Monday, 19 November 2012

Leadership - the age of reason

In the middle of Hindu, Sikkh India lies a great moslem tomb.

It now becomes clear ... that it cannot be right to assert the truth of one faith above any other ... In this way we may perhaps again open the door whose key has been lost. Akbar

The builder of the Taj Mahal  Shah Jahan viewed his creation from across the river from a pavilion in a scented flower garden.

"The singular report of your humanity has even reached this distant land"
Elizabeth Tudor of England to Akbar of India


"Rumi is able to verbalize the highly personal and often confusing world of personal growth and development in a very clear and direct fashion. He does not offend anyone, and he includes everyone.... Today Rumi's poems can be heard in churches, synagogues, Zen monasteries, as well as in the downtown New York art/performance/music scene."
According to Professor Majid M. Naini,"Rumi's life and transformation provide true testimony and proof that people of all religions and backgrounds can live together in peace and harmony. Rumi’s visions, words, and life teach us how to reach inner peace and happiness so we can finally stop the continual stream of hostility and hatred and achieve true global peace and harmony.”
Rumi's poetry in english  Coleman Barks

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