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Essential oil education from Doterra

Shirley Price Aromatherapy does not comment on the content of the videos below other than to say Doterra is a significant supplier of essential oils in the USA.

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Skin problems, joint disorders, back pain

Mayo Clinic: Skin Problems, Joint Disorders Top List of Reasons People Visit Doctors

Study also finds top conditions generally more common in women

And not one of them suggests aromatherapy?

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Shirley Price Aromatherapy College - Course dates

Aromatherapists are required to complete 750 hours of classroom learning and self directed study, submit case studies and coursework, be taught by experienced accredited teachers, be examined by independant examiners, maintain effectiveness through CPD.  Aromatherapists often have qualifications in healthcare and nursing.

CPD & Module courses 2013
Aromatherapy Module One – Monday 14th January – Friday 18th January  

Aromatherapy Seminar – Monday 14th January  

Aromatherapy for Emotional & Mental Health – Thursday 17th January 

The Creamy Craft of cosmetic Making – Friday 18th January  

The Art Of Soap Making – Saturday 19th January  

The Art of perfume making – Sunday 20th January  

How to make Mineral Makeup – Friday 8th March
How to make Natural Makeup – Saturday 9th March
QI Drop Therapy – Sunday 10th March

Aromatherapy Seminar – Saturday 15th June
The Creamy craft of cosmetic making – Sunday 16th June
The Art of soap making – Monday 17th June
The art of perfume making – Tuesday 18th June

How to make Mineral Makeup – Wednesday 25th September
How to make Natural Makeup – Thursday 26th September

Curious about how to use essential oils in your massage practice? This is your class.

Learn to make your own massage oils, inhalers, foam soap, salves, sprays, hand cleansers and much more through Shirley Price'a innovative and engaging classroom classes.
Register before Jan 18th at midnight and we will send you a free copy of  Ian Brealey's new book Everyday Aromatherapy

Gain proficiency in a core set of 20 essential oils taught by Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA.
Enjoy exclusive videos featuring Jan Benham demonstrating blending approaches and techniques!
Upon completion of this class, massage therapists will be able to:
  • Create aromatic therapeutic products designed specifically for your client's concerns.
  • Blend for chronic and acute muscle pain and inflammation.
  • Understand how aromatherapy and massage profoundly affect the central nervous system.
By taking this class, you benefit directly from jan Benham and Shirley Price Aromatherapy's decades of practice and study of massage therapy and aromatherapy.
All classes are comprehensive, cutting edge and fun!

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the medicine of beauty

Medicine and drugs are an aid in the attainment of the highest possible level of health by all people as is education for current health issues, proper food supplies and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, an environment as free as possible of harmful pesticides, maternal and child health, immunization against major infectious diseases, and the prevention and control of diseases.

Now imagine a world in which you wanted to take a flight.  You go to the airport and you find there is just one airline desk.  You went there in anticipation of taking a flight to New York at a certain time.  You remember you went to the airport once before with your parents and you distinctly remember there were then a number of airline desks.  You were told that those desks had been closed because they werent really airlines.

"You see people in the old days believed there were mental, bodily, heart and spiritual needs but then we realised there were only bodily needs and so we needed only one airline to convey your body to where we want to go."

"So I dont get a choice?"  "Not any more."

Now by this time you are alarmed.  "Who are we"

"The 'pilots' of course".

"Now look" you say "I want whoever to fly the plane to be qualified and competant but I dont want them to run the airline...............OK how much is it going to cost?" 

"All your money in fact I dont think you can afford to fly and probably wont want to."

"How come its got so expensive?

"Well when the pilots took over the airline they gave themselves a massive pay rise and said we couldnt hire any more pilots than they said the airline could and they had to pay them the same money.  They like fridays off too."

"But I want to get to New York."

"We arent going to New York today anyway its friday and the pilots want to go to Paris for a long weekend.  You want to go there?"

"And the pilots decide what time the plane goes, where it goes and whether it goes at all?"

"You got it."

At this point I guess you would leave the airport.

