Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Elm - Bach remedy

Elm, Ulmus procera. Flowers in march. For those doing good work who are prone to occasional depression questioning their ability to complete that work AFFIRMATION: 'Life does not demand of us unthinkable sacrifice; it asks us to travel its journey with joy in our heart and to be a blessing to those around - so that if we leave the world just that trifle better for our visit then have we done our work.' Dr Edward Bach. Elm is the wood used in the Sp aromatherapy cases.

Warwickshire was once covered in mighty elm trees but in the 1960s a virulent fungus destroyed 15 million elms across England. The Elm survived as we survive and carry on our work whatever the difficulties. Early in 1935 Dr Bach doubted he could finish his research but seeing the Elm in flower found the strength to carry on. The Wych Elm (U. glabra) is unaffected by the fungus. The new growth on the English Elm is hairy while the Wych Elm stalks are smooth. The population of Norway survived the famine of 1812 by eating Elm Bark and the seeds are a source of protein. There have been disasters war and famine before and the sensitive must find the faith to carry on and not give up.


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