Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Organic certification- Lavender in Maremma

We have eight organic lavender oils listed from differant countries, altitudes, plants and processing methods. Armed with your suppliers organic registration and certificate it is easy to check the validity and status of their certification, for example Italy's ICEA's website has a look up section.  See the link

Organic Lavender from the Tuscany Coast in Italy is a new addition to the Shirley Price lavender range.  The licence is IT BIO ICA B1843 00 reference 497 dated 12/07/2010. 

The italian farmer distiller who supplies Shirley Price has a long term commitment to organic supply through his other products including wine.  In fact the oils arrive in 0.75litre wine bottles.  I thought this is a great idea so we will be marketing this as a bulk lavender oil in its original packaging.  A sample is away for analysis and we'll be using this as an example in the aromatherapy diploma of the process of listing and supplying an essential oil.  So where is this oil from and why am I enthusiastic about it?  First the oil came highly recommended by a Shirley Price's US Distributor Han Nordblom.  Secondly the family are very dedicated about what they do and thirdly I really like the area this is from.  The Maremma lies between Florence and Rome on the coast within sight of Elba, Napoleon's place of exile before the road to Waterloo.  The area has horse and boat regattas which preserve medievil traditions.  Of course beside the agriculture I am most enthusiastic about the cowboy Butteri lifestyle who tend the areas cattle.  This is not the classic Tuscany of the tourist trail but to me it is a wonderful part of Italy like my own Warwickshire England where there is a real sense both of history and community and pride.


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