Sunday, 4 September 2011

The 30 core study oils - Cardamon

 Cardamon (Elletaria cardamonum) (limonene 11%, 1,8 cineole 36%, a-terpinyl acetate 31%) Brought to Europe from India by the persians/greeks in the 4th Century BC and known as ka-da-mi-ja. Guatemala is now an important producer of the green seed. This oil reminds us of Darius and of Alexander the Great whose empire and culture stretched from the west to the himalaya. Those in China are more familiar with black cardamon than green cardamon which gives a smoky taste to dishes like bacon. AFFIRMATION: "I warm, ease and with my cineole content I heal"

Alexander's tutor was Aristotle.  Hippocrates the 'father of medicine' lived from 460BC to 357BC.  Alexander died in 323BC.  


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