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Holistic Skincare with Jan Benham - 1st-5th September

AROMA COSMETOLOGY - Holistic skin care

Designed for the student who is just starting out to the professional  Aesthetician who wants to expand her practice and add new dimensions to her work. This course allows for treatment control without having to rely upon specific brands, with the making up of your own preparations and products. Learn how to rely less on machines and take a holistic  approach, with the use of special massage techniques and essential oils.


In level I - Practical: you will be taught a full cleanse, the use of compresses and steam, how to set up a treatment room, filling out client record sheets, a full 20 minute face and shoulder massage using both eastern and western techniques, and treatment with masks.

Theory:  the basic principles of skin care, analysis of skin types, anatomy and physiology in relation to the skin, muscles, and skeleton of the head and chest, carrier oils, and the most common essential oils used in treatment.

Level 11 works on problematic aroma solutions for skin care, with  emphasis on anti ageing treatments, clinical and home care treatments for teenage acne, eczema, acne rosacea, and sensitive skin, our famous  neck and skin firming treatments. Plus the blending and mixing of essential oils in creams, lotions, oils, masks and compresses.

Other topics covered:- the use of fruits and vegetables on the skin and eyebrow shaping. Plus a look at simple dietary advice that can help along with the treatments.

with Jan Benham

Cost : £450. Date: 5 days September 1st to 5th 

Holistic skincare has become increasingly popular, using natural
products containing essential oils, botanicals, vitamins and anti-
oxidants as an alternative to chemically based products. Holistic facial
massage uses various techniques and products, tailored to specific
skin types and conditions.

A therapist will begin a treatment by removing any traces of make-up
on the eyes and lips, followed by a thorough cleanse of the face and
neck. Exfoliants will be gently massaged into the skin, avoiding eyes
and sensitive areas. The therapist may also steam the skin by applying
hot towels to remove blockages and to soften the pores. A facial
massage will then follow, nourishing the skin with oil or cream. Facial
massage involves a range of massage movements, adapted to the
client’s skin type and condition. Following the massage, a mask may be
applied to the skin and your treatment will conclude with a moisturiser.
An eye cream may also be applied.

As with all treatments, a full consultation should be completed with your
therapist to ensure that the holistic facial is right for you.

Creamy Craft of Cosmetic making Sunday 11th September 11am-4pm Hinckley LE100PR with Jan Benham...Reflexology and aromatherapy for the elderly Tuesday 26th July....the art of soap making Sunday 31st July....Aromatherapy seminar Thursday 1st September....Holistic skincare Tuesday 1st September (5 day course).....Qi drop therapy Saturday 8th October......Natural Makup -There are two workshops; Natural Makeup and Mineral Makeup. In the mineral makeup workshop you'll learn how to make your own natural foundation, blushers and eye shadows. In the natural makeup workshop you'll learn how to make your own mascara, lipsticks, and lip gloss, eye and lip pencils. Sunday 9th October, Monday 10th October...Shampoo and bathbomb making Sunday 6th November....HSE First Aid at Work (enquire) More details

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