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Aromatherapy diploma - business practice

Module 5 >  Celia Johnston leads our business practice day.  She is the author of How to be a Successful Therapist.

Business is at its heart a series of commitments made and kept.  

In reviewing this book I wrote
Luck they say is when preparation meets opportunity. we recommend this book to our students preparing for IFPA membership and the wider world beyond. What shines through is both the compassion and practicality of the writers which no successful therapist can be without. Ian Brealey Director Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd.

8. Business Practice
Outline of Syllabus Contents
1. Advertising standards: methods and wording, creating expectation and making
claims (S12(1) of the Medicines Act 1968).
2. How to advertise and promote your business; marketing skills; advantages and
disadvantages of the different types of employment; choice of premises; homevisiting
practice; networking; financial considerations and business plans;
banking and writing a CV. Explanations of business development from sole
trader, partnerships and limited company.
3. Setting up a business; fees, charges and costs and insurances.
4. Taxation and business issues; record keeping; taxable expenses; tax shelter;
personal pensions, preparing Tax Returns and accounts; hiring an accountant;
National Insurance Contributions (NIC).
5. Selling products - Trading Standards; Trades Descriptions Act 1968, The
Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 1996, Consumer Protection Act 1987,
Sale & Supply of Goods Act 1994.
6. COSHH, CHIPS, Health & Hygiene & Safety at Work Act 1974, Veterinary
Surgeons Act 1966. RIDDOR,
7. National laws and Common Law; Byelaws, Local Authority Licensing;
Recommended Reading
Aldred Elaine M., “A Guide to starting your own Complementary Therapy Practice”
(2007), Churchill Livingstone ISBN -0-443-10309-7
Bailey, Anthony The "Which" Guide to Starting Your Own Business: How to Make a
Success of Going It Alone ("Which?" Consumer Guides); Paperback ~ Paperback
288 pages (March 2003) Publisher: Which? Books ISBN: 0852029306
Bickne, Carrie Web Design on a Shoestring; Hardcover ~ Hardcover 250 pages
(July 2003) Publisher: New Riders ISBN: 0735713286
Reuvid, Jonathan & Millar, Roderick Start Up and Run Your Own Business;
Paperback ~ Paperback 292 pages (September 3, 2003) Publisher: Kogan Page
ISBN: 0749440287
Rooney, Kathy (Editor) Good Small Business Guide: How to Start and Grow Your
Own Woods, Caspian From Acorns... How to Build Your Brilliant Business From
Scratch; Paperback ~ Paperback 172 pages (December 12, 2003) Publisher:
Prentice Hall ISBN: 0273688057
Webb P & S (2003) The Small Business Handbook: An Entrepreneur's Definitive
Guide to Starting a Business Paperback 608 pages (December 15, 2003)
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 0747566909
Updated May 2009 CP 25
Inland Revenue Leaflets (available as PDF’s from
SE/1 Thinking of working for yourself? - Includes an application form to register
yourself as a self-employed person and also to register for National Insurance
CF10 – Self-employed people with small earnings
ES/FS1 – Employed or self-employed for tax and national insurance contributions
SA/BK4 Self Assessment. A general guide to keeping records.
Gives general advice about the records that need to be kept for tax purposes each
year and how long they need to be kept.
SA/BK8 Self Assessment. Your Guide. contains a lot of information useful
to the tutor when teaching about tax obligations.

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