Monday, 23 May 2011

Revision - Conditions- Acne

The self directed study following module one of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma requires 12 case studies and 5 essay questions.  At first this seems daunting but review the common conditions listed in the study notes and you will soon be able to identify friends or relatives with suitable conditions to record and study.

Acne case study

Definition: a chronic skin disease affecting virtually all adolescents and 10% of menopausal women
Possible causes:  overactive sebaceous glands
General signs and symptoms:  sebaceous glands become blocked and infected.  This leads to small spots or lumps on the face
Methods of use:  massage, facial steam, facial oil wash, lotions/creams
Suggested oils:  tea -tree, lavender, rosemary, geranium, lemon, lemongrass, juniperberry, pettigrain, niaouli, bergamot, may chang
Holistic advice: :requires a regular skin care routine using non greasy unfragranced products.  Reduced intake of refined and fatty foods.  Calendula cream is a good carrier for the oils due to its vulnery action.  Fresh jojoba is an anti-inflammatory.  Lavender helps reduce scarring and stress which can cause picking of the spots.  Geranium balances the production of sebum.  Evening primrose and aloe vera gel make good carriers in facial washes.
Research:  Do a google websearch.  Result  Join facebook like.  See posts on acne from people with this condition.  what works for them?  Find more details, pictures on Wikipedia

Case study: V has severe facial acne.
Use Shirley Price treatment checklist for case study.
eg has the client high blood pressure in which case avoid rosemary.
Making a facial wash.
Using an oil to correct and oily skin is counter intuitive.


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