Monday, 29 August 2011

Bach Fowers - Flowering periods in Warwickshire

Essential oils are very convenient.  For those wanting to make their own Bach Remedies here is a guide to the flowing periods of the plants.

Cherry Plum, Aspen, Elm
Gorse, Chestnut Bud, Larch, Beech
Oak, Hornbeam, Walnut, Star of Bethlehem, Vine, Olive, Holly, Crab Apple, Willow, Pine, White Chestnut, Water violet, Red Chestnut
Wild rose, Rock Water, Mimulus, Agrimony, Rock Rose, Honey suckle, Sweet chestnut, centaury, Scleranthus
Vervain, Wild Oat, Chicory, Impatiens, Clematis
Cerato, Heather, Gentian

While most forms of complementary therapy focus on the physical manifestations of illness Bach (pronounced Batch) flower remedies focus on the mind and the mental states which may predispose an individual to illness.  Bach Flower remedies are a collection of easily made liquid remedies taken from nature and completely free of the side effects of conventional medicine.  Dr Bach was fascinated by the fact that Doctors could treat seriously ill individuals and not become ill themselves.  Was the Doctors positive mental state and good intentions for others itself a shield from illness?  Was the patients negative mental state towards themselves and others allowing illness to take root perhaps suppressing the body's natural defences.  The impact of emotional negativity can be profound for the individual and all those around them. Today science too is fascinated with this phenomenon and research continues.   Young people in particular can find themselves 'living in the moment' and endure violence and a violent society for example in a prison or an anti social and uncaring neighbourhood - whether rich or poor.
Dr Edward Bach lived from 1886-1936.  For him the observation that the patients ills 'were in the mind' was not the end of treatment but the beginning.  Of course for many people it is possible to give or receive a 'pep' talk which can break the cycle of negativity.  For some Dr Bach made the extraordinary discovery that simple flowers apparently had the power to release clearly defined negative mental and emotional states.  There is no lack of unhappiness and emotional pain in the world so this discovery clearly merits preservation and study.

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