorant, clearing the respiratory tract of surplus mucus and so improves breathing. Helpful against urinary infections like cystitis, benzoin also relieves nervous tension and stress. It is excellent, when used in a carrier lotion, at relieving chapped, cracked skin.
安息香は主に防腐剤および興奮剤として効果があり、また呼吸器管に残った粘液をを取り除く去痰薬として使用されます。従って呼吸を改善することができます。 膀胱炎のような泌尿器の伝染病に対してベンゾイン(安息香)は、神経的な緊張およびストレスを取り除きます。 それは、避けたり荒れた肌を癒すのに、キャリア・ローションとしてしようするのに最も適しています。

JASMIN ABSOLUTE (Jasminum grandiflorum)/Oleaceae
ジャスミン・アブソリュート (Jasminum grandiflorum)ジャスミン科

The jasmine bush is widely cultivated in Spain, Northern Africa, India and Southern France. Production is most significant in Egypt.  Jasmine oil is not an essential oil, but an absolute, extracted from the small, white flowers by using a solvent. The genuine oil has a rich, sweet, floral odour with a delightful herbaceous undertone.
ジャスミンの木はスペイン、北アフリカ、インドおよび南フランスで広く耕作されています。 生産はエジプトで最も重要な位置を占めています。 ジャスミンのオイルは精油では無く、アブソリュートで、小さく白い花から溶剤を用いて抽出されます。 本物の精油は、豊かで甘くフローラルな香りと、低調で豊かな草本の香りがします。

Jasmin is valuable in the treatment of nervous disorders such as apathy, depression and nerve debility as it is both sedative and uplifting.
ジャスミンは鎮静作用、元気回復作用の両方の性質を併せ持つので、無感動、鬱病、神経(  )といった神経障害の治療に適しています。

Use only high quality jasmin; poor qualities can affect sensitive skin due to the chemicals added during production.
品質のジャスミンのみを利用して下さい。 低品質のものは、製品に含まれ化学物質により敏感肌に影響を与えることがあります。

ROSE ABSOLUTE (Rosa centifolia)/Rosaceae
ローズ アブソリュート(Rosa centifolia)/バラ科

Like jasmine absolute, rose absolute is not an essential oil, sine it is derived by solvent extraction. It is a deep yellowy orange colour and has a typical rose odour with sweet undertones.
ジャスミン・アブソリュートのように、ローズ・アブソリュートは精油ではなく、溶剤抽出法により得られます。 それは深い黄色がかったオレンジ色で、低調な甘い香りの典型的なばらの香りがします
Its therapeutic are similar to, although not as concentrated as, those of Rose Otto but caution is needed on sensitive skin because of the way it is produced.

Oil Quality


We trust the GC MS and GLC traces our suppliers provide but we verify too!  GC MS and GLC testing provides a chemical footprint of the sample of oil tested which can be compared to reference compositions to provide assurance of the oils purity.

Oil quality is a personal matter too.  Buying essential oils is however for all the science a matter of trust. We are forthunate to deal with the world top essential oil agents who have decades of experience and who commission crops specifically for aromatherapy. Experienced noses among the workers making up the oils soon spot unusual aromas.  Experienced customers too feedback quickly if a batch is out of the ordinary.

I was recently impressed by the claims of a manufacturer.  They claimed in a national catalogue to test every batch of oil they sell in an ongoing programme.  Such testing is expensive and believing a cheap source of testing had become available compared to our usual supplier I rang the laboratory named for a GC MS test of a batch of oils from a new supplier in Sri Lanka.  I was disappointed to learn that the laboratory concerned had tested no oils for 18 months! Ahem.

The better quality growers/distillers supply GLC traces of the principal chemotypes of their oils and with their physical properties and their aroma it is possible to be assured as to the oils quality.

About Carriers


Anything that ‘carries’ an essential oil into the body is known in aromatherapy as a carrier. The carrier in inhalation is air; in the bath it is the water; in massage it is the vegetable oil. If essential oils are added to a lotion or cream for self-application, then each of these is acting as a carrier. Vegetable oils, macerated oil and white lotion are the most common carriers for application to the body.
アロマセラピーの分野では、精油を「運ぶ」ものは全てキャリアとして知られています。吸入法では空気が、入浴では水が、マッサージでは植物油がそれに当たります。もし精油が、自分自身に使用するため、ローションまたはクリーム加えられれば、これらがキャリアとして機能すると言えます。 植物油、マセレイティド・オイルおよびホワイト・ローションは、体へ適用するにの最も一般的なキャリアです。

Aromatherapy carrier oils, unlike those used in cooking, have not been heated, refined, bleached or re-coloured, all of which destroy the natural properties. These cold pressed, unrefined oils are best, as they retain all their natural, vital and beneficial properties which, although not as powerful as those of the essential oils, are still desirable in a treatment. A whole body massage will require about 10-15ml of carri er oil and only 4-6 drops of essential oil.

A non-greasy lotion is invaluable for self-application, where an oil may be unnecessarily greasy. A lotion is absorbed immediately, leaving grease-free, smooth skin.
It is vital that the carrier is of an equally high quality as the essential oils which you use, as it makes up at least 95% of the mix and can dramatically affect the quality of the blend.
The Carrier Oils
べとつかないローションは、脂肪分を必要としない場所の自己適用に非常に貴重です。 ローションはすぐに吸収され、べとづかず肌を滑らかに保ちます

Sweet almond oil is one of the most useful carrier oils and is excellent for the protection of the skin, b eing emollient, nourishing and softening.


These oils are similar to each other and are rich in vitamins. Natural moisturisers, they are excellent for feeding the skin, and are immediately absorbed.
アプリコット・カーネル/ピーチ (杏・桃)
これらのオイルは互いに類似しており、ビタミンが豊富です。 自然な保湿作用を持ち、肌を養うのに適しており、すぐに吸収されます。

A rich oil, invaluable  add to a base vegetable oil at 10-25%. It has healing properties, and is rich in lecithin and vitamins A, B and D. Avocado oil is expressed from the dried fruits, which gives it its natural deep green colour. In cold weather, it may sometimes appear cloudy, indicating that the oil has not been refined and is therefore of good quality.


