Monday, 23 May 2011

Essay Questions One/two/three - Choose one of the module one study oils/blends/cosmetics to describe

refer to the study notes.

     Aromatherapy Kit, storage box with oils below Black Pepper Chamomile Roman Eucalypus Smithii Frankincense Geranium Ginger Lavender Mandarin Tea tree Ylang Ylang Avocado Grapeseed Sunflower Wheatgerm White lotion

 Care For Aromatreatments Kit and storage box oils below Airways Cellulite Circulation Clear head Easy breathe Fatigue Joints Muscles Respiratory System Rest Stresses and strains Visible veins Women Measuring cup

 Aromatherapists Cosmetology Kit and storage bag Chamomile eyedrops Cleansing milk Clear skin moisture cream Hand and body lotion Honey Mask Minute Gel Mask Moisture cream Moisture lotion Reflex cream Rejuvenating night cream Special E moisture cream Superlight eyecream Toning lotion Headband

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