Now lets assume you didnt leave but went to Paris instead.  You see you had already given all your spare money in taxes since air travel got taken over by the Government so it was your right to fly.  Even though you wanted to go to new York.

The flight was late taking off because they had to wait for the inflight meal to arrive from the caterers.  The caterers werent sure where the plane was going and when it was taking off but once they knew they pulled out all the stops.

Then the food arrives and you say to the flight attendent.

"You know they last time I flew I distinctly remember being served a meal.  This is a box of pills."

"Well you'll need those given what you were saying."  "Why?"  Well you are going somewhere you dont want to go and you have no idea when you are going to make it back. You've got no money,  you've been told you have no mind, no spirit and no heart. You must be anxious.  We sure all are.  You know since the pilots took over the competance has plummeted.  They are just too busy to fly the plane,  So many people suing.  Those that survive the crashes anyway,"

"Dont bother," says the guy next to you "The pills gave me a blinding headache.  Took care of the anxiety though."

"Cant I just have a meal?"

"No money for a meal." said the attendant.  "We spend all that on the pills."

"Things seemed to be a lot better when there were several airlines."  "Funny you know we all say that" said the attendant.  "Even the pilots.  Thats why they need fridays off.  The stress is terrible."

Essential oils - the medicine of beauty

Look out for the SP demonstration at Scottish Beauty titled Essential oils - the medicine of beauty.


The Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh


Sunday 21st & Monday 22nd April

The origins of the medicine of beauty

The association of flowers with natural beauty is an ancient one.

We are fortunate enough to have found the makeup boxes of egyptian queens and princesses too. In the days before todays convenient seals it made sense in the bronze age to capture the volatile essential oil in a cream,  Extensive use of resins heavy with essential oil like labdanum, frankincense, myrhh and acacia was made with beeswax.

The pharoahs fake beards were goat hair held together with labdanum resin which was used as a cure-all.  The egyptians were familiar with solvent extraction using wool fats/olive oil/castor oil/beeswax and the use of rosewater to create salves, unguents, linaments and ointments. These were used to soothe their skin from the dry heat.

The scientists accompanying Napolean to Egypt relearned the ancient use of aromatics beyond perfume and in 1838 the eminent scientist Chabenes published "Les Grandes Possibilités par les Matières Odoriferantes" and things have gone from there.

The egyptians also distilled juniper and cedarwood oils using wool screens as the condensors.  The salves found not only personal care but also veterinary use to treat sheep shearing cuts and were also rubbed into the sheeps fleece to prevent insect larval infestations.

Forgotten now, Gum arabic from the acacia was used as far as China to paint the fingernails.  Cosmetics were considered a branch of medicine and known as the medicine of beauty.

Egyptian prehistory of fire using man goes back to the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Religion and ritual bound together these clans of humans. Clans and kingdoms came into being with the discovery of making charcoal and the working of pottery and glass.  Gold of course was found in stream and hammered into sheets for decorating purposes and to display status. Copper for weapons and horse harnesses brought the clans and kingdoms together in one unified kingdom under a god king some 5000 years ago. Writing began. Prior to that there wasnt much to record other than clan warfare, family life, and freezing temperatures.

The use of cosmetics distinguished and may even have facilitated the incredible social organisation. We have beautifully decorated ceremonial cosmetic palettes from this period which look very interesting. Maybe they were used for mixing to retain oils, honey, fat, wax and resin and perhaps they or something like it were used for mixing frankincense resin with charcoal and burning it.

Preservation wasnt really an issue as the frankincense resin was easily stored. What we do know is that these new people were not just great hunters but great sailors and traders of goods like spices and copper, kept horses and sheep, faced the same everyday issues we do and recognised as well as the visual beauty and aroma of flowers, the anti-inflammatory, preservative and insecticidal properties of essential oil whether contained in resins or woods like juniper and cedarwood. The medicine of beauty we know began early on. 