アボカドは高価でなオイルで、10-25%の割り合いを基礎となる植物油に加えます。 それは治療の特性を持ち、レシチン、ビタミンA、B、Dが豊富です。アボカドオイルは乾燥した果実から抽出され、それは自然な深緑の色をしています。寒い気候の下でオイルは時々濁っており、それはオイルが精製されず良質であることを示しています。

A highly beneficial oil, pressed from the seeds, evening primrose is useful for dry, scaly skin. Rich in vitamins E and F and in GLA (gamma linoleic acid), this excellent natural moisturiser has a r egenerative effect, helping to maintain the natural softness and suppleness of youthful skin.


非常に有用なオイルで、種子から圧搾されるオイルは乾燥肌、皮の向けた肌に有効です。 ビタミンE及びFGLA (ガンマ・リノール酸)が豊富で、この素晴らしく自然な保湿作用は、若々しい皮膚が持つ自然な柔軟性と滑らかさを保持するのを助け、肌を再生する高価を持ちます。

The oil has a lovely light texture leaving the skin satin smooth. It is a good base for bruises and skin problems.


Mostly available as a refined oil, grapeseed is very fine, light, odourless and colourless. It penetrates the skin, leaving a smooth sating finish.

 ほとんどが精製されたオイルとして入手可能で、素晴らしく、軽い手触わりで、匂いと色がありません。それは肌に浸透し、 絹のような滑らかな肌に仕上げます。

A very rich oil, good for dry skin. It contains proteins, vitamins and minerals and is often added to other carrier oils (from 10-25%) because of the natural preservative powers due to its vitamin E content.
 乾燥肌に適した非常に高価なオイルです。 それは蛋白質、ビタミンおよびミネラルを含み、よく他のキャリアオイルに(10-25%)加えられます。ビタミンEを含むため自然な保存作用を持つからです。

A synergistic blend of grapeseed, avocado and wheatgerm, which penetrates the skin easily. The added wheatgerm helps the keeping qualities whilst the avocado enriches the mix.


CALENDULA (Macerated in sunflower oil)
A vegetable oil, usually sunflower oil, is used to absorb the healing properties from flowers. The resulting oil has a very beneficial effect on the skin, relieving eczema and protecting against chapping and cracking.
 これは植物油で、通常サンフラワーのオイルが花の治療の特性を吸収するのに使用されます。 生産されたオイルは、湿疹を取り除き、荒れたり裂けた肌を保護する高価を持ちます。

HYPERICUM (Macerated in olive oil)
(Also known as St Johns Wort)
The flowering tops from the plant are macerated in olive oil, producing a highly beneficial deep red oil. The colour comes from the buds which stain the fingers red if pressed between them. Hypericum oil is excellent for use on the skin as it is soothing and antiseptic, and healing to burns and bruises.
その植物の花の先頭はオリーブオイルに浸され、非常に有用な深紅のオイルができあがります。 その色はそのつぼみの色で、指で押すと赤い染みを残します。 ハイペリカンオイルは、肌を滑らかにし防腐性を持ち、火傷や傷を癒すので、肌に非常に効果的と言えます。

JOJOBA (Liquid wax)
Jojoba is obtained from the jojoba nut and is a very beneficial oil for all types of skin conditions, especially oily and problem skins. It lubricates and protects without blocking pores. Being a wax, it has an extremely long shelf life.
ホホバ ホホバの実から得られ、全てのタイプの皮膚にとても効果的です。特に脂性肌と問題のある肌に有効です。それは肌を滑らかにし、毛穴をふさがずに保護をします。 ワックスなので、非常に長い間保存する事が可能です。

LIME BLOSSOM OIL (Macerated in sunflower oil)

The flowers of the lime blossom are used to make relaxing tea. The oil is also relaxing, aiding sleep. It is effective in fighting mature skin and wrinkles.

MELISSA (Macerated in sunflower oil)

The second cutting of Melissa is used to make this oil which is useful in the treatment of headaches and dry, mature skin. With the addition of the appropriate essential oils its benefits are increased, especially fo r ‘heavy legs’ and cellulite.
2度目に収穫された メリッサはオイルを生産するのに用いられ、頭痛及び乾燥肌、加齢肌のトリートメントに効果的です。 適切な精油を加える事により、その効果は増加され、特に「重たい足」とセルライトに適しています。

A unique product based entirely on natural vegetable products, this lotion has been especially formulated for aromatherapy as a perfect carrier for essential oils. Easily absorbed, this fine light lotion is ideal when a carrier oil is though to be too greasy or inconvenient. It is absorbed readily into the skin, leaving a completely non-greasy, smooth feeling. The lotion has excellent keeping qualities and can be enriched by the addition of up to 25% of calendula or another carrier oil though to be beneficial.



Derived from the distillation process hydrolats have been found to be of use in skin care.  Rose Hydrolat in particular serves as a gentle natural toner for facial care.

Hydrosols are steam distilled from plant matter.  Hydrosols are a legitimate product and have been used clinically and for beauty in aromatherapy for centuries. True hydrosols are made during the process of extracting essential oils from a plant. A plant, like lavender, is put into a distillation unit, steam is pumped through the plant matter, which extracts various components from within the plant, and then the steam cools back into a liquid state.


At that point, the water insoluble components rise to the surface of the captured water and are separated out—these are the essential oils.
The water that is left over holds some water soluble components of the plant—this is the hydrosol also referred to as hydrolat.
Care must be taken not to confuse these with floral waters obtained by adding essential oils to water.  These do not contain the water soluble elements from the plant matter.

