Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Shirley Price lifetime achievement award

Shirley Price is a leader in Womens Health and wellbeing.  Along with Robert Tisserand she took essential oils use into hospitals and helped establish aromatherapy as a profession.
Lifetime achievement

Many congratulations to Shirley Price on receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from
the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), USA on 30th September 2011.

Well known to IFPA members through her teaching, products and books (including
Practical Aromatherapy, The Aromatherapy workbook, and Aromatherapy for Health
Professionals), Shirley has been a major force in UK aromatherapy for almost 4
decades, continually working to raise the professions profile and promote good practice.

She trained with Eve Taylor, Elizabeth Jones and Arnoud Taylor and later, with her
husband len, founded the Shirley Price International College and Shirley Price
professional Aromatherapy (since 1998 under new ownership).  She also helped
establish several UK aromatherapy bodies including the ISPA and IFA and the
Aromatherapy Trades Council.

The AIA noted Shirley Price's determination to source and sell only genuine essential oils,
to develop high quality professionalo education, and to encourage unity among
professional associations.  They also highlighted her development of Swiss Reflex
therapy; her involvement in clinical work on burns and on Parkinsons disease; and her
worldwide teaching and lecturing.  The Aromatherapy Workbook Kindle Edition

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