Thursday, 8 November 2012

Faith and belief

The Bishop of Durham
The Rt Rev Justin Welby

Meet the new Archbishop of Canterbury.  A significant moment for peace and democracy.


Reason and Research are important and central human attributes.  A society devoted to war and violence will use reason and research only to enslave and destroy.  Only a society devoted to peace can know democracy and happiness. 

In the UK we have seen tyranny many times.  Sometimes the state has been a tyrant,  Sometimes the church. Sometimes elements of the population.   Keeping society from the disorders of tyranny requires active citizens who take the time to understand the true nature of faith and belief and reason and research, harnessing the strengths of each to acquire positive direction. 

Faith and belief is part of human nature.  A wise saying is that those who dont believe in something will believe in just about anything! So whatever your views on religion do not dismiss the wisdom of those who devote a lifetime of study and practice to human nature and human need.

Do not underestimate a society devoted to cheerfulness and peace.  History shows such societies are great fighters.  A society devoted to war will just go from alarm to alarm until finally it brings destruction on itself.

Ian Brealey 

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