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SP skincare training manual

Skincare Manual

Skincare Training manual

July 2012

The Shirley Price passion is to help the customers of Professional Aromatherapists feel and look great, every day. Shirley Price provides a first class collection of pure organic and naturally sourced Skin Care products. Most importantly, the passion Professional Aromatherapists
demonstrate for our products and the possibilities they provide sets Professional Aromatherapy Skincare apart every day.


As part of the Shirley Price mindset, we are not constantly seeking advanced skin care technologies based on
ever more novel ingredients. Our skincare revolves around the normalising properties of the oldest ingredients of all natural plant oils.


We are perfectly happy to offer parabens containing products. This we call our classic range.  It is particularly suited to hot climates. Our commitment is also to provide Natural Beauty - paraben-free, innovative base formulas with beneficial botanical ingredients where possible — for proven, healthy-looking and naturally radiant skin.  We work with suppliers to maintain a progressive range.  We are proud that for 37 years our plant oils have been regarded as setting the standard of quality by which plant oils are judged.


Our aim is radiant beauty.

Shirley Price skin care formulas are:
• Paraben-free
• Fragrance-free
• Free of synthetic oils
• Not tested on animals

Proven Results
Results you can see, products you can count on. Our formulas have stood the test of time so you can feel confident that our products are not only safe to use, but perform on a variety of skin types—because we know everyone can benefit from healthy, beautiful skin.

Botanical Ingredients
We use plant-based ingredients for their unique moisturising and age-defying benefits. In the next few pages, you’ll learn more about the benefits of many of these wonderful, skin-loving ingredients. So whether your customers are seeking to simply cleanse, tone and moisturise or to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Shirley Price Aromatherapy Skin Care products offer nature’s finest ingredients.

Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Share
At Shirley Price, our Therapists are our most valuable gift. Sp has trained over 6000 professional aromatherapists who work in a variety of settings from healthcare to first class wellness spas.  It’s important that we not only provide leading, innovative
products, but also support the needs of thousands of our Therapists, who are working to make their dreams come true.
Time is precious to everyone, so it is also important that our products are not just easy to use, but that they’re also
easy to share. In this guide, you will learn about our advanced skin care formulas, plus simple routines, tips and the
knowledge you need to make sharing easy.

At Shirley Price Aromatherapy we believe that beauty is more than skin deep; we believe it
starts with a deeper understanding of health and stress, and the problems which can lead to unwanted skin conditions.
The Shirley Price Classic and Natural ranges are a highly therapeutic and specialised group of products, with each one
containing true essential oils specially blended to revitalise the skin.

The products improve the skin and rejuvenate any complexion, due not only to the quality of the creams themselves,
but also to the careful choice of true essential oils. Essential oils can be absorbed via the dermis through to the
growing cellular layer and into the bloodstream. As a result, the Shirley Price range can help ease many skin problems.
Supplemented with expert advice from a therapist, the products can be used to help conditions ranging from
supersensitive to dull lifeless skin along with acne, psoriasis and eczema.

You wont be surprised to hear us say that consistency and simplicity is the key to a successful skincare regime.

Cleanse, treat and moisturise—three simple steps and a few minutes every morning and night—to keep skin looking
and feeling great.

1.  Cleanse It’s very important to cleanse and exfoliate—morning and night—to eliminate surface debris and
flaky skin. To remove build-up, use our Exfoliating Facial Cleanser.

2.  Treat. Once your skin is fresh and clean, the next step is to treat it. This can mean everything from toning to
reducing the appearance of pore size and wrinkles to firming and smoothing the skin. With the Mannatech LIFT
line, you can treat your skin 24/7. For day, use Multiphase Serum to tighten. For evening, use Night Repair Crème
to replenish and age defy.

3.  Moisturise After cleansing and treating, it’s time to hydrate. Nourish your skin, protect it and reset
the clock by moisturising, day and night. Use our Day Cream, Night Cream and Body Lotion for naturally
soft, youthful skin all over.

Skincare – knowing your stuff

At Shirley Price we have made our reputation through education and mutual effort.  A little knowledge is not enough.  Shirley Price therapists have a commitment to lifelong learning

Know your Skin types

Sensitive skin: People with sensitive skin need to be careful to choose products with the
minimum of synthetic ingredients, avoiding products containing perfume, lanolin, mineral oil
and sometimes soap. However, a person with sensitive skin may have oily skin or dry skin
and should choose products suitable for that skin type, ensuring that the range of products is
pure and natural. All Shirley Price Aromatherapy products are formulated with sensitive
skins in mind.

