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Module 4 > 7. Legislation & Ethics

7. Legislation & Ethics
Outline of Syllabus Contents
1. Confidentiality - confidentiality and the law, Data-protection act, situations in
which patient information may be disclosed, sources of legal help and advice;
confidentiality within the practice, other staff, making and storing case notes,
patient access to their own notes
2. Referrals - to orthodox practitioners, to others within same discipline and to
those in other disciplines, patient care when the practitioner is absent.
6. Relationships between practitioners: communication, courtesy, professional and
ethical conduct; disputes and complaints procedure; transfer and referral of
patients, case histories and patient notes.
7. Continuing professional development; boundaries of the therapeutic space;
safeguarding the legitimate needs of the practitioner.
8. Professional misconduct: complaints, disciplinary procedure, advice and
guidance, insurance.
Updated May 2009 CP 24
9. Prescribed conduct regarding: abortion, venereal disease, notifiable diseases,
consent and supervision of minors and people with learning difficulties,
procedures for the intimate examination of a patient of the opposite sex,
notification of adverse events.
Recommended Reading
S12(1) of the Medicines Act 1968 and proposed review MHRA documents.
The Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 1996
Massage & Special Treatment Licensing Acts & Regulations

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