Monday, 23 May 2011

Revision - Conditions - Alopecia

Alopecia can affect men and women and hair loss is a routine side affect of chemotherapy.

Hair loss due to genetic causes is common in men.  Alopecia is a sudden patchy loss of hair with one inch diameter patches appearing.

Definition: a sudden patchy loss of hair.
Possible causes: stress, shock or food allergies  may occur following an illness.
General signs and symptoms:  significant patchy loss of hair.
Methods of use: massage, conditioner (dilute oils in a conditioner base)
Essential oils: lavender, rosemary, thyme (white), see the references below with shampoo, conditioner and night time treatment formula, Carrier Oils Borage, Evening Primrose , Jojoba, also serve as supplements
Holistic advice:  Use a blend of the suggested oils diluted in a carrier and massage into the scalp.  Consider the whole person and identify the cause of the stress.  Consider supplements Calcium and Iron deficiency, Exercise, eg running upstairs to assist circulation

Case study:  usually a relative can provide a student case study eg a middle aged male.  causes of stress can include work or family circumstances.  Important to allow time for the oils to be absorbed so use conditioner rather than shampoo.  If shampoo allow time for the oils to be absorbed.  Or use in an aloe vera gel for the scalp.

Research:  Wikipedia

note the reference to iron deficiency


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