Charcoal burns at intense temperatures upto 2700 degrees.  There was plenty of forest and sand on hand.  Fine windblown sand can have a very high silica content which melts to glass at 1200 degrees.  Sodium carbonate and oxides of sodium and carbon lower this melting point.   Glass making goes back to prehistory and probably coincided with pottery making 10,000 years ago.   Colored glass not only is visually stimulating it also serves a purpose. For light sensitive materials, amber glass is most commonly used to protect light sensitive substances because amber glass is formulated to absorb light in the ultra violet region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Healing herbs of India
Excellent article

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Aromatherapy for the active elderly

Physical aging may be an inevitable process, but aromatherapy can play an important role in maintaining a positive outlook and energy in middle age onwards.  It is best to keep mind and body active with regular exercise, particularly walking, a sensible diet and creative and social pursuits. Without the focus, stresses and daily goals of a career it is necessary to redefine life goalIt is also a chance to try new experiences like aromatherapy.  It is necessary to limit time in front of the television or computor and use senses which have perhaps lain dormant all your life like the sense of smell and touch.

Most people are used to using citrus and spices in their diet and indeed most essential oils are used to lend flavour to food and drink.  For example when we  create a lemon pudding it is the essential oil in the rind we taste. The humble onion is widely hailed and particularly useful as we age.  It is the Essential oil we experience. Aromatherapy involves the use of these essential oils which people find refreshing, stimulating and relaxing.  Particularly at bathtime and in personal care products they find everyday use.  Older age can often invove car of grandchildren.  The addition of a drop of lavender can transform bath time from an anxious affair to a joyous and eagerly anticipated experience before bedtime!

Essential oils are also used by the qualified for professional care and by anyone for self care provided a few sensible precautions to be found on the bottle labels are observed.  Experience of Essential oils can be used to replace harmful habits like smoking and drinking to excess and to promote increased energy and weight loss.  Many people like to volunteer when they retire and those with a knowledge of aromatherapy are always welcome in elder care or care of people with learning disabilities where the Essential oils are used to assist in communication and reduce anxiety.

Anxiety, agitation and depression are often experienced as we age.  Inevitably symptoms can appear and prey on the mind.  In fact NHS Research shows unexplaimed symptoms can be associated with depression in as many as seventy pervent of cases.  Essential oils for emotional effect can be particularly helpful.  A drop of melissa oil on the nightclothes can calm a troubling agitation.

Rosemary and grapefruit, can help sharpen the mind, aid memory and concentration.  Chamomile and lavender provide relief for joints affected by rheumatism and arthritis. Professional massage with black pepper, cypress and juniper stimulates blood and lymph circulation and reduce the risk of varicose veins and oedema. its never to late to begin beauty care of the skin!  Rose oil and geranium promote skin growth, giving a mature complexion a better appearance.

Insomnia, which is frequent among elderly people, can be exhausting and frustrating. Alternatively, you could put a couple of drops of essential oils of chamomile or lavender onto a cotton wool ball and place this in the top pocket of your night clothes or in your pillowcase to achieve a similar effect.

Inhalation of antibacterial essential oils, such as eucalyptus can reduce the risk of illness or help to get rid of an established cold.  To make an aromatic steam inhalation, simply add 3-4 drops of essential oils to a ceramic bowl of hot water. Place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl to inhale the aromas.  Essential oils should be stored in a cool dark place and citrus oil should be kept refrigerated. essential oils are usually diluted with vegetable oils like Almond, Grapeseed, Coconut and Plai oils.

The use of essential oils can also turn into an absorbing hobby in making cosmetics and natural perfumes which make excellent gifts.  The making of such cosmetics and reselling of essential oils can also turn into a profitable and absorbing sideline.  Courses in natural cosmetic making, perfumery and aromatherapy run every three months at the Shirley Price Aromatherapy College which can be found opposite Hinckley Railway Station.

Essential Oil Storage

Looking for the best protecting packaging for EOs : Amber or blue glass ?

What color would stop more efficiently sun light and the most harmful wave lengths for EOs ?

