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Human values, mood and essential oils

Orange moon
The research throws up some suprises. Orange oil being citrus one would imagine to be stimulating, 85% monoterpenes but this calms autonomic system activity (1) Hongratanaworakit T and Buchbauer, G. Autonomic and emotional responses after transdermal absorption of sweet orange oil in humans: placebo controlled trial. International Journal of Essential Oil Therapeutics (2007) 1,29-34. So the oil is of use both in the treatment of stress and depression. Not least because it makes us feel cheerful.

The essential oils are not in any particular order.  Though you can say Rose is the oil of compassion perhaps or peace, Rosemary for remembrance and so on.  Have a go!!  All oils are stimulating or relaxing to some degree.

The sense of smell is such an old sense and comparitively unutilised in humans compared to say dogs who use smell to a far greater degree to get information about their environment.  We find it difficult to attribute words to aromas.  So lets try the area of emotions and feelings - positive and negative.

Essential oils are pleasurable, can they lead us towards positive values and away from negative ones if we find ourselves in that mood state.

The words in black are words associated with successful people with skills.

Mood check

check your mood
how often have you had little interest or pleasure in doing things
how often have you been bothered about feeling down, depressed or hopeless
how often have you been bothered about falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much
how often have you been bothered about feeling tired or having little energy
how often have you been bothered by poor appetite or overeating
how often have you been bothered by feeling bad about yourself, or feeling a failure or having let down yourself or your family
how often have you been bothered by trouble concentrating such as reading the newspaper or watching the television
how often have you been bothered by moving or speaking slowly that other people have noticed or the opposite being restless or fidgety
have you had an anxiety attack (sudden fear or panic)
how often have you been bothered by feeling nervous, anxious or on edge
how often have you been bothered by not being able to stop or control worry
how often have you been bothered by worrying about different things
how often have you been bothered about having trouble relaxing
how often have you been bothered about being so restless you cant sit still
how often have you been bothered by becoming easily annoyed or irritable
how often have you been bothered by the feeling of being afraid or something awful is going to happen
hve you been bothered by worrying
about your health
your weight and the way you look
little or no sexual arousal or pleasure during sex
difficulties with your partner
stress of taking care of family members
by financial problems
having no one to turn to
something bad that happened recently
how difficult have these problems made it to do your work take care of things at home or get along with other people

1 care for the immaterial STRATEGIC Frankincense  Visualising, centering, balancing, clearing, purifying, warming, uplifting, revitalising
2 discipline/under control/ordered IDEATION Geranium Warming, balancing, refreshing, uplifting
3 simplicity/politeness/courtesy LEARNER Sweet marjoram Warming, comforting, calming
4 compassion/sympathy SELF ASSURANCE Rose Otto Balancing, relaxing, inspiring, comforting
5 bravery/the good fight MAXIMISER Mandarin Refreshing, rejuvenating
6 tranquility/patience/composure ARRANGER Basil Warming, toning, clarifying, uplifting, energising
7 goodhumour/cheerfulness INTELLECTION Grapefruit Cleansing, satisfying, stimulating, refreshing, uplifting
8  abstinence/moderation/eating enough RESPONSIBILITY Bergamot Balancing
9  generosity/goodwill ACHIEVER Black pepper Warming, comforting, uplifting, strengthening, inspiring
10 devotion to the good FUTURISTIC Cedarwood Warming, uplifting, toning, comforting and reviving
11 truth/honesty/good intention RELATOR Chamomile Roman Relaxing, soothing, calming
12 peace/tranquility/non violence COMMAND Chamomile german Relaxing, soothing, calming
13 cheerfulness/pleasure COMMUNICATION Clary sage Visualising, centering
14 moderation/reason BELIEF Clove bud Stimulating, revitalising, calming, purifying, energising
15 rescue/well being/healing FOCUS Cypress Purifying, warming, reviving, soothing
16  humility/modesty/simplicity POSITIVITY Eucalyptus Cooling, refreshing, energising
17 charity/kindness/oneness SIGNIFICANCE Geranium Warming, balancing, refreshing, uplifting
18 reverence/belief ACTIVATOR Ginger Stimulating, warming
19 obedience/compliance/coperation/friendship DEVELOPER Jasmine Relaxing, warming
20 faith/trust/loyalty INPUT Juniperberry Restoring, purifying, clearing
21 hope/cheerfulness/optimism DELIBERATIVE Orange sweet Refreshing, rejuvenating, energising, clarifying, comforting
22  restaint/purity/sex with love CONSISTENCY Marjoram Warming, comforting, calming
23  justice/integrity/honesty COMPETITION Lemon Refreshing, rejuvenating, clarifying
24  fortitude/bravery/determination WOO Melissa Strengthening, revitalising, soothing, calming
25  remebrance/importance/stewardship INDIVIDUALISATION Rosemary Stimulating, refreshing, clarifying
26  stability/self control ANALYTICAL Lavender Balancing, relaxing, soothing
27 seeking the immaterial/carefree ADAPTABILITY Neroli Uplifting, energising
28 remorse/ready for a new start CONTEXT Palmarosa Refreshing, rejuvenating, comforting, balancing
29 letting go/liberation DISCIPLINE Peppermint Refreshing, stimulating, energising
30 harmony/agreement CONNECTIVENESS Sandalwood Relaxing, warming
31 esteem/mutual respect RESTORATIVE Patchouli Rejuvenating
32 stability/seeking balance/goals INCLUDER Pettigrain Calming, uplifting, energising
33  dedication to the immaterial EMPATHY Tea tree  Stimulating, purifying
34 satisfaction/gratitude HARMONY Vetiver  Relaxing, comforting
35  joy in the night sky, celebration . EOS NOT IN ORDER Ylang Calming, balancing, relaxing
Benzoin Warming, uplifting, revitalising, elevating
Carrotseed Warming, stimulating
Cajuput Stimulating, purifying
Camphor  Warming, stimulating
Caraway Warming, stimulating
Cistus Warming
Citronella Refreshing, stimulating, balancing
Coriander Warming, comforting, uplifting, strengthening
Dill Purifying, warming, reviving, soothing
Eucalyptus citriodora Cooling, refreshing, energising
Eucalyptus smithii Warming, uplifting, toning, comforting, reviving
Eucalyptus staigeriana Warming, uplifting, toning, comforting, reviving
Juniper Refreshing, stimulating, relaxing
Lavandin Balancing, relaxing, soothing
Lime Refreshing, rejuvenating, clarifying
Myrhh Purifying, restorative, uplifting, revitalising, soothing
Myrtle Refreshing, stimulating
Niaouli Stimulating, purifying
Orange Bitter Refreshing, rejuvenating, energising, clarifying, comforting
Pine Refreshing, invigorating, stimulating, strengthening, reviving
Ravensara Stimulating, purifying
Rose absolute Balancing, relaxing, inspiring, comforting
Thyme Sweet Uplifting, reviving
Yarrow Refreshing, revitalising, stimulating, warming

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