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 Organic Basil 
 Organic Chamomile RomanFrance
 Organic CistusSpain
 Organic CypressFrance
 Organic JuniperFrance
 Organic Geranium BourbonMadagascar
 Organic HelicrysumFrance
 Organic InulaFrance
 Organic LaurelFrance
 Organic Spike LavenderFrance
 Organic Lavender FineFrance
 Organic Lemon BalmFrance
 Organic PeppermintFrance
 Organic St Johns WortFrance
 Organic MyrtleFrance
Organic NeroliMorocco
 Organic NeroliMorocco
 Organic PineFrance
 Organic Ravensara 
 Organic RosemaryFrance
 Organic Rosemary VerbenoneFrance
Organic Rose ottoMorocco
 Organic Rose ottoFrance
 Organic SavoryFrance
 Organic SageFrance
 Organic Clary SageFrance
 Organic Thyme LinalolFrance
 Organic Thyme ThymolFrance
 Organic Lemon VerbenaFrance

Guide to Shirley Price Hydrolats

Melissa hydrolat
Melissa can be used to lift despondency and despair.  It can be used on its own or in a mix as a skin clarifier.
Size:        200ml        Code:        7007

Lavender hydrolat
Lavender makes this hydrolat ideal for all skin types.  Its gentle nature also makes it safe to use on children, calming them and temper tantrums.  Lavender hydrolat also makes a refreshing room spray.
Size:        200ml        Code:        7008

Rose hydrolat
Added to the bath, rose hydrolat aids relaxation.  Its mildly antiseptic and cooling properties make it useful for many applications.  In fact, if rose is used in conjunction with the hydrolats of lavender and chamomile, you will be able to promote good general skin health.
Size:        200ml        Code:        7009

Neroli hydrolat
Being astringent makes neroli the ideal treatment for delicate, sensitive and oily skins.  It can be used as a toner.
Size:        200ml        Code:        7010

Chamomile Roman hydrolat
One of the best all-round hydrolats.  Its gentle nature makes it ideal for use on young
babies and children.  Chamomile Roman’s astringent properties make it the best all-in-one make-up remover, cleanser and toner.
Size:        200ml        Code:        7011

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