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Next Workshops at Hinckley UK

Upcoming COSMETIC SKINCARE workshops


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Shampoo and bath bomb making Sunday july 10th  

With my own practical experience, explore your own creativity in designing your own hair shampoos and conditioners. Enjoy the craft of bath bomb making using only pure and natural ingredients.

Includes the book ‘the baby boomers beauty bible’.

With Jan Benham Cost £90 (1 day course)

 AROMA COSMETOLOGY - Holistic skin care

Designed for the student who is just starting out to the professional  Aesthetician who wants to expand her practice and add new dimensions to her work. This course allows for treatment control without having to rely upon specific brands, with the making up of your own preparations and products. Learn how to rely less on machines and take a holistic  approach, with the use of special massage techniques and essential oils.


In level I - Practical: you will be taught a full cleanse, the use of compresses and steam, how to set up a treatment room, filling out client record sheets, a full 20 minute face and shoulder massage using both eastern and western techniques, and treatment with masks.

Theory:  the basic principles of skin care, analysis of skin types, anatomy and physiology in relation to the skin, muscles, and skeleton of the head and chest, carrier oils, and the most common essential oils used in treatment.

Level 11 works on problematic aroma solutions for skin care, with  emphasis on anti ageing treatments, clinical and home care treatments for teenage acne, eczema, acne rosacea, and sensitive skin, our famous  neck and skin firming treatments. Plus the blending and mixing of essential oils in creams, lotions, oils, masks and compresses.

Other topics covered:- the use of fruits and vegetables on the skin and eyebrow shaping. Plus a look at simple dietary advice that can help along with the treatments.

with Jan Benham

Cost : £450. Date: 5 days July 11th to 15th

Learn how to make natural mineral makeup

Come and learn how to make your own mineral makeup,  using all natural ingredients. Let Jan show you healthy alternatives to the toxic chemicals that are present in most mainstream cosmetics. Why risk long term health problems or allow these chemicals to dry and damage your skin? In comparison, mineral makeup nourishes your skin whilst   enhancing your looks.

There are two workshops; natural makeup and mineral makeup. In the mineral makeup workshop you'll learn how to make your own natural foundation, blushers and eye shadows. In the natural makeup workshop you’ll learn how to make your own mascara, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye and lip  pencils.

Imagine the pleasure of wearing makeup crafted specifically to enhance your features. Imagine the satisfaction of making cosmetics. Imagine the security of knowing you’re applying healthy substances onto your skin.

Turn these skills into an enjoyable hobby, as you create   cosmetics for family and business, giving them unique and treasured gifts. This could even be the start of a business  opportunity if you want to turn craft into cash.

With Jan Benham

Cost of each workshop £120 or both for £210. Date: Mineral makeup July 16th, Natural makeup July 17th.

Qi drop therapy

Qi drop therapy is a method of applying neat essential oils to the spine, legs and feet using acupressure, massage and compress techniques to bring balance to the whole system. It works on energy alignment, the movement of Qi throughout the body, straightens the spine and fights viruses. Qi drop therapy incorporates the use of 13 essential oils/blends of therapeutic strength. With Jan Benham Cost: £120.  Date July 6th

The art of soap making on sunday TBA

Join Jan, for a class in making herbal and vegetable based soaps. Together we shall make an excellent basic herbal soap recipe and a batch of surprise exotic soap. We shall explore different ingredients, methods and sources that you might use to make a variety of exciting soaps. Learn some troubleshooting tips, a few historical tidbits and some ways of decorating /icing your soaps. Please bring your most outrageous apron and cool eye protection (sunglasses will do).

With Jan Benham Cost: £90 (1 day course)

Creamy craft of cosmetic makinG - Dates TBA

Tired of using commercial cosmetics that bathe your body in chemicals and wreck havoc on your skin? In this fun but practical workshop, learn how to make your own creams, lotions, lip balms, ointments. Each practitioner will have the opportunity to make something different, and at the end of the class we will share the results. Find out how to mix the essential oils to discover the cream that reflects you. Includes the book ‘the creamy craft of cosmetic making’.

With Jan Benham Cost £90 (1 day course)

Aromatherapy seminar Monday - Date TBA

Discover the essential world of aromatic oils. What are essential oils? How are they are obtained? How can you tell if they are 100% pure? What is the difference between therapeutic grade and the rest?

Blend and mix to your heart’s delight, create your own recipes. Learn about the various effects of these essences, both physically and psychologically, the application of essential oils and safety considerations, plus information on the most useful essential oils and carrier oils.

With Jan Benham Cost: £90 (1 day course)

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