Saturday, 3 November 2012

Business values - Magna Carta

When we talk of human values in business or politics we almost invariably do so in relation to tyranny - the abuse of authority, whether it be a manger abusing employees or corruptly stealing from their employer. In english history there is
an important document called Magna Carta which lists the acts of tyranny of a king including justice being for sale. A manager can have a profound effect on the health and well being of employees for whom he is responsible for better or worse. Where a manager intimidates and bullies an employee mindful only of his financial results, the next appointment or personal whims he or she acts unjustly and provokes rebellion. The justice which he personifies to his employees is seen as being for sale. As managers we must act nobly. That doesnt mean weakly - we have results to obtain, standards to maintain, but it does mean smartly.

Ian Brealey 
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