Friday, 30 November 2012

Natural perfume blending

This is a useful classification of the emotions invoked by EOs like Jasmine, Mandarin, Pepper and Vanilla used by researchers.
‘‘Happiness – Well-being – Pleasantly surprised” for the ‘‘Pleasant
feeling” dimension.
_ ‘‘Romantic – Desire – In love” for the ‘‘Sensuality” dimension.
_ ‘‘Relaxed – Serene – Reassured” for the ‘‘Relaxation” dimension.
_ ‘‘Nostalgic – Amusement – Mouthwatering” for the ‘‘Sensory
pleasure” dimension.
_ ‘‘Energetic – Invigorated – Clean” for the ‘‘Refreshment”

 Why Blend?  Some essential oils are straightforwardly pleasant like grapefruit or fragonia.  Others need to be blended to create a pleasant effect.  A common mistake is to overdo the citrus top notes like bergamot without balancing them to create a harmonious unified scent for example by incuding ylang. With this done you can experiment with modifiers perhaps adding a warming note like ginger.  Relative volatilities vary widely and it is disappointing for the top notes to arrive and disappear and not particularly pleasant.  The more volatile top notes last longer with a suitable base note fixative like frankincense, myrhh or benzoin.


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Dont underestimate myrhh as a fixative in your natural perfume and diffuser blends.

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