Monday, 16 April 2012

香熏 Research on essential oils

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Essential oils are used to meet human needs from flavour and fragrance to their use as preservatives to everyday home use of their properties by individuals, trained aromatherapists and health professionals to rejuvenate body and mind, treat common ailments and improve wellbeing.

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Essential oils research
Brain Lawrence Phd
Essential Oils, Volume 9: 2008-2011 collects four years of research by noted international expert Brian M. Lawrence in the field of essential oil research. The final volume of a series begun in 1976, this edition features, in addition to the plethora of papers crafted for Perfumer & Flavorist magazine since 2008, several pages of entirely new, never before published research on topics including Davana oil, Rose oil, chasteberry, citral-rich Cymopogon species, and more.

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