Derived from the distillation process hydrolats have been found to be of use in skin care.  Rose Hydrolat in particular serves as a gentle natural toner for facial care.


Melissa hydrolat
Melissa can be used to lift despondency and despair.  It can be used on its own or in a mix as a skin clarifier.

Lavender hydrolat
Lavender makes this hydrolat ideal for all skin types.  Its gentle nature also makes it safe to use on children, calming them and temper tantrums.  Lavender hydrolat also makes a refreshing room spray.

Rose hydrolat
Added to the bath, rose hydrolat aids relaxation.  Its mildly antiseptic and cooling properties make it useful for many applications.  In fact, if rose is used in conjunction with the hydrolats of lavender and chamomile, you will be able to promote good general health.

Neroli hydrolat
Being astringent makes neroli the ideal treatment for delicate, sensitive and oily skins.  Itcan be used as a toner.

Chamomile Roman hydrolat
One of the best all-round hydrolats.  Its gentle nature makes it ideal for use on young babies and children.  Chamomile Roman’s astringent properties make it the best all-in-one make-up remover, cleanser and toner.

Essentia Skin Care

エッセンティア スキンケア

Cleansing cream, cleansing milk, toning lotion, moisture cream, moisture lotion, night cream, hand and body lotion, pretty serum, honey masque, minute gel masque, superlight eye cream and lip balm. In addition essential oil creams have been shown to be of benefit for eczema and problem skin and scar care.


Active botanicals for routine skin care.

Aloe Vera

Wonderfully hydrating to the skin, emollient, and also accelerates cellular regeneration.


Known to assist peripheral blood supply, assists toning and is soothing to the skin.

Carrot oil

A powerful accelerant of epidermal regeneration, and a free radical scavenger.


Calming to the skin, this emollient botanical has a nourishing and conditioning action.

Evening Primrose

Highly effective at preventing moisture loss, whilst also softening and soothing the skin.


Effectively strengthens the cellular network, and has a revitalising and nourishing effect.


Soothes, softens and conditions dry skin.

Rosehip oil

Actively promotes cutaneous regeneration and delivers an emollient effect. Renowned anti-wrinkle, stretch-marks and scar reducing properties.

Seaweed & Algae

Effective yet gentle detoxifying action whilst hydrating and re-mineralising the skin. Also stimulates cellular activity.

Shea Butter

Has a renowned nourishing and protecting action whilst hydrating. A great emollient.

Witch Hazel

Well known for its astringent, purifying and refreshing action.

Vitamin E

One of the finest free radial scavengers with excellent anti-ageing properties. Also improves skins elasticity.

Care For Blending

ケア・フォー ブレンディング

In her book Aromatherapy for Common Ailments Shirley Price describes how to use essential oils
- such as Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Geranium, Peppermint,
Cypress, Juniper Berry, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Lavender,
Lemon, Ylang Ylang - to prevent and treat more than 40 common ailments.


Acne, Arthritis, Asthma, Athletes Foot, Blood pressure, Bronchitis, Bruises, Burns, Candida Albicans,
Cellulite, Childrens problems, Circulatory Problems, Colds, Constipation, Cramp, Cystitis, Dandruff,
Depression, Diarrhoea, Digestive problems, Eczema, Emotional Problems, Flatulence, Fluid retention,
Mouthwashing, Gynaecological problems, Haemorrhoids, Hair loss, Hair disorders, Head Aches,
Headlice, Heartburn, Herpes simplex, Indigestion, Infantile colic, Influenza,
Insect bites, Insomnia, Laryngitis, Menopausal problems, Menstral pain, Mental fatigue, Migraine,
Morning sickness, Mouth ulcers, Muscular problems and tiredness, Nappy rash, Nausea, Palpitations,
Irregular periods, Pets flea treatment, Prementrual Tension, Respiratory Problems, Rheumatism,
Sex drive problems, Sinusitis, Skin disorders, Sprains, Stings, Stress, Stress related anxiety, Stretch Marks,
Throat infections, Thrush, Varicose veins.

科の問題、痔、失毛、毛髪の諸問題、頭痛、 しらみ、胸焼け、単純疱疹、

The following is a description of Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd’s Care For Blends

Care For: Cellulite A blend of oils specially selected
for their cleansing properties. Used regularly,
this blend can reduce the unsightly dimples
associated with cellulite.


Care For: Circulation A stimulating blend of oils to help maintain a healthy circulation and bring tone to the body
and skin. Available as a pure essential oil mix to add to the bath or ready mixed oil to be
applied daily for best results.

Care For: Fatigue This blend will keep the mind alert and responsive even at the end of the day.
Especially appropriate for use in the car. Use in a vaporizer or inhale directly by placing
a few drops of oil on a tissue

Care For: Clear head This blend combines oils known for their clarifying properties. This natural preparation
revivies, refreshes and soothes the mind.
Available as a pure essential oil mix, add directly to the bath. Also available as a carrier oil or lotion to massage
 appropriate areas
twice daily.


Care For Digestive.  This natural preparation eases digestive difficulties.


