Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Aromatherapy history - Edinburgh Festival

And so to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Festival.

For 2 days only the story of aromatherapy told with humour and reverence by Ian Brealey.  An educational mixture of aromatherapy fact and fiction.
I take visitors on a world tour of aromatherapy from Hinckley to Beijing to Utah via Adelaide. Brits, Italians, Argentines, Indians...the French. Essential Oils, perfume, spices, .........skincare (the French again) - no its really scientific just put it on your face and all that UVA damage simply disappears with the wrinkles the fibroblasts come alive the collagen gets all springy again and your skin will look..... 2 years younger....... Then there is the curse of aromatherapy. I really believe there is a curse which affects all who mock it. Was it the president of the Maldives who announced he was closing all the spas this year. Out of office 20 days later. Gone. Dont mess with aromatherapy
On the world tour we go to beijing for....Aroma Fu....yin and yang, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, warts zap zap, zap....utah is the home of pyramid selling, the mulilevel marketing scheme, the american way, aromatherapy it goes back to egypt you know...they had pyramids too, thousands of people labouring for the benefit of one man at the top, no change there then..... Is the bottom falling out of your world or is the world falling out of your bottom? Aromatherapy has a cure for you......a motorway smash stand aside I am an aromatherapist? well aromatherapy is provided by aromatherapists to relief workers and the victims of tragedy, so you may not be the first on the scene but you may be the last to leave....and if you dry up there is always 'the French'. 

All humourous but reverent material gratefully received......

Homeopathy and Doctors...Organic.......Chemistry.....the itch..... the list is endless.

    Ian Brealey

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