Friday, 26 August 2011

Intention - healing where conventional medicine fails or does not go

Intention is a valuable resource in healing.  Studies demonstrate that a placebo given in a box is less effective than a placebo given by a nurse with an appropriate caring touch.  We know the person of the healer is important in mobilising the positive will of the patient to get better.  Aromatherapists even observe that oils and liquids 'energy' and effectiveness can be affected by the intentions of the people who make and handle them.

Observations like this are impossible to prove or analyse scientifically.  There is no harm however in trying.  Dr Emotos water crystal experiments show on the one hand intriguing support for the possiblity that practicioners may be right and on the other the difficulty of constructing double blind studies of complementary medical concepts.

Homeopathy which involves successive dilutions with water of an active principle should not be of value and yet where conventional medicine fails or does not go it has proved of value. There are many 'sub clinical conditions' of body, mind and spirit which if left untreated can give rise to clinical conditions.  The mind, body, spirit connection is well worthy of scientific study.  Bearing in mind that the body is mostly made up of water this is intriguing.


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