Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Essential oils in pregnancy

Denise Tiran's book Clinical Aromatherapy in Pregnancy and Childbirth written for midwives is good value on this. Childbirth is very differant to pregnancy. (Sorry girls I cant believe I just wrote that). But you know what I mean. There are restricted uses for the oils in pregnancy but at childbirth and afterwards their properties really come into their own. Many peoples first experience of essential oils is on labour wards, either oils the midwife is cleared to use or the oils people bring in themselves. You dont have to apply the oil to your partner. For example a dab of diluted sandalwood on your wrist will be just as enjoyable for you as for them. 

 Medical advice is to limit medication of any kind in pregnancy to avoid damage to the child. the same thinking must apply to eos in any quantity beyond modest inhalation or a stretchmark oil until you get to childbirth except in exceptional circumstances (when you usually reach for the EOs anyway). Others have a lot more experience in this that I but that must make sense. 

It is important to keep essential oils well away from a baby's nose. While baby massage with a vegetable oil like jojoba may be relaxing and good for the baby's skin it is very inadvisable to add essential oils. There is never any need to do this as the jojoba is excellent for dispelling any nappy rash and pain. 

Ian Brealey

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