Tuesday, 5 October 2010

IFPA conference, Worcester

Some of the Shirley Price distributors exhibition materials on display at the IFPA Conference Worcester UK 2010. 

Its always a great pleasure to see old friends and customers and of course to make new ones!

Next to the Shirley Price stand were the innovative Comfy Cushions who attracted a lot of interest from therapists for their innovative couch cushions.  For home users these make giving a massage on the floor a far more comfortable experience.  Find out more.

It was great to see speaker Eve Taylor OBE in such good form.  Never stop learning she said to me.  I wish I had 10% of her energy!  Certainly everyday we learn something new about personal health and beauty and how to be a happy human.  The more I experience of complimentary therapy the more important I think this is.  Doctors can make us well but they cant make us happy and happiness is key to health.  Yet who does not feel happiness in the presence of flowers?  Among English Christians some of the earliest visions of heaven are recorded as being like sitting in a flower meadow.  Of course in this life we cannot sit in a flower meadow all day.  We have to work! 

After 10 hours on a computor of course eyes become tired and dry.  This is why Shirley Price formulated her original chamomile eyedrops.  These are at first quite astringent but the eye gets used to them and users soon report a marked improvement in their eyes.  This product became popular in China among University Students whose hard work caused them eye irritation and who spread the word about the effectiveness of this product.

Like all Shirley Price products their reputation is spread by word of mouth - the best recommendation of all.

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