Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Aromatreatments - Home use - ant bites

prevention is better than a cure.  If you can help it you dont want to share your home with insects.  Our essential oil factory is insect free and the reason is that the aromas confuse insect senses which rely heavily on smell clogging their smell receptors so they are unable to communicate.  In short ant and insects cant function socially around essential oils and that means they cant feed and they cant breed. 

Essential oils and natural methods are also effective for treating ant bites and insect bites.

Aromatreatment: Put an ice cube onto the ant bite to reduce the itching and the pain. Right after that, apply peppermint oil to the bite; then lavender oil after that. Repeat.
Other natural methods

Method 1: Aloe Vera – especially straight from the plant. Just cut a leaf open, and squeeze its juice directly onto your ant bite. Personally I keep an aloe vera plant (and a basil plant for fresh leaves for cooking to aid digestion) by the kitchen window. If a fresh aloe vera leaf is not to hand then use Shirley Price Pure aloe vera gel. It should draw any infection out of the bite.
Method 2: Pour lemon juice directly onto an ant bite. The acidity from the lemon counteracts and neutralizes the acid in the bite. A slice of cucumber on the bite is also helpful.  The tannic acid in a used tea bag will also neutralise the acid in an ant bite.
Method 3: For bee stings make a thick paste out of baking soda or clay and water. Apply it straight on. Besides taking care of the pain, this paste should also help with the itching.


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