Care For Joints: This oil is one of our best sellersin this range! Excellent for soothing discomfort,and
bringing relief to tired, aching joints.
心配のための: 明確な頭部はこのブレンド明白になる特性のために
知られているオイルを結合する。 この自然な準備のreviviesによっては
浴室に直接加えなさい。 適切な区域をマッサージするキャリアのオイルか
ローションとしてまた利用できる毎日二度。 消化が良いのための心配。
この自然な準備は消化が良い難しさを楽にする。 接合箇所のための心配:
このオイルは私達の最もよいsellersin1つこの範囲である! なだめるような

Care For: Muscles This blend is ideal for tired and stiff muscles if used in the bath or in a ready
mixed oil/lotion. It is effective for use before and after sport, helping to prevent cramp and induce
relaxation as well as for everyday aches and pains.
心配のための: このブレンドをある浴室または準備ができた混合された
するなら押し進ませる。 それはスポーツの前後に使用のために有効であり、

Care For: Easy Breathe Care For: Easy Breathe – Winter Chills .Help to combat those colds and chills
associated with this time of year.
Particularly useful to help clear the head, nose and throat.
心配のための: 容易心配をのための呼吸しなさい: 容易-冬の冷えを

Care For: Airways Inhale this cleansing blend of essential oils or add a few drops to you bath
Daily. Use in a lotion on the face, particularly on the nose and cheek bones for continuous relief
of congestion and pain.
心配のための: 航空路は精油のこの清潔になるブレンドを吸い込むか、
またはあなたに少数の低下を毎日浴室加える。 混雑および苦痛の連続的な

Care For: Rest Known for their soothing and relaxing characteristics, these oils have
been blended to help you rest naturally and deeply during the night.
A few drops on a tissue and placed either within your pillowcase or in the pocket
of your pyjamas is the most effective, or use 4-6 drops of the mix in a warm bath.
心配のための: なだめるようで、穏かな特徴のために知られている

Care For: Stresses and strains This popular blend is an invaluable aid to relaxation during a busy or
stressful day. It eases feelings of tiredness, leaves you more relaxed, lessons tensions and restores
心配のための: 圧力および緊張は使用中か緊張に満ちた日の間

Care For: Anti Stretch marks This carefully selected blend of essential oils,
when used in the bath, will help keep skin supple and elastic. Use 4-5 drops in a warm
bath from the 4th month of pregnancy. It can also be applied, in a carrier oil, twice daily from the h month of
pregnancy or during weight loss to maintain skin tone.
4t h month of pregnancy or during weight loss to maintain skin tone
心配のための: 反伸展線精油のこの注意深く指定ブレンド、
 使用4-5は暖かいので落ちる妊娠の第4月からの浴室。 それはまた、

Care For: Visible Veins To care for your legs, we have prepared a blend of especially selected
essential oils. Especially useful where veins are visible in the calves and thighs.

Care For: Women This special blend is formulated with oils noted for its balancing and normalizing effects on the mind and body.

Care For also comes in ready mixed massage oils and white lotion
心配のための: あなたの足を気遣う目に見える静脈私達は特に選ばれるの
ブレンドを準備した精油。 静脈が子牛および腿で目に見えるところ特に有用。
心配のための: 女性は心身に対するバランスをとり、正常化の効果のために注意
されるオイルとこの特別なブレンド作り出される。 またのための心配は準備が

Mums to be, Babies and ChildrenText Box: 5 ways to use essential oils in pregnancy
First 12 weeks – avoid essential oils
From 12 weeks – two drops of a citrus oilsuch as lemon or orange on a handkerchief can help boost energy levels – just inhale when you are feeling tired
From 24 weeks – two drops of chamomile oil on your pillow may help you to sleep
From 28 weeks – Four drops of lavender oil in the bath before bed is effective at helping you to relax if you are feeling tense.
From 34 weeks – You might suffer with swollen ankles.  It helps to rest your feet in a bowl of water that contains four drops of geranium or juniper berry oil
After Birth – Four drops of lavender oil to your bath help heal stitches and relieve pain.

Mums to be can make use of aromatherapy but great care shouldbe taken because of the hormone mimicking effects of the oils.  Take only as directed by your Doctor or Midwife.  
Chamomile Cream eases the irritation which leads to dry skin.  Similarly Chamomile Eyedrops are good for tired or irritated eyes.  With all the worries of pregnancy a facial treat like Essentia Pretty Serum can be of value.  Mandarin Oil is excellent for stretch marks.  Essential oils should always be diluted for example in Sweet Almond Oil.  
Jojoba Oil.  The most natural carrier oil of oil whose chemistry is very similar to the natural body oil Sebum produced by the body is jojoba oil.  Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd is a distributor for Eco Oils of Argentina the worlds largest producers of Jojoba assuring you of a fresh and true supply.

When using essential oils on babies and children, it is always best to dilute 1-2 drops of pure essential oils with 1/2-1 tsp. vegetable oil. If the oils are used in a bath, always use a bath gel base as a dispersing agent for the oils or mix them with a little milk.  This is a good idea as putting essential oil under the hot tap can dissipate much of the fragrance that makes bath and bed time an eagerly anticipated delight.
あるミイラ赤ん坊および子供赤ん坊および子供の精油を使用するとき、1/2-1 tspと純粋な精油の1-2の低下を薄くすることが最善常にである。 植物油。 オイルが浴室で使用されたら、浴室のゲルの基盤を分散の代理店としてオイルのために常に使用するか、または少しミルクとそれらを混合しなさい。 これは精油を熱い蛇口の下に置くのでよい考え浴室およびベッドに熱心に予想された歓喜を時間を計らせる芳香の多くを散らすことができるである。

Keep essential oils out of children's reach. If an oil is ever ingested, give the child an oil-soluble liquid such as milk, cream, or half & half. Then call your local poison control center or seek emergency medical attention. A few drops of pure essential oil shouldn't be life-threatening, but for your protection, it is best to take these precautions.  The droppers in essential oil bottles means accidents are rare but every precaution must be taken.  Its best to store essential oils in a box or fabric bag well out of the reach of c children'からのたくわえの精油; sの範囲。 オイルが摂取されたら、子供にミルク、クリーム、または半分の&のようなoil-soluble液体を与えなさい; 半分。 それからあなたのローカル毒コントロールセンターを呼ぶか、または緊急の治療を追求しなさい。 純粋な精油shouldn'の少数の低下; tは生命にかかわるが、あなたの保護のため、これらの注意を取ることが最善である。 精油のびんの平均の事故の点滴器はまれであるしかしあらゆる注意は取られなければならない。 その最もよく精油を子供の手の届かないところに箱または生地袋でよく貯えるためhildren.