The industry standard certainly is amber glass. As essential oils should be stored in the dark (and citrus oils should be stored in a fridge) this is maybe a little academic the vendors who use blue, clear or green would argue. Here is some good information on violet glass

Storage box options from Shirley Price Aromatherapy

essentia per mutua (being by mutual effort)
EDUCATORS Ian Brealey BSc FCA, Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA, Sue Jenkins BSc MIFPA

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Learn about organic chemistry

Love enthusiastic science!

essentia per mutua (being by mutual effort)
EDUCATORS Ian Brealey BSc FCA, Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA, Sue Jenkins BSc MIFPA

New Aromatherapy school

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Essential Oil Distillation notes

On the frankincense issue you might like to see the blogpost There is a lot of confusion about frankincense but that should clear it up and point folk in the right direction of further reading and research.

On the first/second/third distillation issue this is probably a confusion you will sometimes see online with the process of steam distilling a single oil Ylang Ylang (Dr R. Pappas). Ylang Ylang oil is a favourite with the perfume and natural perfume trade as it is used to capture the rather unruly fragrance of the citrus oils and to echo the aroma of jasmine. That is why the oil is fractionated. Ylang “Complete” is the outcome of a single distillation with no parts taken off to form Ylang Extra, Ylang 1, Ylang 2 and Ylang 3 so Ylang “Complete” is the oil preferred for aromatherapy.

As you may know water is recirculated for a second ‘go’ at distillation to produce Rose Otto because some rose oil components are fairly water soluble.

In practice distillers keep distilling for as long as economic quantities of oils come over as the fuel is costly. So in a frankincense the hydrodistillation can last 2hours, 4 hours six hours or 12 hours according to what you are working with and seeking however with the exception of Rose Otto we are always talking a single distillation.

There are many reasons why organically grown essential oils are preferred but not everyone is prepared to pay the slightly higher cost for the organic certification. Nor does every company welcome the idea of external inspection of what they are saying and doing!

 Dr Robert Pappas.  "My websites are at (which has the largest online database for the chemical composition of essential oils and its completely free) and my sites are all about information and education in essential oils. Starting January 10th I will be teaching The Chemistry of Essential Oils at Indiana University which is the only class of its kind in the country for college credit. If anyone here is in New Albany, Indiana area then stop by IUS one night and give us a visit."


"As Ian rightly says B. frereana is not native to Arabia but is indigenous to Northern Somalia and in particular to the mountainous regions of Somaliland and Puntland.

B. frereana resin does not contain any boswellic acids and contains other pentacyclic triterpenes.

One of the distinct markers for my own steam distiled essential oil extractions of B. frereana essential oil was the presence of alpha Thujene (63%), para cymene (16.3%) and Eucalyptol (2.4%). The distinct markers for my steam distilled essential oil of
B. carteri was alpha pinene (57%), sabinene (11.2%) and limonene (7.8%).

According to taxonomy experts B. sacra is the Boswellia species which is indigenous to Oman and is suppose to be synonymous with the other Somali species known as B. carteri. My gut feeling is that B. sacra and B. carteri oleoresins are not identical as they have different physical characteristics. B. sacra is bright white (similar to B. paperifera) whilst B. carteri is yellow white with a distinct lemon smell due to the presence of limonene and is indistinguishable from B. frereana in appearance.

The samples of frankincense essential oils I tested were freshly distilled by myself from oleoresins obtained from Somaliland from reliable farmers and I have the geographical co-ordinates of the exact regions from where they are grown.

The problem of current published data on frankincense essential oils is that you rely heavily on the middle man who distributes the frankincense oil or raw resin to correctly tell you what species of frankincense they are selling to you. That is where most of the confusion comes in.

One needs to validate the taxonomy of the Boswellia species before undertaking any chemical extractions, unfortunately this is not as easy as it looks. "

Reference Dr A Ali commenting online

Life force

Life force is a good description, for some oils this is equivalent to the old latin phrase MARTI PATRI PROPVGNATORI 'father mars who fights for us' for example Basil and Black Pepper. Essential oils are non polar volatiles which are poorly soluble in polar water. They mostly act on the internal and external skin and on the mind via olfaction and are carried through the air not water. The best way to see essential oils as they first evolved is perhaps to look at a pine tree and see the resin exuding from the fissured bark to protect the tree against opportunist insects.

