Thursday, 15 November 2012

Essential oils as virtues

Welcome, essential oils have agreeable odours which can be used to balance the disagreeable.  They have pharmacological effects for example in dealing with headaches, migraine and constipation which are often associated with emotional imbalance resulting from trauma or a poorly adjusted attitude to our wellbeing.  Here are some examples.  Some of the imagery used is spritual and every culture has its own equivalent imagery to equate and be evocative of these human values like compassion or belief.  I feel it is best to use the imagery you are familiar with and being a christian I use christian imagery however your own ideas are easiliy substituted.

Heavenlylove (eyes)
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1.  Heavenley love (eyes)
antidote material love
- fennel, chamomile

2.  Discipline (musical)(ears)
antidote petulance -

3. Simplicity (nose, throat,pharynx)

4.  Compassion-crucifiedchrist(lungs,heart)

 5. Godsvictory-risenchrist(skin,herpes,psoriasis)
antidotecowardice, belief in defeat)

6.  Tranquility-naturallandscape(autoaggression,viral) antidote anger

7.  Yearning-(backpain)antidoteinappropriatemirth

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Image credit: auremar / 123RF Stock Photo Yearning

All human cultures operate a simple code of Abrahamic values to limit human behaviour.  The trauma of infringements of this code leads to the failure and replacement of a society.

 People have lives to lead and like those lives to be agreeable rather than disagreeable.  Positive virtues go beyond an abrahamic code of identifying evil and not doing evil.  They serve as an antidote to negative moods and habits to maintain peace and reason. 

Amor caelestis Heavenly love  
Disciplina Discipline
Verecundia Love of Simplicity
Misericordia Compassion
Divinia victoria Gods victory
Patientia Tranquility
Gemitus ad deum Yearning for God
Abstinentia Abstinence
Vera largitas Generosity
Pietas Devotion
Veritas Truth
Pax Peace
Beatitudo Blessedness
Discretio Discretion, moderation
Salvatio animarum Salvation
Humilitas Humility
Charitas Charity
Timor domini Reverence for God
Obedentia Obedience
Fides Faith
Spes Hope
Castitas Chastity
Justitia Justice
Fortitudo Fortitude
Sanctitas Holiness
Constantia Stability
Caeleste desiderum Heavenly desire
Compunctio cordis remores, compunction
Contemptus mundi Letting go
Concordia Concord
Reverentia Reverence 
Stabilitas Stability
Cultus dei Dedication to god
Sufficientia Satisfaction
Caeleste gaudium Heavenly joy

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