Monday, 4 October 2010

Shirley Price International Aromatherapy Diploma

We accumulate interest each semester in the IFPA accredited aromatherapy diploma and when we have a class of 6 students firm up timings and location with students and tutors.  The diploma course has been very active in the UK with a module running every month in 2009/10.  The distance learning too is very active.  The study has the theoretical content of the first year of a university batchelors degree and is also highly practical.

One of the nice things about over 6000 students training with Shirley Price is when students return as authors, tutors and volunteers on the aromatherapy diploma course.  Module one of the 4 module course is available in several countries including the UK, Korea and Taiwan.  The Shirley Price international tutors Sara Gelzer, Elaine Zimmermann and Madelaine Knapp-Hayes who form a highly accomplished team.  We usually train modules 2,3,4 of the aromatherapy diploma in the UK or Switzerland for most classes but locations and requirements vary. 

Shirley Price distributors tend to be aromatherapists and like to take the training.  This ensures they have excellent knowledge of the plant oils they supply in their countries.  We tend not to have exclusive distributor arrangements so we are always interested in hearing from new distributors, particularly those interesting in joining a class or who are qualified aromatherapists, complementary therapists or health and beauty professionals.


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