Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Essential oils in a word

  •  What makes Shirley Price Aromatherapy distinctive?  Our solutions
    are based on the timeless properties of essential oils of the highest quality.
    With licensees in 40 countries worldwide our drive for wellbeing is universal.
    Our training connects aromatherapists and users with bodily and emotional
    wellbeing.  With over 6000 alumni our College events and workshops include
    world class thought leaders.  Our content is based on international bestselling
    books and online resources.  We aim to get everyone to radically change their
    approach to wellbeing and enjoy good health - naturally.

     Basil is the oil for the good fight. A nerve tonic.
    Bergamot is the oil of awakening. The first top note of a blend 
     Black pepper is the oil of appetite. Stimulating appetite.
    Fennel is an oil of abstinence. Curbing appetite and gluttony.
    Frankincense the oil of integrity. Life is sweet.
    Jasmine an oil of childbirth 
    Lavender the oil of relaxation. Natural beauty.
    Lemon is the oil of diligence.  Stimulating energy.
    Melissa the oil of calm. Gentling agitation.
    Neroli the oil of softness
    Rose is the oil of peace
     Rosemary the oil of remembrance. Improving cognition.

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