Friday, 20 July 2012

Why use essential oils?

For most therapists diet is the method of choice to enjoy the essential oil in plants. We enjoy many herbs in cooking for their essential oils and fruits in desserts and drinks. Essential oil is however a convenient and very wide ranging substitute when the plants are not to hand for specific care purposes.

Yes we should not neglect the power of the humble onion. If you know anyone who is losing a bit of 'go' then have then cut an onion into thick rings in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil every day and add that as a base to their evening meal. Only takes a couple of minutes to cook up and most men can fry an egg. The weight will drop off them, their appetite will be satisfied, and their boss, co-workers and spouse will have all the 'go' they can handle!

We shouldnt neglect the unseen effects of the oils either for example geraniol and d-limonene are listed as potential skin sensitisers but both have potential value in detoxifying chemical carcinogens as they increase the activity of glutathione S-Transferase (a detoxifying liver enzyme) - in mice (Zheng et al 1993) 

Ian Brealey

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