In Shirley Price's book, Aromatherapy for Babies and Children, she mentions 19 oi ls that are safe for children. These oils are:
Shirley Price' sの本、赤ん坊および子供のためのAromatherapy、彼女は子供のために安全である19オイルを述べる。 これらのオイルは次のとおりである:

·         Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)*
·         Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica)**
·         Chamomile, Roman (Chamaemelum nobile)
·         Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)
·         Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)
·         Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)
·         Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

 Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
·         Lemon (Citrus limon)*
·         Mandarin (Citrus reticulata)*
·         Marjoram (Origanum majorana)
·         Melaleuca-Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)
·         Orange (Citrus aurantium)*
·         Rose Otto (Rosa damascena)
·         Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)**
·         Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora)
·         Sandalwood (Santalum album)
·         Thyme (Thumus vulgaris CT linalol)
·         Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
*These oils are photosensative; always dilute. To prevent a rash or pigmentation of the skin, do not use citrus oils when exposed to direct sunlight.
**These oils should never be used undiluted on babies and children.
Caution: Do not use synthetic or adulterated oils. Do not use oils with different botanical names until the safety data has been thoroughly reviewed.
*Theseオイルはphotosensativeである; 常に希薄。 直接日光に露出された場合皮の発疹か色素形成を防ぐためには、柑橘類オイルを使用してはいけない。 **これらのオイルは決して赤ん坊および子供で純粋使用されるべきではない。注意: 総合的なか混ぜ物をされたオイルを使用してはいけない。 安全データが完全に見直されたまで異なった植物の名前のオイルを使用してはいけない。

Sports and male use

A Chinese emperor thousands of years ago noticed that the men of his generation appeared worn out at fifty while previous generations who had used traditional herbs had shown much more vitality and longevity.  His book is one of the classic texts.

彼の生成の人が50で身に着けられていた間、従来のハーブを使用した前の生成ことに気づかれた前に中国人皇帝のたくさんの年は大いにより多くの活力および長寿を示した。 彼の本は古典的なテキストの1つである。


Certainly essential oils have traditionally been used to help men maintain a decisive positive attitude. For thousands of years plant extracts and massage therapy have been found to aid vitality and mental performance.  Taken with a reduction in stimulants, good nutrition and exercise aromatherapists are able to support male and female clients achieve better heath.
確かに精油が伝統的に人が決定的な積極性を維持するのを助けるのに使用されていた。 たくさんの活力および精神性能を助けるために年の植物のエキスおよびマッサージのために療法はあった。 興奮剤の減少と取られて、よい栄養物および練習のaromatherapistsは男性を支えられる、メスの顧客はよりよいヒースを達成する。

Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd have developed a range of natural care products for men called Polo Dreams and many of our essential oils find their way into veterinary and animal care products.

Every year the Company holds an annual meeting and sponsors a charity match at RLS Polo Club at Southam Warwickshire in aid of the Royal National Institute for the Blind.  Why Polo? Well Australian athletes at the recent Olympic games quipped that the English do well in sports in which they are sitting down like sailing, rowing, cycling and the equestrian events! But seriously the Sport of Polo has always been associated with international competition of the highest quality.  Polo ponies are the ultimate equestrian athletes displaying a perfect mix of power, balance and control as should any modern Gentleman.
Shirleyの価格のAromatherapy株式会社Polo Dreamsと電話される人のための自然な心配プロダクトの範囲を開発し、私達の精油の多数は獣医およびアニマル・ケアプロダクトに方法を見つける。 毎年会社は年次総会を開き、RLSのポロクラブでブラインドのための高貴な国民の協会の援助のSoutham Warwickshireで慈善のマッチを後援する。 なぜポロか。 最近のオリンピック大会の健康なオーストラリアの運動選手は英国が航行、ロウイング、循環および乗馬のでき事のように座っているスポーツでよくすることを当意即妙に答えた! しかし真剣にポロのスポーツはずっと良質の国際競争と常に関連付けられている。 ポロ用の小馬はどの現代紳士でもべきであるように力、バランスおよび制御の完全な組合せを表示している最終的な乗馬の運動選手である。

Aftershave.  Men find sandalwood in particular refreshing and relaxing as an aftershave lotion.

Moisturise.  Men do moisturise but research by the Gattefosse company shows 65% of men prefer to buy their moisturiser on their own.

Middle eastern brides traditionally burn sandalwood on their honeymoons to reassure their new husbands.
アフターシェーブローション。 人はビャクダンをアフターシェーブ・ローションとして新たになり、緩むことを特に見つける。 保湿しなさい。 人は保湿するが、Gattefosseの会社ショーによる研究は人の65%彼らの保湿剤を自分自身で買うことを好む。 中東の花嫁は伝統的に彼女達の新しい夫を安心させるために彼女達の新婚旅行のビャクダンを燃やす。

Sports massage with our Care For Muscles before and after sport is excellent for preventing injury.  Care For Joints assists maintain joint mobility.  Prevention is always preferable to cure.

A hard working man may be prone to emotional coldness which can lead to marital difficulties.  Essential oils can help men express emotions and maintain a positive mind to be inspired by women and not threatened.  It is for this reason that lavender is a very useful oil for home use.

アフターシェーブローション。 人はビャクダンをアフターシェーブ・ローションとして新たになり、緩むことを特に見つける。 保湿しなさい。 人は保湿するが、Gattefosseの会社ショーによる研究は人の65%彼らの保湿剤を自分自身で買うことを好む。 中東の花嫁は伝統的に彼女達の新しい夫を安心させるために彼女達の新婚旅行のビャクダンを燃やす。


How does aromatherapy work?