 In Correspondence

R.  Ian, I love you brother but we will have to agree to disagree. I can't sign on to the idea of the essential oil being the "life blood" or the "life force" or anything else to do with the word life. Essential oils are not ALIVE (yes I know some of you out there believe this). They are also not responsible for the life giving forces of the plant. The plants are alive before they start producing oil. The oil is not the force of their life but a result of it. The oil comes as an end result of its life processes. Does that mean the oil is not an essential (pun intended) part of the plants survival? Of course not. But we have to stop with this romantic idea just because its a good marketing tool. I don't believing in brushing up as close as we can to fairy tale as possible, just to make our existing literature more palatable. If we all make a conscious effort to divorce ourselves from the silliness of this language the better off others coming along will be for being able to discern the truth from the lies of the charlatan. Trying to "sort of" keep the same language will only confuse people and this myth will never be stamped out. So I challenge you, even if you have to make some changes in the way you present things, lets make a clean break from this and completely separate ourselves from the deceivers out there.
M.  R, if you state that they are the life blood (or life force?) of the plant it's an easy step to how they have such a high vibration. (think I need to duck and run!)

  • I. Laughing guys! Well that fired up the debate R! Ok Im happy to fight my corner mathematically. It is tricky at what point does life go from being a bag of inert chemicals to being alive. Clearly the chemistry even when it isnt something has possibility of being something. So why should not the apparently inert chemicals in the essential oil not have the possibility of being something again? So I can argue mathematical possibility! An amino acid isnt so far removed chemically from a simple hydrocarbon such as are found in essential oils with a nitrogen atom replacing the carbon but if thats all thats needed to get life going why not talk about life force?
    I. Yeah M caesium atoms vibrate they set the clocks by them (running away now!)
  • I. Well I may as well let off all the fireworks at once. terpenes have been produced from the date of the very first single celled life on earth, essential oil components and their relations in the biochemical pathways they are derived from not only serve plants they serve all life from the dawn of life perhaps as single celled plants clustering around volcanic vents in the ocean or wherever life got started. Clearly though the extracellular purposes that essential oils as we know them serve only came in when life moved out of the polar world of the watery oceans into the form of air dwelling plants and animals and then only really got going in the last 40 million years. (just heading off the what came first the chicken and egg argument Robert!)
  • And look at the latest wonder ingredient Lycopene, what is it but 8 isoprene units. Maybe God is in the electrochemistry of the isoprene unit. I am sure there are wierder universes out there!
  • R. Ian, not sure where your mathematical argument comes in LOL. My area of expertise in grad school was quantum mechanics and typically when you say you want to make a mathematical argument it requires the use of mathematical equations. In fact, a mathematical argument requires no use of English at all, I much prefer these types of arguments because they are completely devoid of subjectivity, math is math, its the only exact science. Anyway, your missing the whole point of the analogy in the first place. The question is not a question of "would it be possible if circumstances were right" but its a simple matter what ACTUALLY IS THE CASE. By saying that essential oils are the LIFE FORCE of the plant you are implying that the oils are the force behind what created and gave life to the plant. The truth is that the plant came into existence BEFORE the essential oil started being produced. The plant then at some point in its life cycle started producing the essential oil and excreting it as an end product of its metabolism. If you want to use this kind of airy fairly language then one would have to say that the PLANT is the life force behind the essential oil LOL. There is no way around the FACT that the oils are waste product of the plant. Now given, they are a very USEFUL waste product to the plant. Furthermore, in your argument above you basically admit that essential oils are an inanimate collection of molecules (they are not inert, I assume thats not what you meant). How does a collection of molecules constitute a force? The essential oil is no more the life force of the plant than my sweat is my life force. Something does not have to be glamorized in order to be extremely useful to humans. But if people want to market the oils this way or if it makes them feel better to think about them this way then thats fine, I just thought some people at least, would appreciate knowing the truth so they don't sound like moonies when they talk about the oils to people who know a little bit about science. When we want to assign a collection of chemicals as the life force behind anything, aren't we minimizing the true life force? The true life force of the plant, as well as everything living, is God himself. If you don't believe that, then try disproving it LOL

