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Care For blends - its that time of the year

When two or more essential oils are combined the result is a synergistic  blend, the
beneficial effects of which can be far greater than those of the individual oils which
make up the blend.  To learn the art of synergistic blending by practising aromatherapists requires years of dedication and experience.

The popular ‘Care for’ range is a unique concept developed by Shirley Price Aromatherapy,
which enables you to care for yourself in your own home.  Shirley Price Aromatherapy
has created a range of unique blends of essential oils designed to address specific health needs.

The ‘Care for’ range of pure essential oils should NEVER be applied directly to the skin.
The ‘Care for’ range can be used for massage by adding them to a carrier (15 drops to
50ml carrier oil/lotion) or alternatively you may wish to try the ready blended range of
massage oils/lotions.

Pure essential oils mixes are available in a 10ml size whilst the ready mixed lotions or
oils are available in a 125ml size.

After flight
An invigorating, energising blend of uplifting oils which can help reduce the effects of
differing time zones.
Size:        10ml        Code:        2005

Inhale this cleansing blend of oils or add a few drops to your bath daily.  Use in a carrier
lotion on the face, particularly
on the nose and cheek bones, to free your nasal passages.
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2080 / 2081 (lotion)

A blend of oils specially selected for their cleansing properties.  Used regularly, this
blend will reduce the unsightly
dimples associated with cellulite.
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2010 / 2014  (oil) / 2017 (lotion)

A stimulating blend of oils to help maintain a healthy circulation and bring tone to the
body and skin.  Available as a pure
essential oil mix to add to the bath or a ready mixed oil to be applied daily for best
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2020 / 2024 (oil)

Clear head
This blend combines oils known for their clarifying properties.  This natural preparation
revives, refreshes and soothes
the mind.
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2035 / 2037 (lotion)

This blend will keep the mind alert and responsive even at the end of the day.
Especially appropriate for use in the car.
Use in a vaporizer or inhale directly by placing a few drops of oil on a tissue.
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2030 / 2030 (oil)

Available as a pure essential oil mix at add directly to the bath.  Also available as a
carrier oil or lotion  to massage into
appropriate areas twice daily.
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2040 / 2044 (oil) / 2047 (lotion)

This blend is ideal for tired and stiff muscles if used in the bath or in a ready mixed
oil/lotion.  It is effective for use before
and after sport, helping to prevent cramp and induce relaxation as well as for everyday
aches and pains.
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2060 / 2064 (oil) / 2067 (lotion)

Problem skin
To care for problem skins, this normalizing blend of essential oils in a lotion is ideal.
Use daily as required on dry, flaky
or itchy skin.
Size:        125ml        Code:        2075 (lotion)

Respiratory system
A tranquil, soothing blend.  Inhale to help maintain healthy lungs.  This blend is used for
aiding effective respiration.
Size:        10ml        Code:        2075

Known for their soothing and relaxing characteristics, these oils have been blended to
help you rest naturally and
deeply during the night.  A few drops on a tissue and placed either within your
pillowcase or in the pocket of your
pyjamas is the most effective, or use 4—6 drops of the mix in a warm bath
Size:        10ml        Code:        2085

Stresses and strains
This popular blend is an invaluable aid to relaxation during a busy or stressful day.  It
eases feelings of tiredness, leaves
you more relaxed, lessens tension and restores calmness
Size:        10ml /125ml        Code:        2090 / 2094 (oil) / 2097 (lotion)

Stretch marks
This carefully selected blend of essential oils, when used in the bath, will help keep skin
supple and elastic.  Use 4 - 5
drops in a warm bath from the 4th month of pregnancy.  It can also be applied, in a
carrier oil, twice daily from the 4th
month of pregnancy or during weight loss to maintain skin tone.
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2100 / 2104 (oil)

Visible veins
To care for your legs, we have prepared a blend of especially selected essential oils.
Size:        10ml / 125ml        useful where veins are visible in the calves and thighs.
Code:        2110 / 2114 (oil)

This special blend is formulated with oils noted for their balancing and normalizing
Size:        10ml / 125ml        Code:        2120 / 2127 (oil)

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