Sunday, 17 October 2010

So how do you deliver Shirley Price aromatherapy training to 50 nurses?

 Delivering training internationally is a team effort.  Where an institution plans to deliver a weeklong training course it is necessary to allow plenty of time for planning but in reality notice of upcoming events can be as little as 4 weeks!  Assembling the materials alone in the factory  for a 50 delegate course is a considerable exercise.

Lecture notes and oils and accessories must be packed and delivered to the distributor or institution holding the course well in advance.  Nothing is worse than a delay in customs clearance resulting in no material being to hand.  For example we recently had a large shipment delayed because a single insect had been found outside the wrapped boxes en route.

Another factor is the availablility of the international tutors. Shirley Price have a team of international tutors whose details can be found on  Many of these tutors trained with Shirley Price and have returned as authors and educators in their own right to teach a new generation of students at the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy and its branches worldwide.

International training projects in many languages are coordinated from our training office, a converted house near the Shirley Price factory in Hinckley.


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