Thursday, 19 July 2012

Essential oil constituents - Melissa - methylheptanone

  Something thats caught my eye tonight is methylheptanone. Anyone have any thoughts on this. It occurs naturally in melissa water and gives the fresh green aroma. It is synthesised for the aroma. However the traditional use of melissa water is in the treatment of depression. None of the other constituents stand out Geraniol, nerol, linalol, Citral, relaxing yes but antidepressive no. The ketone is unsaturated.

Now if we are onto something interesting here I think it illustrates an interesting point. In massage with significent dosages of essential oils there is a natural caution about dosage of ketone containing oils. But in inhalation where only a few molecules are required there cannot be the same degree of caution and we may be missing something psychotherapeutic by neglecting the ketones if we apply this across the board. Might melissa about to reveal one of its secrets? 

To be found also in Chamomile German and Lemongrass essential oils.

Ian Brealey

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