Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bach remedies - Gorse

Gorse, Ulex europeus.  Flowers in April.  A dense shrub that thrives on poor rocky coastal soils.  In spring its brilliant display of yellow flowers reflects the increasing sunlight bringing joy to all nature.  Rabbits on the south devon and dorset coast where gorse thrives can be filmed 'jumping for joy' by thius plant. This is the flower to cheer even the most jaded spirit with the sunshine of renewed hope.  Where there is no will to live treatment is made more difficult.  This state of mind is sometimes experienced by those who have been ill for some time and are resigned to their condition and have lost heart.  AFFIRMATION:  Now let us think about those who have been ill for some time, or even a long time.  There is again every reason to be hopeful of benefit, either improvement or recovery.  Never let anyone give up hope of becoming well.  Dr Edward Bach

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