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Aromatherapy skincare - products and ranges

Guide to Shirley Price Aromatherapy Skincare

Products and ranges

5601 Aloe vera gel ALOE VERA
5602 Aloe and seaweed gel ALOE VERA
5603 Deodorising footcream FOOTCARE
5604 Exfoliating footcream FOOTCARE
5605 Foot reflex cream FOOTCARE
5606 Peppermint gel FOOTCARE GEL
5607 Foot reflex cream base FOOTCARE
5608 Relaxing foot cream FOOTCARE
5609 Warming foot cream FOOTCARE

5610 arnica gel GEL
5611 borage gel GEL
5612 clear aloe gel GEL
5613 lavender gel GEL
5614 muscle and joints gel GEL
5615 neroli gel GEL
5616 rejuvenating rose gel GEL
5617 tea tree gel GEL
5618 vitamin E gel GEL
5619 almond and sandalwood cream CREAM
5620 aloe vera cream CREAM
5621 anticellulite cream CREAM
5622 arnica cream CREAM
5623 borage cream CREAM
5624 calendula cream CREAM
5625 chamomile cream CREAM
5626 comfrey cream CREAM
5627 echinachea cream CREAM
5628 evening primrose cream CREAM
5629 exfoliating foot cream CREAM
5630 frankincense cream CREAM
5631 hypericum cream CREAM
5632 tea tree cream CREAM
5633 vitamin e cream CREAM
5634 cleansing cream CLASSIC ROUTINE
5635 cleansing milk CLASSIC ROUTINE
5636 toning lotion CLASSIC ROUTINE
5637 pretty serum CLASSIC ROUTINE
5638 moisture lotion CLASSIC ROUTINE
5639 moisture cream CLASSIC ROUTINE
5640 superlight eyecream CLASSIC ROUTINE
5641 night cream CLASSIC ROUTINE
5642 natural beauty night cream NATURAL BEAUTY
5643 Avocado cream base CLASSIC BASE
5644 carrot oil cream base CLASSIC BASE
5645 white lotion parabens free VEGAN BASE
5646 moisture cream parabens free VEGAN BASE
5647 Moisturising honey masque  MASQUE
5648 minute gel masque MASQUE
5649 Cypress exfoliating Cream mask MASQUE
5650 Face off masque MASQUE
5651 Natural Beauty Facewash NATURAL BEAUTY
5652 Natural Beauty Facial treat rejuvenator  NATURAL BEAUTY
5653 Hand and body lotion CLASSIC ROUTINE
5654 jasmine aromatic oil NATURAL BEAUTY
5655 neroli aromatic oil NATURAL BEAUTY
5656 rose aromatic oil NATURAL BEAUTY
5657 Natural Beauty OLEA Cleansing Cream MOISTURISERS
5658 Natural Beauty 'Hydrating' Moisture Cream MOISTURISERS
5659 Classic Moisture cream MOISTURISERS
5660 Natural Beauty 'Nourishing' Moisture Cream MOISTURISERS
5661 Special A Clear Skin Moisture Cream MOISTURISERS
5662 Special E Dry skin moisture cream  MOISTURISERS
5663 Scar care moisture cream MOISTURISERS
5664 Post epilation moisture cream  MOISTURISERS
5665 Special S Airways Cream MOISTURISERS
5666 Visible veins moisture cream  MOISTURISERS
5667 Natural Beauty Lip Balm Organic BALMS
5668 Natural Beauty After bath lotion  BALMS
5669 Natural Beauty After shave balm  BALMS
5670 Natural Beauty After Sun milk  BALMS
5671 Peppermint balm  BALMS
5672 Scalp tonic HAIR
5673 Natural Beauty Shampoo for dry hair HAIR
5674 Natural Beauty Shampoo for greasy hair HAIR
5675 Natural Beauty Shampoo for normal hair HAIR
5676 Natural beauty Hair conditioner HAIR
5677 Headlice repellant conditioner HAIR
5678 Headlice shampoo HAIR
5679 Lavender & Geranium shower gel HAIR
5680 Natural Body butter base  BASES
5681 Natural Bodywash Wash base  BASES
5682 Natural Shampoo base  BASES
5683 Natural Cream base  BASES
5684 Olea Natural Hair conditioner base  BASES
5685 Organic Liquid Castille soap base  BASES
5686 Natural Lotion Base  BASES
5687 Natural Melt and Pour Soap  BASES
5688 Natural Night cream BASES
5689 Organic Lip balm BASES

Blank green ml

Blank cream and gold ml

Blank cream and gold g

Blank green g

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