Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bach remedies - Chestnut bud - for those who are slow to learn the lessons of life

Chestnut bud, Aesculus hippocastanum.  Flowers in April.  For Bach the matter of identifying and listening to our soul was of vital importance "because the soul alone knows what experiences are necessary ('to fulfil') for that personality".  We repeatedly are shown something but fail to listen or recognise the pattern and the message for us it contains. We drift from one unfulfilling job or relationships or affiliations to another or have neither job or relationships or affiliations.  The vitality and strength of the budding chestnut tree in April shows us the life force which is within us too in its most vibrant form.  AFFIRMATION we learn slowly one lesson at a time, but we must if we are to be well and happy, learn the particular lesson given to us by our spiritual self.  Dr Edward Bach

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