    I. Exactly, if god is in the Isoprene unit!
    But seriously it is a pretty amazing thought that life is basically non polar at least in structure, if it werent life would just dissolve into water. So life is an oil + proteins, sugars and the other things.
  • I will admit I did put a few red lines through our diploma lecture notes hallowed as they are but Im not getting out the red pen on this one!
  • Think I'll stick to the good old fashioned energetic imprint for now

    "We each have a default emotion. You know people you would describe as a pissed off individual, or negative, or sad, depressed, or really happy all the time. Let’s call this their default emotion.
    Emotions have a vibrational frequency that radiate out from a person, which is why people ‘feel’ good or bad to you before you even touch them. A person’s live cells carry their frequency" Urban Dictionary
  • I cannot be as sure about life as you are Ian. I don't know exactly what it is. I think its way more than just a collection of chemicals. Scientists cannot even agree on what constitutes life. But we have a law in science called the Law of Biogenesis, which says that life only comes from life. This law has never been observed to be broken, and yet the atheist has to break it in order to have a way to explain the beginning of life. I am a pretty hard core scientist but this fact I cannot get around, no God is even more irrational of a belief than the belief in God. So I am forced to believe in the lesser of two irrationalities. There is a spark necessary to turn inanimate chemicals into something more. I suspect this spark is something that mankind will never figure out and never be able to touch, if we could then we would be God.
  • I Yes the very first bacteria cell and even then to spring fully formed into existence given what we know of the complexity of the most primitive of life form. nah I am with you on that one. Suggesting there is not a creator is absurd. Still given that the molecules in my body were formed in an exploding star long ago who is not to say that first bacteria cell did not begin life elsewhere in the universe so the quest for the origin of essential oils constituents goes on!
  •  I While we are at it lets deal with something else which I agree is a bit messed up in the aromatherapy world. Intuition is not the same thing as emotion. That is dealt with by a differant part of the brain and serves a differant purpose. Intuition is the calculation, a cool mathematical one, informed by progressive experience of the evidence of our own eyes and senses of the possibility of there being something. Whether it be lunch or an aromatherapy blend to suit the infinite worth of the individual. this does involve a feeling for and sensitivity to the life force within ourselves and others.  Intuition is reasons highest expression as it admits the possibility of there being something where there appears a sufficient and impenetrable barrier to new and useful knowledge.

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Essential Oils on - free next day delivery to 9 EU states

Essential Oils on - free next day delivery to the USA

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Shirley Price Essential Oils at

