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Revise - the uses of Hydrolats

Organic hydrolats

Hydrolats are the health-giving waters of steam distillation. These waters can be used in the bath, as fresheners after a busy day, as a spritzer for the face, as linen
sprays and for use in skin care. Hydrolats are gentle and effective. Generally calming and soothing, especially for the skin, hydrolats can be safely used with children,
animals, in combination with homeopathic remedies and for those with fragile health.

Angelica – an aid to restful sleep.
Basil -
Chamomile – calming and balancing.
One of the best all-round hydrolats.  Its gentle nature makes it ideal for use on young
babies and children.  Chamomile Roman’s astringent properties make it the best all-in-
one make-up remover, cleanser and toner.

Clary sage – emotionally supportive.
Cypress – circulatory and invigorating.
Eucalyptus – mild anti-oxidant.
Fennel – digestive and stimulating.
Frankincense – calming, uplifting and grounding.
Geranium – beneficial for all skin types.
Geranium Bourbon -
Hyssop – is detoxifying and cleansing.
Immortelle – skin tonic and rejuvenator.
Inula -
Juniper -
Laurel -
Lavender – a balancer for mind, body, spirit.
Lavender makes this hydrolat ideal for all skin types.  Its gentle nature also makes it
safe to use on children, calming them and temper tantrums.  Lavender hydrolat also
makes a refreshing room spray.

Lavender Spike -
Lime Blossom – promotes mental creativity.
Melissa – cleanser for all skin types.
Melissa can be used to lift despondency and despair.  It can be used on its own or in a
mix as a skin clarifier.Myrrh – in the bath for softer skin.
Neroli – tonic for delicate and sensitive skin.
Being astringent makes neroli the ideal treatment for delicate, sensitive and oily skins.  It
can be used as a toner.

Peppermint – cooling if used after shaving.
Pine -
Ravensara -
Rose – helps to remove mental blocks.
Added to the bath, rose hydrolat aids relaxation.  Its mildly antiseptic and cooling
properties make it useful for many applications.  In fact, if rose is used in conjunction
with the hydrolats of lavender and chamomile, you will be able to promote good general

Rosemary – circulatory stimulant.
Rosemary verbenone -
Sage – use as a toner for oily skin.
Sandalwood – beneficial for dry and mature skin.
Santoline -
Savory -
St Johns Wort -
Tea Tree – slightly anti-bacterial and cleansing.
Thyme -
Thyme Thymol -
Thyme – use as linen spray to freshen a room.
Vetiver -
Witch Hazel – for general skin care.

Use hydrolats as cleansers, toners, to make masks
and for facial spritzers.
Spray liberally around pets, cooking areas, bedrooms
and other areas of your environment.
Add up to 50mls to an adult bath and 20mls to a
child’s bath.
Hydrolats can also be used in sitz baths.
Soak a cloth in hydrolat and compress to the body
to soothe.

30196014622 Organic Basilplastic250
30296014639 Organic Chamomile Romanplastic250
30396014646 Organic Cistusplastic250
30496014653 Organic Cypressplastic250
30596014660 Organic Juniperplastic250
30696014677 Organic Geranium Bourbonplastic250
30796014684 Organic Geraniumplastic250
30896014691 Organic Helicrysumplastic250
30996014707 Organic Inulaplastic250
31096014714 Organic Laurelplastic250
31196014721 Organic Spike Lavenderplastic250
31296014738 Organic Lavender Fineplastic250
31396014745 Organic Lemon Balmplastic250
31496014752 Organic Peppermintplastic250
31596014769 Organic St Johns Wortplastic250
31696014776 Organic Myrtleplastic250
31796014783 Organic Neroliplastic250
31896014790 Organic Pineplastic250
31996014806 Organic Ravensaraplastic250
32096014813 Organic Rosemaryplastic250
32196014820 Organic Rosemary Verbenoneplastic250
32296014837 Organic Santolineplastic250
32396014844 Organic Rosewaterplastic250
32496014851 Organic Savoryplastic250
32596014868 Organic Sageplastic250
32696014875 Organic Clary Sageplastic250
32796014882 Organic Thymeplastic250
32896014899 Organic Thyme Thymolplastic250
32996014905 Organic Vetiverplastic250
33050254120028127011Chamomile Roman Hydrolat plastic250
3315025412002829Chamomile german hydrolatplastic250
33250254120028367008Lavender Hydrolat plastic250
33350254120028437007Melissa  Hydrolat plastic250
33450254120028507010Neroli Hydrolat plastic250
33550254120028677012Peppermint Hydrolat plastic250
33650254120028747009Rose Otto Hydrolat plastic250
33750254120028817013Rosemary Hydrolat plastic250
33850254120028987014Witchazel Hydrolat plastic250
3395025412002904Tea tree hydrolatplastic250


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