Saturday, 10 November 2012

Reason and Research

The safe and effective use of essential oils requires both reason and research and faith and belief.

It is rather through faith and belief that we fix our minds on our aims and values in life.  Faith and belief give our lives direction.

Through reason and research we choose our objects and objectives.

 Success can be defined in many ways.  Survival day to day with no thought of the future is success in itself.  I am not suggesting aromatherapists take a vow of poverty.  I am observing how little we need for our personal survival and that of others.  Often when essential oils are used it is to meet needs that would be met in destructive ways - for example their use in relaxing excessive appetite or in stimulating appetite.

Acquiring our basic needs through helping others meet theirs - work - is not a matter of executive jets and the accumulation of wealth.  Wealth can cut us off from the world of work and so helping others. Wealth can also let us do good for example through the provision of finance to charity or business to meet needs.

Ian Brealey

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