Shirley Price Essential Oils at Amazon,
Free next day shipping to 9 EU states

1196011935E01004PAngelica root (Angelica archangelica)UKP
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4196011959E01009PBasil a linalool (Ocimum basilicum)EGYPTP
51EO1013ORGBay, Laurel (Laurus nobilis)BOSNIAP
6196011973EO1011PBay, West Indian (Pimenta racemosa)JAMAICAP
7196011980EO1015ORGBenzoin (Styrax benzoin)LAOSO
8196012000EO1020ORGBergamot (Citrus bergamia)ITALYO
9196012017EO1021PBergamot (Citrus bergamia) berg freeITALYP
10196012918EO1270ORGBlack Pepper (Piper nigrum)MADAGASCARO
11196012055EO1025ORGCajuput (Melaleuca leucadendra)VIETNAMO
12196012048EO1030PCamphor (Cinnamomum camphora)CHINAP
13196012055EO1035ORGCaraway (Carum carvi)HUNGARYO
14196012062EO1040ORGCardomon (Eletaria Cardamomon)GUATAMALA P
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27196012239EO1085PCypress (Cupressus sempervirens)FRANCEP
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29196012253EO1087PElemi (Canarium luzonicum)PHILLIPINESP
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37196012338EO1110ORGFir Balsam (Abies alba)CANADAP
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56196012574EO1189PLavender (Lavandula angustifolia) BulgariaBULGARIAP
57196012635EO1186ORGLavender (Lavandula angustifolia) FINEFRANCEP
58196012604EO1190ORGLavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Fine WildFRANCEO
59196012628EO1191PLavender (Lavandula officinalis)FRANCEP
60196012642EO1193ORGLavender Spike (Lavendula latifolia)SPAINO
611EO1197PLemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora)AUSTRALIAP
62196012659EO1195ORGLemon organic (Citrus limon)SICILYO
63196012673EO1198PLemon verbena (Lippia citriodora)FRANCEP
64196012680EO1200ORGLemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)INDIAO
65196012697EO1202ORGLime (Citrus aurantifolia)BRAZILO
66196012727EO1205ORGMandarin (Citrus reticulata)ItalyO
67196012741EO1210ORGMarjoram sweet (Origanum majorana)EGYPTO
68196012710EO1204ORGMay chang (Litsea cubeba citrata)VIETNAMO
69196012789EO1216PMelissa (Melissa officinalis)UKP
70196012802EO1225PMyrhh (Commiphora myrrha)SOMALIAP
71196012819EO1230ORGMyrtle Red (Myrtus communis)MOROCCOO
72196012826EO1235PNeroli (Citrus aurantium var amara)MOROCCOP
73196012833EO1240ORGNiaouli (Melaleuca viridiflora)MADAGASCARO
74196012840EO1245ORGNutmeg (Myristica fragrans)SRI LANKAO
75196012857EO1250ORGOrange bitter (Citrus aurantium var amara)EGYPTO
76196012864EO1255ORGOrange sweet (Citrus aurantium var sinensis)COSTA RICAO
77196012871EO1256ORGOriganum (Origanum vulgare)SPAINO
78196012888EO1260ORGPalmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii)MADAGASCARO
79196012901EO1265ORGPatchouli (Pogostemon cablin)SRI LANKAO
80196012925EO1276ORGPeppermint (Mentha x piperita)FRANCEO
8115025412007411EO1277PPeppermint (Mentha x piperita)USAP
82196012949EO1280ORGPetitgrain (Citrus aurantium var amara) PARAGUAYO
83196012970EO1290ORGPine (Pinus sylvestris)AUSTRIAO
84196012987EO1295ORGRavensara (Ravensara aromatica)MADAGASCARO
85196013007EO1300PRose absolute (Rosa damascena)MOROCCOA
86196013021EO1311PRose otto (Rosa damascena)BULGARIAP
87196013038EO1315ORGRosemary Cineole (Rosmarinus officinalis)MOROCCOP
88196013052EO1317ORGRosemary Verbenone(Rosemary officianalis)SOUTH AFRICAO
89196013083EO1325ORGSage (Salvia officinalis)FRANCEO
90196013106EO1330PSandalwood (Santalum album)INDIAP
91196013090EO1329PSandalwood (Santalum austrocaledonicum vieill)NEW CALEDONIAP
92196013113EO1331PSavory (Satureia montana)SPAINP
93196013137EO1333ORGSpikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi)NepalO
94196013144EO1334ORGStar anise (Illicum verum hook)VietnamO
95196013151EO1335ORGTagetes (Tagetes minuta)EGYPTO
96196013175E01336PTarragon (Artemisia dracunculus)FRANCEP
97196013182EO1340ORGTea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)AUSTRALIAO
98196013199EO1345PThyme Red (Thymus vulgaris ct thymol)FRANCEP
99196013205EO1350ORGThyme Sweet (Thymus vulgaris ct linalool)SPAINO
100196013236EO1355ORGVetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)MADAGASCARO
101196013250EO1360ORGYarrow (Achillea millefolium)FRANCEO
102196013274EO1365ORGYlang ylang complete (Cananga odorata)MADAGASCARO
103196013267EO1364ORGYlang ylang extra (Cananga odorata)MADAGASCARO