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Shirley Price Bathroom Balms formulated with essential oils and herbal extracts for specific care purposes can be obtained from Shirley Price distributors and satellite colleges in 40 countries worldwide or from our online shop  For directions always read the label.

Facial treat rejuvenator
This luxurious blend contains essential oils of fennel, frankincense, lavender and lemon
in a base of grapeseed and wheatgerm. The facial treat blend reduces the appearance
of wrinkles and scarring.  This special mixture is also effective for reducing puffiness
around the eye area, and maintains skin tone and sebum production. 

Size:        30ml        Code:        6004

After bath lotion
This light, non-greasy lotion is ideal for moisturizing your whole body after a bath or
shower.  A luxurious blend of special  essential oils enhance the youthful appearance of
the skin.
Size:        125ml        Code:        6007

After Sun milk
A soothing moisturising milk designed to moisturize and nourish the skin when exposed to the sun.
After Sun milk is specially formulated to care for the skin while tanning and should be applied regularly.  

After Sun Milk does not contain a sun filter.  Use after showering following your tan or sun exposure.
Size:        200ml        Code:        6008

Peppermint balm
A light, moisturizing balm blended with essential oils renowned for their cooling
properties.  This balm is useful forsoothing and cooling the skin.
Size:        125ml        Code:        6010

After shave balm
Prepared for the man whose skin is dry or irritable after shaving, this light, moisturizing
balm is blended with lavender, peppermint and sandalwood to soothe and cool the skin.
Size:        125ml        Code:        6011

Scalp tonic
The invigorating and restorative properties of cedarwood, juniper, lavender and
rosemary are combined in orange flower water to produce our special formula to care for 

thinning and impoverished hair.
Used regularly in conjunction
with scalp massage, this tonic can improve the appearance of fine, thinning hair.
Size:        30ml        Code:        6012

Our  highly effective, specially formulated shampoos are enriched with essential oils to
help dry, greasy, normal hair or
hair infested with headlice.  The gentle cleansing action nourishes the hair while
maintaining a natural pH balance,
leaving hair feeling extra clean and manageable.
Size:        125ml        Code:        6013 (dry) / 6014 (greasy) / 6015 (normal) / 6023
(head lice)

Hair conditioner
A unique conditioner especially formulated with essential oils to help maintain healthy
hair and scalp.  The hair is left
feeling soft and silky as the conditioner imparts a healthy shine to the hair while
nourishing the scalp.
Size:        125ml        Code:        6016 / 6024 (head lice)

Jasmine aromatic body oil
Jasmine aromatic body oil, with its exotic aroma is useful for relaxing a stressed skin,
minimizing fine lines and tense muscles, helping the skin to appear smoother and
Size:        30ml        Code:        6001

Neroli aromatic body oil
Neroli aromatic body oil is nourishing for dry and flaky skin.  Because it is so deeply
moisturizing, the skin appears younger, healthier and fresher.
Size:        30ml        Code:        6002

Rose aromatic body oil
Rose aromatic body oil is rejuvenating, calming, nourishing and helps the delicate skin
in the chest, face and neck area to appear smoother and younger.
Size:        30ml        Code:        6003

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