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'Energy' and essential oils

Talk about essential oils and their energy is gloriously unscientific. 

Kinesiology is deeply impressive when applied to essential oil choice and blends. Its also evidence that thoughts tend not to be good or bad but true or false. Truth is not always limited to the measurable at a point in time but scientific truth is. Our ability to measure increases all the time and that expands scientific truth if we limit that to what is measurable, replicable and explicable in plain terms as we must. Scientific truth can tell us what is in the oil. It cant tell us why the practitioner and the oil are able to bring calm to a troubled self harming mind full of illusion. Not yet!


At school we had one of those incredible old labs and I remember being shown a model of the transmission of electromagnetic force with rotating cells and spinning wheels and idle wheels.  It was actually Maxells mentor Thomson who said it was as if each point on a magnetic line of force were a tiny spinning molecule that passed along some of its spin. (the passage of electric current and light similarly)

These are not some far out herbal hippies talking about spinning chakras of energy. These are the founding fathers using an analogy to get at the mathematical model. Of course things have moved on since then but the point is that the rotation of the parts can be best decribed by spinning cells. The actual ether whether it be an electric wire or the air appears unmoved (though clearly has some elasticity) and yet transmits electrical and magnetic force at least as I remember it. Now whether it is this 'force' we are talking about with the oils or their elasticity and suitability as an ether (eg rate of spin) or they are in rotation at least when freshly distilled I have no idea. So long ago! 

In a way I suppose that whatever is going on with humanity is pretty remarkable.

Air is an appallingly bad conductor of electricity (thank goodness). But we have all felt that extraordinary attraction to and from other people which we even describe as 'magnetism' in respect of certain people.

Speech too can create an electric atmosphere though the present generation of politicians dont seem to have received classical training in the tricks of that trade!

You can feel peoples hearts going out to you which is remarkable (and unnerving!). But as to whether there is a wavelength to organs and the human body I cannot say. Theres just nothing to go on.

Certainly fish and some aquatic mammals can detect electrical fields given out by organisms but water is a much better medium (or ether). 

To quote on frequency

  “Every organ of the human body has a frequency range at which it operates
when healthy; the human body has an overall bioelectrical frequency.
During illness or when impending death, the body’s frequency drops
significantly. Essential oils have frequency ranges that are several times
greater than the frequency of herbs and food. The application of essential
oils can quickly raise the body’s overall frequency or stabilize the
frequency of a struggling organ (LeVabre, Higley, Stewart).”

“In studies conducted by Bruce Tainio, participants were asked to direct
negative thoughts toward several essential oils. The frequency of the oils
was measured before and after the thought directing. The overall
frequencies of the oils went down by an average of 12 MHz following
negative thought. The frequencies of the same oils went up by an average
of 10 MHz when positive thought energy was directed at them. Interestingly,
the average increase in resonant frequency went up by 15 MHz when the oils
were prayed for consistently.”

A correspondent comments

What is the frequency this is referring to. If you have an instrument that can measure a frequency then you must know what it is your measuring or else how can you possibly measure it? The frequency increase of 15 MHz refers to something increasing by 15 million cycles per second. What is it, exactly, that is oscillating at this rate? 

This is said to be a machine used but no one has replicated such measurements and the machine's sale is discontinued

       The BT3™ frequency monitoring System has a one of a kind sensor that can be used to measure the frequency of any substance or object. When measuring plants, the frequency of the healthier, more nutritionally balanced plant will always have a higher frequency than the less healthy one.
        In working with rock powders for agricultural application, we choose certain combinations based on their frequency readings. We then send samples to a laboratory for a mineral analysis to confirm our findings, and our choices have always turned out to be the best mineral combinations.
       Frequencies of an individual can be measured also. You can determine where an energy block or leak is occurring in the body by reading the frequency levels. Where there is an energy leak the reading will spike. For example, in the case of a back injury, the meter will show an energy spike at the injured vertebra. If a person isn't feeling well, his or her brain energy reading will be lower than it would normally be if well rested and in good health. You can check specific organs by placing the sensor on that area.  If the organ is not functioning properly, the frequency will be significantly lower than the other organs.* You can even tell whether a person is functioning in a right brain or left brain mode. We have used the meter to test foods and supplements. Generally speaking, a higher energy reading indicates that it is a nutritionally beneficial food. Highly processed foods will show very low frequency readings compared to fresh fruits or vegetables, for example.
        The meter's applications are limited only by one's imagination. The best way to use it is in comparison studies, comparing one product with another, or taking before and after measurements. What makes this frequency meter unique is it's extremely sensitive sensor. Because of its high sensitivity, background interference will usually have to be taken into account. It does take some practice and patience at first. It is easier to use if you find a place in your home, laboratory or office that has as little electromagnetic interference as possible, then always use your meter in that area if you can.  The meter may not give you a zero reading to start with; but a room with minimal interference from radios, computers, etc. is better because you can establish a base line to work with.
        This is only a brief description of what beginning users can do with the BT3™ Frequency Monitoring System. Frequencies have harmonics which have significant meaning or application to mathematicians and scientists involved in the study of sacred geometry, and practitioners using color, sound, and aroma therapies.       
* The BT3 Frequency Monitoring System is intended as an instrument for research, and not as a diagnostic tool.

Power: 9 volt DC, 150 milliamp uses 9 volt wall plug adaptor.
5 -6 hours operation from internal 6 cell nickel cadmium battery pack, must be recharged when low battery is displayed.
Size: 5.3" high x 3.9" wide x 1.4" deep.
Weight: 15 oz.
Range: 20 Hertz to 3 GHz
Input A: 50 ohm - 1 MHz - 250 MHz on 200 MHz range
             50 ohm 200 MHz to 700 MHz on 700 MHz range
Input B: 50 ohm 700 MHz to 3 GHz




Ian Brealey

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