Aromatherapy works in two ways:
Essential oils vaporise readily and can therefore enter the body via the air through the nose and bronchial passages. Adding a few drops of essential oil to a tissue, a bowl of hot water, or to a warm bath, releases the vapour, which is then inhaled. During massage there is also a degree of inhalation as the oils vaporise due to body heat.
aromatherapy仕事はいかにか。 Aromatherapy2つの方法ではたらく: 吸入従って精油は容易に蒸発し、空気によって鼻および気管支道を通してボディを書き入れることができる。 ティッシュ、熱湯のボール、または暖かい浴室へ精油の少数の低下を加えることは、吸い込まれる蒸気を解放する。 マッサージの間にオイルがボディ熱が原因で蒸発させるのでまた吸入のある程度がある。
An aroma can have an immediate effect on the mind and the body. Tiny hair-like extensions of the brain at the top of the nose detect all aromas, which are rapidly interpreted by the brain. The faster the stimuli can reach the brain, the faster the effect will take place.
香りは心およびボディに対する即時の効果をもたらすことができる。 鼻の上の頭脳の小さいhair-like延長は頭脳によって急速に解釈されるすべての香りを検出する。 より速く刺激が頭脳に達することができればより速く効果は起こる。
Essential oils are absorbed through the skin directly to the bloodstream via carriers such as water (baths, compresses), vegetable oils, lotions and creams (application and massage).
Traditionally in this country essential oils have been used hand-in-hand with massage, which utilises another important sense – that of touch. People who are not well, or are stressed, benefit simply by the touch of another human being. Old people and people suffering from diseases such as cancer can benefit enormously from the power of touch; in fact we all can. Touch in itself brings us closer to others and immediately helps us to de-stress, making an aromatherapy treatment a double benefit to a person’s health.
精油は水(浴室、圧縮機械)、植物油、ローションのようなキャリアで血流への皮を通して直接吸収され、クリーム状になる(適用およびマッサージ) 従来この国で精油は別の重要な感覚を-接触のそれ利用するマッサージと手に手をとって使用された。 元気でいない人々はもう一人の人間の接触によって、または、利点単に重点を置かれる。 癌のような病気に苦しんでいる高齢者達および人々は接触の力から非常に寄与できる; 実際は私達はすべてできる。 それ自体連れて来、他に近い方の私達をすぐに助けde重点を置き触れ、aromatherapy処置に二重利点を人の健康にする。
Although the effects of using a single essential oil are beneficial to the health, the synergistic effect of using 2-4 essential oils adds considerably to the improvement shown; it also ensures that an oil needing care in use is not over used, as it is proportion will automatically be substantially reduced.
Every sale of a copy of this guide 50p is donated to the RNIB.  Massage is a profession reserved to the blind in much of Asia.
単一の精油を使用する効果が健康に有利であるが、2-4精油を使用する相助効果は示されている改善にかなり加える; あるので使用中の心配を必要とするオイルが使用されないことをまた保障する、割合は自動的に大幅に減る。 このガイド50pのコピーのあらゆる販売はRNIBに寄付される。 マッサージはアジアの多くのブラインドに確保される専門職である。

