Saturday, 18 December 2010

Revision - Contra-indications to aromatherapy massage

Whilst unqualified do not practice on people who are seriously ill.  All practice should be carried out on people who are in reasonable health and who are comfortable being used as case studies.

Cuts, boils and bruises
Do not massage over cut or broken skin. This also applies to boils and pustules. Bruises of unknown origin are best avoided, as they could be indicative of undiagnosed illness.
Inflammation or swelling
Do not massage over an inflamed area if the inflammation is of unknown origin.
 If the inflammation is the result of an injury then use only very lightly effleurage to avoid hurting the client.
Recent surgery
Avoid massage around the operated area for 3 months because of delicate fibres.  
Recent fracture
Gentle massage can be applied after plaster is removed or when the bones have knitted. This will help to tone weak muscles and improve circulation.
While studying do not massage anyone as a case study who suffers from Epilepsy.
Avoid massage for at least 3 days after grand mal seizure.  Learn necessary procedures to deal with seizures should they occur.
High or low blood pressure
A person suffering from high blood pressure may find it uncomfortable to lie face down for too long.  Therefore the massage may need to be adjusted to suit their requirements.
Massage lowers blood pressure and so when treating people with low blood pressure it is very important to allow “recovery time” following the massage and NEVER allow them to get down from the massage table un-aided.
Inform the client of the duration of the massage to enable them to judge that their sugar levels are sufficiently high. 
Be prepared.  Have a full sugar mineral drink in the room to give to the client in the event of their sugar dropping,
Infectious & contagious disease
Avoid massage until the infection or disease has passed.
High fever
Massage is contra indicated for people with an abnormally high temperature.
Never massage a client who is intoxicated.
Varicose veins
Special care is needed when performing massage over the site of the varicose veins. 
Only gentle, upward strokes should be used.
Light, gentle almost superficial movements should be used if the client has advanced osteoporosis
Do NOT treat a person who is in the middle of an asthmatic attach with essential oils unless you are qualified and know what you are doing.
Regular massage and the use of appropriate essential will help to increase lung capacity and thus, hopefully, reduce the number and severity of attacks.
The quantity of essential oils should be less when treating someone with asthma

Varicose veins
Avoid massage below or over the area of varicosity as this may dislodge any thrombus present.
Cancer and heart conditions
Do not massage directly over cancer sites or areas receiving radiotherapy. Seek the Doctor’s permission if you have any doubts regarding the safety of the treatment.
Client on medication
Gentle effleurage must be used to control the rate at which toxins are eliminated.
Movements must be adapted according to the stage of pregnancy, taking care of the client’s position when lying prone or supine



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