Normal skin: A normal skin is neither too oily nor too dry - it is clear, radiant, smooth and
rare! Aromatherapy skin care helps maintain a good complexion by keeping the blood
circulation active and restoring the natural moisture balance.

Oily skin: This skin type can have open pores and is prone to spots. However, it usually
maintains its suppleness for longer than other skin types and may appear to age more slowly.
Essential oils can do much to help normalise the production of oil from the sebaceous glands.

Dry skin: Dry skin is a common problem and can actually be due to a lack of fluid intake.
Other causes are by lost moisture, or insufficient oil production. An effective moisturiser will
replace the moisture lost, while essential oils will normalise the production of natural oil.

Mature skin: Essential oils are excellent for helping to preserve the youthful appearance of
the skin and also for rejuvenating mature skin as certain essential oils help the regeneration of
new skin cells. They also have preservation properties and help to prevent the appearance of
lines and wrinkles.

Eczema: Eczema, in the main, is hereditary but is aggravated by stress, diet and
environmental pollutants. It can be treated very well with the correct essential oils and
specific skin care.

Combination skin: Usually one skin type predominates so that this is the one to treat. If the
skin is clearly divided into oily and dry areas treat these areas separately with the correct
masque or masques.


We guide but you decide which products are going to be the most useful to your client.
The Classic range offers a solution to all skin care requirements with the added properties of aromatherapy oils
to enhance and refresh the skin.

The properties of essential oils can be used to create natural cosmetics for different skin

Dry Skin – Classic Cleansing Cream, Rose Hydrolat,Honey Mask, Classic Moisture Cream
, Pretty Serum

Normal – Classic Cleansing Milk, Lavender Hydrolat, Revitalizing Minute Gel Mask,
Classic Moisture Cream, Pretty Serum

Oily – Classic Cleansing Milk,Witch Hazel hydrolat, Cypress Exfoliating Cream, Classic Lotion

Mature Skin - Classic Cleansing Cream, Neroli Hydrolat, Honey Mask, Classic Moisture
Cream, Rejuvenating Night Cream

Sensitive skin, Classic Cleansing Milk, Chamomile Hydrolat, Special E Cream

Combination and teen skin - the following can be used for a teenage skin
Classic Cleansing Milk, Witch hazel Hydrolat, Essentia Mosture Lotion.

Mens - Essentia cleansing milk and moisture lotion.
Using Classic Shirley Price skin care products:

Know your products – keep it simple

Classic Cleansing milk - for normal to oily skin
A natural plant based product blended with essential oils of geranium, lavender and rosemary
to gently lift impurities and make-up. Cleansing milk will thoroughly cleanse the skin whilst
maintaining its correct pH balance. Ideal for a normal or oily skin, it will help to normalise
the latter.

1. Removes stale make-up from skin's surface.
2. Removes accumulated skin secretions.
3. Removes dust and dirt.
4. Helps to normalise an oily skin.
5. Leaves skin soft and deep clean.

Method of use: This light milk can be used with cotton wool or water. Follow with toning
lotion. An ideal method of application and removal is to use the cleansing milk as you would
use a facial soap – apply a small amount of the milk to dampened hands. Smooth over the
face and remove with a flannel and warm water.

Classic Cleansing cream - for normal to dry skin
With geranium, lavender and rosemary essential oils, this light and fluffy cream will cleanse
without drying. It maintains the natural pH balance of the skin and leaves the skin feeling
clean and smooth.
1. Effectively removes make-up from skin's surface.
2. Removes accumulated skin secretions.
3. Removes dust and dirt. (Excellent for make-up around the eyes for any skin type.)
4. Helps to normalise a dry skin.
5. Leaves the skin soft and moist.
Method of use: Apply to face, neck and around eyes daily, rinsing with water or damp cotton
wool. Follow with toning lotion. The cleansing cream can be applied with fingers to the face
and removed with a damp flannel.