Helping with common ailments

There are many common ailments which are not medical conditions but which depress the immune system making the individual more prone to illness and poor performance.  It would be possible to fill a book with traditional uses of essential oils and many such books exist.  See Care For Blends above.
共通の疾患との助力 病状のが、個人を病気および劣った実行により傾向があるようにする免疫組織を弱めなさい多くの共通の疾患がある。 精油の従来の使用で本を満たすことは可能であり、多くのそのような本はある。 上記のブレンドについては心配を見なさい。
Four important uses of essential oils are for post operative recovery (scar care and eye drops), cancer side effects, candida, expressing blocked emotions, mental stress and muscular stress.
Cancer: Cancer treatment involves exposing the body to chemicals and radiation and disturbing side effects.  Clove, frankincense (diffuse), rose, sage, tarragon (anti-cancerous). Since it is very important to maintain a positive attitude while healing, it may be helpful to use essential oils to address the emotions.
蟹座: 癌治療はボディを化学薬品および放射--にさらすことをおよび副作用を妨げることを含む。 クローブ、frankincense (拡散させなさい)、賢明ばら色、タラゴン(反癌性) 直っている間積極性を維持することは非常に重要であるので、感情に演説するのに精油を使用することは有用かもしれない。
Candida: Candida cannot resist essential oils.  Effective against vaginal thrush as well as respiratory tract disorders.  Candida can get seriously out of balance in people suffering from ME delaying recovery.  Cinnamon bark, clove, eucalyptus, melaleuca, Melaleuca quinquenervia, Mountain savory, oregano, palmarosa (skin), peppermint (aromatic), rosemary, rosewood, spearmint, spruce, tarragon (prevents fermentation). Rub on stomach area and feet or over abdomen with a hot compress.
カンジダ: カンジダは精油に抵抗できない。 呼吸器管の無秩序と同様、腟のつぐみに対して有効。 カンジダは回復を遅らせている私に苦しんでいる人々のバランスから真剣に得ることができる。 桂皮、クローブ、ユーカリ、melaleucaMelaleucaquinquenervia、オレガノよい風味の、山palmarosa ()、ペパーミント(芳香)、ローズマリー、シタン、spearmint、トウヒ、タラゴン(発酵を防ぐ) 胃区域およびフィートのまたは熱い圧縮機械が付いている腹部上の摩擦。
Emotions: cypress, geranium (women), German chamomile (stability), fir (balancing), lavender (men), melissa (supports mind and body), rose (brings balance and harmony to the body),
感情: スギ、ゼラニウム(女性)、ドイツのchamomile (安定性)、もみ、ラベンダー()、メリッサは(バランスをとること) (サポート心身)、立上がった(ボディにバランスおよびハーモニーを)持って来る、
·         Anger and Hate: helichrysum (with deep-seated anger for strength to forgive).
·         Balance: Frankincense, geranium, juniper, lavender, orange, Roman chamomile, sandalwood, vetiver.
·         Blocks: Cypress, frankincense, helichrysum, sandalwood, spearmint, spikenard, spruce.
·         Clearing: Juniper.
·         Coldness (Emotional): Myrrh, ylang ylang.
·         Confidence: Jasmine (euphoria).
·         Defeated: cypress, fir, juniper.
·         Depression: Most of the single oils and blends help with depression as they tend to lift by raising individual frequency. Lavender.
·         Emotional Trauma: Sandalwood.
·         Father: Lavender, helichrysum (layer on top of lavender when deep seated anger is present).
·         Excessive Grief: Bergamot, Melissa.
·         Mind: Frankincense, sandalwood.
·         Mother: Geranium.
·         Protection from Negative Emotions: Grapefruit.
·         Release: Roman chamomile.
·         Stress: Clary sage.
·         Uplifting: Lemon, orange.
Mental Stress: Basil, bergamot, Clary sage, cypress, elemi, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, lavender (aromatic), marjoram, neroli, onycha (benzoin), pine, Roman chamomile (relieves stress), rosewood, spruce, tangerine, and ylang ylang.
精神圧力: ベズル、ベルガモット油、サルビア賢人、スギ、elemifrankincense、ゼラニウム、グレープフルーツ、ラベンダー(芳香) marjoramnerolionycha (安息香)、マツ、ローマのchamomile (圧力を取り除く)、シタン、トウヒ、蜜柑およびylangylang
Muscular stress: Basil, birch, cypress, fir, lavender, lemongrass, marjoram, peppermint (cooling).
筋肉圧力: ベズル、シラカバ、スギ、もみ、ラベンダー、レモングラス、marjoram、ペパーミント(冷却)
·         Aches and Pains: Clove,Fir, ginger, helichrysum, lavender, lemongrass (especially good for ligaments), marjoram, nutmeg, oregano, peppermint, Roman chamomile, rosemary, spearmint, thyme, vetiver.
·         Anti-Inflammatory: Basil, peppermint, fir.
·         Cardiac Muscle: lavender, marjoram, neroli, peppermint, rose, rosemary.
·         Cramps: Basil, Clary sage, coriander, cypress, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, pine, Roman chamomile, rosemary, thyme, vetiver.
·         Fatigue: Cypress, fir, eucalyptus, grapefruit, marjoram, peppermint, ravensara, rosemary thyme.
·         Over-Exercised: fir, eucalyptus,  ginger, lavender, thyme, white fir.
·         Rheumatism (Muscular): Rosemary, thyme.
·         Sprains: Black pepper, clove, eucalyptus, ginger, helichrysum, jasmine, lavender, lemongrass, marjoram, nutmeg, pine, rosemary, thyme, vetiver.
·         Spasms: Basil, Clary sage, cypress, lavender, jasmine, marjoram, peppermint, Roman chamomile.
·         Smooth Muscle: Bergamot, black pepper, Clary sage, cypress, fennel, juniper, lavender, marjoram, Roman chamomile.
·         Tone: Basil, black pepper, cypress, ginger, grapefruit, juniper, lavender, lime, marjoram, orange, peppermint, petitgrain, pine, rosemary, thyme. Apply before exercise.
·         Torn Muscles: Helichrysum takes pain away (use hot packs), ginger (circulation), lemongrass.
Using two or three oils together usually increases the benefits received. All pue essential oils are ready for use in the following ways:
A few drops (6-8) on a paper tissue or in a basin of warm water (not asthmatics).
6-8 drops in a bath prepared to a comfortable temperature; soak in the bath for 10 minutes.
Gargle or Mouthwash
Use 2-3 drops in half a cupful of warm water; stir well before each gargle.
Foot and Hand Baths
4-5 drops in half a cupful of warm water; steep for 10 minutes. Follow with application (below).
Massage or Application
15 drops in 50ml carrier oil or lotion to be massaged into the affected area. (For single applications use 2-3 drops in one teaspoon carrier oil or lotion.)
Pour just enough hot water (or cold, depending on the problem) into a bowl to be soaked up in the size of cotton compress chosen (experience and practice will soon make it easy to determine the quantity necessary) and add 4-8 drops of essential oil. Squeeze slightly, apply and cover with clingfilm, then a warm scarf (or ice pack). Leave for two hours.
ちょうど足りるだけの熱湯を(または、問題によって冷たい)選ばれる綿の圧縮機械のサイズで浸るべきボールに(経験および練習はやがて必要な量を定めるこ とを容易にする)注ぎなさいおよび精油の4-8の低下を加えなさい。 わずかの圧搾は、clingfilm、そして暖かいスカーフ適用し、(または氷パック)が付いているカバー。 2時間許可。
Neat Application
For coldsores, burns and wounds use from fingertips once or twice only, followed by application (above) at regular intervals.
1 teabag. 1½ pints boiling water. 2-3 drops essential oils, stir well. Remove teabag. Drink 1 cup 3 times daily and/or at bedtime.
Room Freshener
Put 10-12 drops (with water) onto a small bowl in a warm place, i.e. radiator shelf or on a paper kitchen towel on the radiator itself. As an attractive alternative and for use in the summer months, use and efficient oil burner.
暖かい場所、すなわちラジエーターの棚にまたはラジエーターのペーパー台所タオル自体に小さいボールに10-12の低下を(水と)置きなさい。 のための魅力的な選択枝としてそして夏月の使用、および有効なオイルバーナー使用しなさい
Mix your own perfume in a little bottle and put 6 drops:
a)       onto a small cotton wool ball attached to your underclothes,
b)       in a teaspoonful of carrier lotion to apply to the skin.

