Thursday, 19 July 2012

Can therapeutic properties be ascribed to essential oils

 Essential oils and spices certainly earn their reputation at times of infection for example menigitis and flu. There are very few sceptics around then! originally the spices besides their anti cancer effects were found to have an important effect on controlling plague. Not only did the merchants importing them grow rich they had public monuments erected in their honour so great was the problem.

In terms of what the everyday student might experience placing essential oil on a wart will certainly remove it and the skin will reform without a scar. So that is evidence of anti viral properties of a particular component. Here the argument is whether therapeutic properties can be attached to any particular component and whether it is the whole fresh oil that must be used which has many dozens of components. So general properties can be inferred though. I think we can all agree alcohol is relaxing!

In terms of EOs vs antibiotics they do have very differant actions. EOs will kill the germ while as I understand it antibiotics attach themselves and so modify the germ having the body eliminate the modified germ. Besides the side effects of antibiotics causing cancer etc there is the issue of growing resistence which became evident within years of the first use of penicillin so requiring ever increasing doses and ever increasing side effects..


arbutin phenol diuretic, urinary antiseptic marjoram 
benzoic acid phenol antifungal benzoin
bornyl acetate ester expectorant rosemary
camphene monoterpene cholesterol reducing cypress
carvacrol phenol antiseptic, antifungal,  thyme
chamazulene sesquiterpene anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic chamomile
1,8-Cineole oxide expectorant eucalyptus
citral aldehyde antiseptic lemongrass
farnesol alcohol antibacterial chamomile
geraniol alcohol antiseptic, hormone like geranium
limonene monoterpene sedative, expectorant mandarin
linalol alcohol relaxing, antiseptic lavender
menthol alcohol relaxing, mucolytic, carminative, peppermint
zingiberene monoterpene carminative ginger

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