Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Not just special but essential


Highlights of Robert Tisserands address at the HMSG Conference courtesy of DebbieMay.com

- All fragrances are flagged as neurotoxic. "This is not a rational safety guideline; it is a declaration of war."

- Tea tree oil does not create man boobs!

- Skin Deep is not a reliable information source

- Have proper knowledge about essential oils before usage!

- Applying undiluted bergamot EO (containing a mere .3% bergapten) before tanning can result in severe skin burns

- Listerine was originally produced in 1879 as a surgical antiseptic

- Myrrh, sandalwood & marjoram are effective essential oils for the prevention of skin cancer (in mice). They are not yet tested on humans.

- Myrrh oil is the ideal essential oil to use in sun products.

- Essential oils do not oxygenate cells. EOs only contain "bound" oxygen which passes through the body.

- Essential oils have been in use medicinally since 1880. However bacteria have not become resistant to EOs as they have to antibiotics.

- Fragrance oils are not more toxic than EOs. But people with sensitivities tend to react more strongly to FOs because they have more high-impact odors           

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