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white gardenia petals

Polo Dreams 2011

Polo Dreams Royal Wedding 2011 is a natural perfume from Shirley Price Professional Aromatherapy to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Catherine Middleton and HRH Prince William.  Gardenia has always been a favourite english fragrance.  Garden ... Gardenia the clue is in the word.  Mixed with ylang ylang, 'lilly of the valley' in an evening primrose base this can be worn as a perfume or as a facial and scalp massage not only by those on their wedding day. 

The aroma of Gardenia absolute resembles a blend of neroli, jasmine and tuberose. 
Lily of the valley flowers are quite toxic! However the fragrance is important.  Very important.  An aldehyde Bourgeonal excites sperm. It is possible to evoke this scent without synthetics with citrus, Bergamot, Citronella and a floral (sweet indian jasmine, moroccan neroli, or bulgarian rose absolute or to suit) with the lavender and a very very small touch of vetiver.  I use cistus as the fixative.  The only nod to synthetics in a Muguet/Lily of the Valley blend is the use of hydroxy citronellal which can form upto 50% of this component on the blend though a tiny part of the total blend.  

The ingredients in Polo Dreams Royal Wedding 2011 can be bought as individual boxed items and combined as you like or are available as the blend.  

Gardenia and Lily of the Valley buttonholes are worn by men.  Gardenia can be cultivated in a greenhouse but it requires a humid atmosphere.  Lily of the Valley grows like a weed.  The Chinese Gardenia absolute samples I have do little justice to the scent of the flowers on its own but the absolute is often used successfully in perfume.  My Shirley Price Polo Dreams perfume includes Gardenia Absolute and has its fans.  

A big favourite Monoi de Tahiti is a Gardenia relative  .Monoi de Tahiti is a beautiful and naturally perfumed oil which has been traditionally used by Tahitian women to protect their skin and hair. Shirley Price Monoi de Tahiti is obtained by gently soaking the Tahitian plant Gardenia Tihensis into rich liquid virgin coconut oil (cocus nucifera). It is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, and is a superbly effective moisturiser with a wonderful exotic aroma, especially good for using after you've been in the sun as it will moisturise and leave your skin glossy and aromatic!  With Polo Dreams Royal Wedding 2011 Natural Perfume we ship a free 15ml of Monoi de Tahiti.

Being a natural perfume we will update the Polo Dreams Royal Wedding natural perfume blend each year to take account of natural variation rather than add synthetics.


RESEARCH Here is the research on Gardenia's hypnotic effects.  You can be sure if Catherine was wearing this on her wedding day she had Williams full attention!  See also Guenther The Essential Oils Vol 5 for an excellent write up on Gardenia and the indispensible WA Poucher Cosmetics and Soaps.

PI Brealey
Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd

This has proved a popular blend so im thinking of updating it each year and getting expert comment on it to assist as we go along, the official name is Polo Dreams Royal Wedding 2011. It was an excuse to use all our favourites and as its a... fragrance intended to be worn for the husband as well as the wifes benefit its easier for me to assess than feminine perfumes which are less hypnotic. We get a lot of enquiries for Gardenia mixes and Carnation which is popular. In china Gardenia is used to scent tea so there is a good source. This Tuscany lavender we use at every opportunity. its rare to get such a dedicated farmer. The vetiver start of the season and the Spanish cistus is well prepared by Biolandes who have a unit there. The ylang is quite dilute so echos the gardenia. We send a 15ml monoi de Tahiti with each one for the complete gardenia experience. The only nod to synthetics is hydroxy citronnellal for the lily of the valley which I am trying to replace by trial and error to remove that soapiness but it does the job very well.  Other bases available are jojoba and aloe vera.  Aloe vera has excellent gelling qualities and aroma wise is more neutral than evening primrose but if you have a slightly oily skin evening primrose is preferred.  More on

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