1.       Essential oils should never be used neat on the skin (unless in an emergency for such things as burns, bruises, wounds etc.).
2.       Do not take essential oils internally unless under the supervision of a suitably qualified person.
3.       Keep essential oils away from children and out of eyes.
4.       Check for contra-indications to any oils for specific conditions such as pregnancy, sun-bathing or any major health problem you may have, and if your choice is contra indicated; do not use it on a regular basis or in a concentration of more than 5%.
1 精油は決して皮の使用された端正なべきである(事のような燃える、傷あと、傷等のための緊急事態で) 2 精油を適切に修飾された人の管理の下に内部的に取ってはいけない。 3 精油を子供からそして目から離れた保ちなさい。 4 あなたの選択が示されるに対してあったらあなたが持つかもしれない妊娠か、日光浴をするか、または主要な健康上の問題のような特定の条件のためのあらゆる オイルにcontra-indicationsがあるように確認すれば; 定期的にまたは集中でそれをの5%以上使用してはいけない。
NB: Most contra-indications are based on the over use of concentrated oils on a regular basis on the skin or by ingestion. When used as recommended in most aromatherapy books (i.e. in a controlled manner) the amounts used do not constitute a hazard. Aspirins, carrots and vitamins, if consumed in large quantities, are also contra-indicated for good health!
NB: ほとんどのcontra-indicationsは皮にまたは摂取によって集中されたオイルの終わる使用に定期的に基づいている。 ほとんどのaromatherapy本で推奨しているように使用されたとき(すなわち制御された方法で)使用される量は危険を構成しない。 アスピリン、にんじんおよびビタミンはまた健康のために、たくさん消費されたら、禁忌とされる!

An Aromatherapy Treatment

The ultimate experience of the combined effects of smell and touch is the professional aromatherapy treatment, which is unsurpassed in the field of complementary medicine for relieving stress. What more could you ask of a health giving treatment than one which releases the most wonderful aromas, at the same time relaxing and healing the body!
臭いおよび接触の複合効果の最終的な経験は圧力を取り除くための補完医学の分野で最高の専門のaromatherapy処置である。 最もすばらしい香りを解放するかどれが1つより多くが処置を与えるの健康頼むことができる何を、同時にボディを緩め、直す!
The first half hour of treatment is taken up with a thorough consultation, taking into account factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, skin and mental well-being.
The aromatherapist will select two or more essential oils to help you emotional and physical state as well as your symptoms, and will offer appropriate advice for home treatment.
A specialised massage technique which relieves tension, drains lymph fluid and improves circulation, will help to rejuvenate the body, removing aches and pains and generally promoting balanced, good health. Most aromatherapists then carry out a facial treatment to help general congestion and problems such as acne, blackheads, or excessive dryness.
張力を取り除き、リンパ液体を流出させ、そして循環を改善する専門にされたマッサージの技術は、健康バランスをとられた痛みおよび苦痛および一般に促進取 除くボディの活性化を助ける。 ほとんどのaromatherapistsはそれからアクネ、blackheads、または余分な乾燥のような一般的な混雑そして問題を助けるために顔の 処置を遂行する
Regular 4-6 weekly treatments (together with self-help home treatment using oils mixed specially for you by you or your aromatherapist) will keep your mind relaxed and your body healthy and in good condition.
Aromatherapy treatments are effective against stress, depression, arthritis, asthma, period problems, cellulite and many more conditions.
Localised and chronic conditions like sinusitis, bronchitis, leg cramps etc., can be alleviated by local massage from an aromatherapist, and/or advised home treatment using specially selected oils. Minor problems respond well to aromatherapy used at home together with a reliable book.
HOWEVER, if you have an acute or serious problem, SEE YOUR DOCTOR.
集中させた慢性の条件は副鼻腔炎、気管支炎、足の痙攣等を好んだり、aromatherapistからのローカルマッサージ、および/または特に指定オイ ルを使用して助言された家の処置によって軽減することができる。 マイナーな問題は信頼できる本とともに家庭で使用されるaromatherapyによく答える。 但し激しいですか深刻な問題を有したら、あなたの医者に会いなさい。

Useful sources and information

Includes Shirley Price Aromatherapy, Swiss Reflex and massage
Good Health, an introductory DVD with Victoria Sprigg featuring the Products and Training of Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd available from WH Smith.  Shirley Price’s Aromatherapy and Massage Video, This gives introductory visual help in all aspects of aromatherapy.
WHスミスから利用できるShirleyの価格のAromatherapy株式会社のプロダクトそして訓練を特色にするビクトリアSpriggとの健康、 DVD Shirleyの価格のAromatherapyおよびマッサージのビデオは、これaromatherapyのすべての面の序視覚助けを与える

Aromatherapy Workbook by Shirley Price.  This excellent book extends the knowledge gained from the most basic aromatherapy guides. It includes information on plant families and explains what effect the natural chemical constituents have on the body and mind. Safety in use is also discussed.
Shirley Price著作のAromatherapyのワークブック。 この優秀な本は基本的なaromatherapyガイドから得られる知識を拡張する。 それは植物家族の情報を含み、どんな効果を自然な化学要素がボディにもたらし、気にするか説明する。 使用中の安全はまた論議される
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Aromatherapy for Health Professionals by Shirley Price and Len Price.  This textbook of aromatherapy is aimed specifically at the health professional working in the community or hospital. It covers both theoretical and practical aspects of aromatherapy – examining research,
chemical components of essential oils, massage and other techniques, effects on the body systems, and the use of aromatherapy in health care.
Shirley PriceおよびLenの価格による医療専門家のためのAromatherapy aromatherapyのこの教科書はコミュニティか病院ではたらいている医療専門家にとりわけ向けられる。 それはaromatherapyの理論的な、実用面を-検査の研究カバーする、 ボディシステムに対する精油の化学部品、マッサージおよび他の技術、効果、およびヘルスケアのaromatherapyの使用。
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Understanding Hydrolats by Shirley Price and Len Price, Katje Svoboda, Excellent as skin toners Hydrolats find many other uses.
Shirley PriceおよびLenの価格、優秀なKatjeスボボダによる理解のHydrolatsように皮のトナーのHydrolatsの発見他の多くの使用。



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