Friday, 29 October 2010

For fun

Kaoma lambada

The final countdown - europe

Tom and Jerry

ah the arts of peace.  we have had our religious fundamentalism in the UK. Not just centuries ago and I like to think of the best kind as well too like John Wesley who preached in Hinckley and carried plant oils with him for natural healing.

I must admit to being a fan of all things latin.  This year I have been very busy as a client, some old friends of my father's in Hinckley, needed a lot of attention but most years I travel to Argentina for 6 weeks in November to write and catch up and see the horses.

STRESS  This does not apply to everyone I agree but can you watch and listen to the nice video clips above without smiling?


either you are some way down life's spiritual path or maybe you should visit your doctor

No, ok you still have some stress but the good news is its treatable!

Argentina was where I first came acoss Shirley Price, today we import a number of oils from Argentina including the excellent Jojoba from Eco-oils.  Not everyone gets on with jojoba for the treatment of psoriasis but usually this is jojoba which is over 18 months old and has lost its vitamins and an element of its 'life force'.  Usually aromatherapists prefer evening primrose oil or if the budget will stretch fresh season argan oil from morocco.  Still this is indirect sunshine and psoriasis responds well to sunshine of a direct kind.


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