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Shirley Price people - Massage with essential oils

At differant parts of the day we need to accelerate ourselves and at others relax.  Uplifting and invigorating oils like Rosemary are very useful for mind and body.  Learning how to relax is a valuable life skill and essential to a good nights sleep.  Massage is well known to promote relaxation and a feeling of well being in the production of endorphins.  By diffusing relaxing oils used in massage like Lavender and Marjoram the benefits of massage can be 'remembered' and the benefit extended.  Hippocrates famously said the way to health was a massage with aromatic plant oils.

Aromatherapy and Massage for people with learning disabilities.  1991.  The book that Jane Harrison wrote with Helen Sandarson and Shirley Price is still available.  Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote health and well being and is being used increasingly with children and adults who have severe learning disabilities. Although well known for its relaxing, invigorating and health promoting effects, its use can be further extended to provide sensory stimulation and to help develop communication through a trusting relationship. This article sets out to explore each of these areas and to describe how they have been used with people with severe learning disabilities.

This is one of the aromatherapy books to which I make most frequent reference and recommend because it tells us not only how aromatherapy works but why.  By seeing how aromatherapy can be used for people with learning difficulties we can gain fresh insights into the use of essential oils without these difficulties but facing the same challenges.  Find it on Amazon.  It is important to remember that at this time people who were not 'normal' could still find themselves separated from family and the community and confined in institutions while today where possible care is provided in the community. Find out more about the Social Model of Disability.   

Part of the reason for this separation were alarming and self harming behaviours as a form of expression which aromatherapists/occupational therapists have found a way of displacing. 

Of course not much can be done without money!!  Today disabled people in our community are often promoted as community leaders and are cherished with fundraising efforts in my own community to send 20 disabled people on tall ship training - callenging enough for people without mental and physical handicap.   DisabilityBrum. Blog.  There must be political will to support this community spirit.  I was privileged to act as a deputy Daventry constituency chairman for Tim Boswell MP an unsung hero but whose efforts and lifelong commitment to the disabled have been recognised by MPs of all parties.

After meeting Jane Harrison at Holistic Health in April 2010 it is my intention to update and maybe if the authors permit republish this book at some point when time permits and bring in my interest in contemporary blind massage. If you are an aromatherapist/occupational therapist do kindly let me have your case studies and articles for inclusion. 

In 2010 a student came on work experience to work in the factory.  Affected by Down's syndrome, a chromosomal disorder, the girls put her to work in the laboratory but with difficulties of coordination it was too easy to spill the oils.  I noticed that although the student had profound communication difficulties her understanding was perfectly normal and her attitude seemed excellent.  So I put her to work transcribing a book and was delighted when she effortlessly produced 50 pages of excellent copy without spelling mistakes.  Young people with Down's need a little more help to lead rewarding and effective lives but they can and do.  Find out more.

A particular interest of mine is promoting and supporting the teaching of massage training to blind people.  This is a traditional activity reserved to the blind in asian countries and this was also the model in the UK up until 1900.  The Chinese government have a program for all blind people to receive occupational massage training.  Find out more about the RNIB in the UK.  Seeing Hands, Blind Massage in Phnom Penh What a lovely laugh.  Laugh yourself well.  If you are a young person with time on your hands there are plenty of volunteering opportunities in your community.  Try it.


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