Friday, 1 October 2010

Aroma Ethics - CAMTC - Everything in moderation - including moderation

Aromatherapy does not always involve massage.  Some clients do not like it.  A full body massage is though indicated for stress and depression. Men do find massage both relaxing and sexulally stimulating that is a fact.  How is the clinic based or mobile therapist to deal with that?  And what of exploitative massage parlour massage in red light districts? 

This week CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 1822, a bill that, if passed, would have mandated the presence of law enforcement members on the state's massage regulatory board, the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). The governor called the bill "unnecessary" and wrote the following to the state's assembly members:
Every community frame its laws to meet local conditions.  The approach to past criminal and gang activity is to say yes they are manipulative and arrogant youths but they'll meet a nice girl and settle down.   These days magistrates report that girls can be as bad as the boys.  Nonetheless just because someone has spent some time on the wrong side of the law they are not sent to the mental or physical equivalent of a concentration camp for the rest of their lives.  Some city districts can become segregated in this way and that is a challenge.  Cultures of course differ.  Islamic jurists favour making an example of offenders.  The challenge is to constantly reconnect the 2% of the population who are prone to doing wrong and injustice into the community. 

By influencing mood aromatherapy has its part to play in this challenging area of school absenteeism, offender rehabilitation and in the area of addiction and so can be a very much part of the solution.  Geranium for overaggressive young males is effective.


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