Toning lotion - for all skin types
A highly effective natural toner with essential oils of geranium and lavender to freshen, tone
and revitalise the skin. Completes the cleansing process without drying.
1. Refreshes and cools skin.
2. Tones facial muscles.
Removes any remaining traces of cleanser plus make-up or dirt.
Can be used as a cleanser first thing in the morning, provided the skin was
thoroughly cleansed the previous night.
Method of use: With cotton wool, gently wipe upwards and outwards, not forgetting the eye

Classic Moisture lotion - for normal to oily skin
This fine, light lotion blended with essential oils of geranium, juniper and lavender will help
to keep the skin supple and moist and preserve its natural elasticity. Moisture lotion protects
the skin from harmful environmental conditions. It will normalise an oily skin.
1. Moisture lotion helps to normalise an oily skin.
2. It keeps the skin's natural moisture balance correct by replacing moisture lost
through the pores.
3. Moisture lotion helps to preserve natural elasticity of skin.
4. It forms a barrier to help prevent dust, dirt and make up going into the pores.
Method of use: After thorough cleansing and toning apply moisture lotion with finger tips to
the face, neck and around the eyes until completely absorbed.

Classic Moisture cream - for normal and dry skins
A beautiful blend of natural moisturising ingredients, including carrot oil, which helps to
maintain the skin's natural moisture balance and elasticity. Contains specially selected
essential oils of frankincense, lavender and rose absolute to normalise a dry skin.
1. Moisture cream helps to normalise dry skin.
2. Moisture cream maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance by replacing
water lost through the pores.
3. It helps to preserve natural elasticity of skin.
4. Moisture cream is non-comodegenic and will not block pores. It forms a
barrier to prevent the pores being blocked by dirt and make-up.
Method of use: After thorough cleansing and toning apply to the face, neck and around the
eyes, blending until completely absorbed.

Special E moisture cream - for problem skin
This natural moisturiser is blended with essential oils of bergamot, geranium, juniper,
lavender and sandalwood to normalise a blotchy skin with dry patches thus helping to clear
problematic skin.
1. Special E balances and normalises a blotchy skin with dry patches.
2. It helps to clear a problematic skin.
3. Special E has all the moisturising properties of a moisture cream.
Method of use: Apply daily, after gentle toning, to the entire face, neck and around the eyes
to include problem areas.

Clear skin cream - for blemished skin
Formulated specifically for an oily or blemished/acne type skin. This medicated cream
includes essential oils of cedarwood, geranium, juniper and lemon and helps to normalise the
oil producing glands giving a clear appearance to the complexion.
1. For use on an oily skin, Clear skin cream helps to give a clear complexion.
2. It helps to normalise the oil producing glands. Refines pores.
3. It helps to preserve natural elasticity of skin, keeping it soft and supple.
4. It forms a barrier to help prevent pores being blocked by dirt and make-up.
Method of use: Apply to problem areas daily after cleansing and toning.

Classic night cream - for all skin types
This smooth, regenerative cream softens and nourishes the skin and helps prevent the signs of
premature ageing and wrinkling. If it is used every night it restores suppleness and
rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. Contains essential oils of frankincense, lavender,
patchouli and sandalwood.

1. Rejuvenating night cream softens and nourishes the skin.
2. It helps to prevent the signs of premature ageing and wrinkles.
3. It helps to preserve the natural elasticity of skin.
Method of use: Apply all over face and neck every night after cleansing and toning.

Natural Beauty night cream – All skin types
Containing essential oils of jasmine, lavender and rose otto, this regenerating cream softens,
soothes and tones the skin. With the nourishing and anti-oxidant action, this cream helps
prevent the signs of ageing and wrinkles. If used every night it restores suppleness and
rejuvenates the appearance of the skin.
1. Softens, soothes and tomes the skin
2. Nourishing and Anti-oxidant
3. Restores suppleness and rejuvenates the skin
Method of use: Apply to face and neck at bedtime.


Pretty serum – All skin types
Contains essential oils of frankincense, Neroli and rose otto. This easily absorbed serum
contains essential oils that give the skin a silky smooth feel, increasing softness and elasticity.
Normalising and revitalising.
1. Skin feels smooth and silky
2. Normalises and revitalises the skin
3. Increases softness and elasticity
Method of use: Gently massage into the skin as often as required.


Cypress exfoliating cream – Normal-dry skin
This creamy mask, containing bergamot, cypress and lavender, cleanses, smoothes and
invigorates. Its exfoliating action eliminates impurities, refines pores and helps to maintain a
clear and healthy complexion.
1. Eliminates impurities
2. Refines pores
3. Maintains a clear and healthy complexion
4. Cleanses, smoothes and invigorates the skin
Method of use: Gently massage for approximately 5 minutes, then rinse with tepid water.

Honeymask - Normal to dry/mature skin.
A smooth honey mask including essential oils of lavender and geranium, which gently
stimulates and nourishes a dry or mature skin. Helps restore skin based vitality and elasticity.
Used over time will normalise a dry skin.
Ingredients: Aqua, Mel, Propylene Glycol, Xanthum Gum, Hydroxyeythycellulose, Algin,
Phenooxyehanol, Methyidbromo Glutaronitrile, lavendula angustifolia, pelargonium
graveolens, santalum album
PH value: 4.5-5.5, Specific gravity 0.997-1.00

Revitalising minute gel masque
All skin types. All skin types can use minute gel to activate blood circulation, revitalise and promote a
glowing, healthy skin. With regular use will brighten the skinand normalise a sensitive skin; includes
essential oils of chamomile and cypress.

Shirley Price Hydrolats

Melissa hydrolat
Melissa can be used to lift despondency and despair. It can
be used on its own or in a
mix as a skin clarifier.
Size: 200ml Code: 7007

Lavender hydrolat
Lavender makes this hydrolat ideal for all skin types. Its
gentle nature also makes it
safe to use on children, calming them and temper tantrums.
Lavender hydrolat also
makes a refreshing room spray.
Size: 200ml Code: 7008

Rose hydrolat
Added to the bath, rose hydrolat aids relaxation. Its mildly
antiseptic and cooling
properties make it useful for many applications. In fact, if
rose is used in conjunction
with the hydrolats of lavender and chamomile, you will be able
to promote good general
Size: 200ml Code: 7009

Neroli hydrolat
Being astringent makes neroli the ideal treatment for delicate,
sensitive and oily skins. It
can be used as a toner.
Size: 200ml Code: 7010

Chamomile Roman hydrolat
One of the best all-round hydrolats. Its gentle nature makes
it ideal for use on young
babies and children. Chamomile Roman’s astringent
properties make it the best all-inone
make-up remover, cleanser and toner.
Size: 200ml Code: 7011

Hydrolat list
Barcode item
96014622 Organic Basil
96014639 Organic Chamomile Roman
96014646 Organic Cistus
96014653 Organic Cypress
96014660 Organic Juniper
96014677 Organic Geranium Bourbon
96014684 Organic Geranium
96014691 Organic Helicrysum
96014707 Organic Inula
96014714 Organic Laurel
96014721 Organic Spike Lavender
96014738 Organic Lavender Fine
96014745 Organic Lemon Balm
96014752 Organic Peppermint
96014769 Organic St Johns Wort
96014776 Organic Myrtle
96014783 Organic Neroli
96014790 Organic Pine
96014806 Organic Ravensara
96014813 Organic Rosemary
96014820 Organic Rosemary Verbenone
96014837 Organic Santoline
96014844 Organic Rosewater
96014851 Organic Savory
96014868 Organic Sage
96014875 Organic Clary Sage
96014882 Organic Thyme
96014899 Organic Thyme Thymol
96014905 Organic Vetiver

Knowing your customer


Female with grown children More time to focus on hobbies and social
activities like book clubs and church

Primary skin care concerns are visible reduction of wrinkles, improvement
in skin elasticity, increased hydration

Female with older children Very active with work and social activities
Takes care of her skin and wants to look the best she can for
her age and facial features

Primary skin care concerns are reduction in lines
and wrinkles, skin smoothness and increased hydration

Female with adolescent and/or teenage children Multi-tasker
Likes to pamper herself; dedicates time to her skin daily

Primary skin care concern is minimizing fine lines and wrinkles
while increasing hydration

Female with small children Time starved Internet savvy
Keeps up with the latest skin care trends

Primary skin care concern is preventative
maintenance with hydrating and agedefying products

Knowing your customer
The best advertisement for your business is your own skincare.
Your personal appearance is the outward reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside. Your image, attitude,
confidence and state of mind are all reflected visually every moment of every day.
All that goes to make up you: social-economic level, education, trustworthiness, level of sophistication, upbringing, success, moral
character, and even your future are judged on your appearance!  No wonder people say that your face is your fortune.
• Clothing and accessories that are fashionable, flatter, and fit
• Current hairstyle that is easy to manage and highlights your
facial features
• Contouring your posture to stand tall, walk with purpose
and project confidence
• Congenial attitude of open friendliness and happiness
that comes with being relaxed, confident and
comfortable with yourself
• Connecting with others via direct eye contact
when speaking or listening
• Confidence when speaking, in your own
unique voice
When you dress confidently, project
confidence and show genuine interest
in others, you naturally feel more
confident and happy about yourself,
allowing you to take the emphasis
off yourself and instead
concentrate your attention on
your clients, prospects, family,
friends and all of those sure to
be new contacts—just waiting
to meet your customers new buddy - you!

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